Introduction to ATS Networker by gregoria


									Introduction to ATS Networker

  UNODC Regional Centre for East Asia and
                the Pacific
Improving ATS Data And Information Systems

            Eduardo Hidalgo
           November 21, 2005
    Monday Afternoon Agenda

• Introduction to ATS Networker (1:00 – 1:10PM)
• Brief Training to use ATS Networker (1:10 – 1:20PM)
• Using ATS Networker (1:20 – 3:00PM)
• National Data Collection Networks : Assessment (3:15 –
• National Data Collection Networks : Development
  Strategy (3:30 - 4:00PM)
• Presentations: National Assessments and Development
  Strategies (4:00 - 4:45)
• Closing : Next steps for ATS Networker (4:45 - 4:55PM)
What is ATS Networker?
• An on-line programme made of two
     • Data Source Tracking System: Tool to collect
       information on data sources participating in
       data collection networks at the provincial and
       national levels
     • ATS Data Tracker: Tool to collect ATS Data at
       the provincial level on a quarterly basis

• ATS Networker is available at
ATS Networker
What is the purpose of the ATS
   • Manage network
   • Monitor network development
   • Evaluate network
   • Plan to strengthen network
   • Monitor implementation of plan
   • Share information with counterparts
• Both the Data Source Tracking System
  and the ATS Data Tracker satisfy the
  mandate of F97 – Improving ATS Data
  and Information Systems
What is the purpose of today’s
 training on ATS Networker?

   • To assist project countries to complete ATS
   • To assist project countries understand the
     value of using ATS Networker as a tool to
     monitor and develop their data collection
The rest of the day:

   • Fill in information for ATS Networker
   • Develop a plan to complete the
     information for ATS Networker
   • Assess what information is missing
   • Devise a simple strategy to develop your
    Data Collection Networks:
• Four sources will be used to assess national data
  collection networks;
       • Data Source Tracking System entries
       • ATS Data Tracker entries
       • DAINAP
       • The table that was sent to you to complete
         (attachment #3)

• With this information, a preliminary assessment can
  be conducted on the extent and quality of your data
  collection network
     Data Collection Network
     Development Strategy:
• Based on the assessment, a preliminary
  development strategy can be formulated.
      A simple form will be passed out for you to
       complete, that will help guide you to devise a
       basic plan for the next steps in the
       development of your data collection networks

       When all countries have completed these
        forms, each country delegation will be given
        about five minutes to present their
        assessments and basic plan for network
In closing:
   • We will remain in touch with you to ensure that
     ATS Networker is completed by each country.
   • The Report Card method will