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					3        Practice regulations

3.1      Absence from work

3.1.5    Sickness

If you are unwell and unable to come to work, you are required to do as follows:

1.      Telephone the surgery as early as possible on the first day of sickness. This will enable
        the practice to make arrangements to cover your work and rearrange appointments, if
        applicable. The receptionist will pass on the message to the practice manager either
        verbally, by e-mail or by leaving a note in her pigeon-hole.

2.      If the absence continues for more than three calendar days, you must fill in a self-
        certificate form SC1 on the fourth day and either send it to the practice manager or give
        it to her on your return to work, to enable her to claim Standard Sick Pay.

3.      If the absence continues for seven continuous calendar days (including weekends), you
        must submit a doctor's certificate to the practice manager on the eighth day

4.      Medical certificates should be sent to the practice manager as required to ensure that
        each day of absence is covered.

5.      Gaps in notification may result in loss of earnings as the absence will be unauthorised.

6.      If you are ill for more than seven days while on holiday, you may be eligible for further
        paid leave. On your return you should meet with the practice manager to discuss the

7.      The practice manager is required to liaise with the GPs over sickness absence.

8.      The practice operates the following sick pay scheme. Practice-employed staff who
        have followed the above procedure of notifying the practice manager of the absence
        will receive full and half basic pay for a specified time according to the length of
        service, as detailed below.

Details of practice-specific entitlement.

These payments incorporate entitlement under SSP.

In the event of an employee claiming compensation in respect of any injury or sickness which
caused absence from work, for which the practice pays sick pay, the employee shall refund to
the practice the amount of sick pay received during the period for which compensation for
lost earnings is received.

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