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					                     AUSTRALIAN SERVICES AUSTRALIAN
                            FOOTBALL ASSOCIATION
                  Patron: Vice Admiral Russ Shalders, AO, CSC, RAN

File No: 2006/1025997/03


1.    BRIG Dawson declared the meeting open at 1400h.

      2.     The following were present:

             a.      BRIG Dawson – Chairman;

             b.      MAJ Weaver – XO;

             c.      LT Joiner - Secretary;

             d.      MAJ Viner – Treasurer;

             e.      CDR Thomas- Navy President;

             f.      LTCOL Fidge- Army President;

             g.      CMDR Miller – Navy Vice President;

             h.      WO1 Rogers – Umpires Director;

             i.      FLTLT Lee – RAAF President;

             j.      SGT James – Men’s Coach;

             k.      MAJ Michelle Sheather – Army Women’s Manager.


3.      The Chairman welcomed everyone to the meeting and thanked them for their
attendance. The minutes of 17 Feb 05 Executive Meeting and 15 Apr 05 Annual General
Meeting were accepted as correct. He officially welcomed MAJ Viner to the committee
as the Treasurer.


4.      AFL Affiliation. The Chairman indicated that a draft contract for AFL affiliation
had been reviewed by a Legal Officer and negotiation was required to address a number
of issues with the AFL. The Chairman indicated that it was intended to circulate the final
version of the draft prior to consideration by the Executive Committee and signature.

5.     Umpire Sponsorship. GHD have been confirmed for $5000 sponsorship. The
Umpire President briefed the committee on a confirmed budget, which was accepted, by
the committee. The funds will be administered through ASAFA’s bank account.

6.      Duty Status for Carnival. The Chairman confirmed that all player’s; support
personnel and committee members are to be classified as on duty during the carnival
period, as indicated in the ADF Policy on Sport 14-2.

7.     External Website. The establishment of an ASAFA website is progressing. It
was advised that funds up to $500 would be made available by ASAFA in order to
properly set up this website.

                                                          ACTION: XO, TREASURER


8.      National Carnival. The Chairman congratulated the service committee members
on the planning and conduct of the National Carnival. The Chairman reiterated that
Tuesday 10 Apr 06 was going to be a significant day given that it hosts the Final Round
of the National Carnival , All Star Team selection and the Championship Dinner.

9.      The Chairman made note of some upcoming important events including the Live
Cross to Victoria Barracks by Channel Ten’s Tim Bailey on 19 Apr in order to promote
the All Star V Emergency Services game. The All Stars V Emergency Services game on
22 Apr at the SCG from 1000 h, The Sydney Swans game and cup presentation on the 23
Apr and the Women’s National Carnival to be held from 18 – 24 June in Sydney. The
Chairman indicated that it was imperative for the Women’s Carnival commitments to be
honored this year, given last year’s withdrawal.

10.     Committee succession. The Chairman asked all present to ensure that they begin
to identify replacements personnel for their respective positions. The committee is
currently in good shape, and members are strongly encouraged to have a succession plan
to ensure that the operations continue to run as planned.

11.    ARAFURA Games. The ARAFURA Games present a good opportunity for the
submission of a team under the banner of ASAFA. The XO noted that, in order for this
to occur, advance planning would be required. This should be discussed at the next
committee meeting.

                                                                   ACTION: XO

12.  ASAFA Patron. The Chairman confirmed that VADM Shalders will remain the
ASAFA Patron.


13.    Income. $5000 sponsorship was received from GHD and ADI. Current cash in
the account is $86000.

14.    Ependiture. Visa Cards will be utilised by XO and Secretary during the period of
the carnival for incidental expenses required for entertaining sponsors and incidental
payments to players.


15.     Sponsorship Officer Replacement. A replacement sponsorship officer is
currently being sourced. The Chairman asked that all members attempt to canvas a
suitable replacement for LTCOL Parello. The Chairman noted that LTCOL Parello’s
efforts should be formally recognised at the Championship Dinner.

 16. Navy Sponsorship Officer. Navy President indicated that CMDR John Goss
has been appointed as the Navy Sponsorship Officer.


17.    Team Administration. The ADMININST for the 07 Carnival will need to be
released by 31 Oct 06 in order to ensure the release of players and support staff.


18.     National Carnival. The XO indicated that all incidental payments would be
finalised by Tuesday.

19.     All Stars. The all Stars Selection Instruction has been approved and released and
therefore will be available on Tuesday, for the selection committee. Petty Officer Smith
was confirmed as the Manager for the All Stars Team. The coach and up to ten reserve
players will be confirmed and released on Tuesday.

20.    The SCG will be open from 0930 h, with access to the Ladies Stand. A gold coin
donation is requested with all funds raised being donated to the Westmead Children’s
Hospital Burns Unit.

21.   A RAAF Bugler is confirmed for the ANZAC Observance Ceremony and all
ASAFA Sponsor Logos will be displayed up to five times on the big screen during the

22.   Women’s Carnival. The XO indicated that he would submit the application for
the Women’s National Carnival, identifying the team, coach and manager.


23.   Regional Umpire Coordination. The current Regional Umpire Coordination is
working well for all 52 umpires currently on the books.

24.      Water Carriers. It was raised as an issue that some water carriers have been
interfering with the players and the umpire’s decisions. On some occasions, the water
carrier's conduct toward umpires has been unacceptable. It was noted that water carriers
are not to provide players with coaching tips and are to follow the directions of the
umpires. It was proposed that an ASAFA Bi-Law be introduced in order to mitigate this.
The proposal was raised by SGT James. The Chairman noted that this is a point for
inclusion in the respective service PARs.

25.    Selection and qualification of umpires. SGT James raised concerns on the
current qualifications of some umpires. Further to this he proposed that the selection
process of umpires be reassessed. He offered to investigate this and will report his
findings at the next committee meeting.

                                                                ACTION: SGT JAMES

26.    Women’s Carnival. It was identified that the Women’s Carnival would require
support from the Umpires. The XO indicated that he would discuss this matter with
Chief Jennings.

                                                                          ACTION: XO


27.     CDR Thomas stated that the Navy Team was the only team in attendance at the
Interservice Games. In light of this, he indicated that the Navy would continue to utilise
this activity as lead in event each year. He reiterated the importance of confirming at
least opponent for this game, in particular the Emergency Services Team.


28.     National Teams. LTCOL Fidge indicated that the Army’s main effort was to
secure Army Teams at the national Level and to support the men and women's All Stars
teams. Additionally, he indicated that it was important to have access to Senior Sir’s in
order to satisfy sponsors expectations.


29.     Admin Inst. FLTLT Lee indicated the importance of the Admin Inst. and its
timely release. He requested that it be released NLT 31 Oct in order for the RAF Team
to secure accommodation, transport and players.


30.     XO. It was reiterated that all players must be committed and able to be released
in order to follow through the commitment in order to play for a defence team.

31.    In order to maintain a track of historical data, the XO suggested that a trophy
cabinet be established in the location of the Chairman to house trophies and other
memorabilia. It was also suggested that this data be recorded on the website with the
additional inclusion of past and current player and scores.

32.     Umpires. It was raised that there is a requirement for an Umpires Code of
Conduct to be implemented. This would be approved by the Chairman and read and
signed by all umpires as required. WO1 Rogers will follow up on this matter and report
to the committee at the next meeting.

                                                              ACTION: WO1 ROGERS


33. Carnival Location. It was raised that the National Carnival has been held in
Canberra for the past four years, given the link between the National Carnival, the All
Stars V Emergency Services Game and the ANZAC match. Further to this the timing of
the National Carnival allows the Kapooka 12s and the Father Mac Cup to be played as
lead up matches. Many advantages and disadvantages for this continuing to occur were
raised by all members present. It was proposed that at the next Executive Committee
Meeting, each service present a case for the location that would best benefit them. The
Chairman indicated his approval for the Melbourne option to be explored and compared
to the current Canberra option. Each service will be required to present their respective
case for the location of the 07 National Carnival at a Special Executive Committee
Meeting to be held on 12 May 2006, in the ADFA Executive Conference Room from

                                                            ACTION: Service Presidents

34.     Rotating Draw. Given the confusion of the women’s draw, it was proposed that
each Service put forward their respective case on the conduct of the rotating draw for 07.
This is to be tabled at the Special Executive Committee Meeting on 12 May 2006.Upon a
final discussion being confirmed the conduct of the rotating draw is to be written into the
ADMIN INST for the National Carnival.

                                                            ACTION: Service Presidents


35.     Legend Club. The implementation of an ASAFA Legend Club would not only
produce a significant overhead but would require a significant level of time commitment
and dedication in order to ensure its success both now and in the future. SGT James
volunteered his interest in establishing this concept and agreed to investigate the matter
further and present his findings at the next committee meeting.

                                                                   ACTION: SGT James

36.     20 Minute Quarters. The Navy raised the issue of the 20-minute quarters for
men and 15 minute quarters for women. It was requested that this is tabled for discussion
at the next meeting, in order to allow respective services time to investigate and confirm a
position on this matter.

                                                    ACTION: SERVICE PRESIDENTS

37.    PARs. It was reiterated that Respective Service PARs must be submitted in a
timely manner.

                                                    ACTION: SERVICE PRESIDENTS

38.    Hudson Trophy Award Process. Each Service is required to provide a
nomination to the OPSO in order for the nominations to be processed and voted on at the

39.     Next Meeting. The next meeting will be held on Friday, 12 May 2006 at 1400 h
in the Executive Conference Room, ADFA.

40.   The Chairman thanked the committee for their hard work and for attending the
meeting. The meeting was declared closed at 1700h.

I concur that these are a true and accurate record of the ASAFA meeting held on the 10
April 2006.

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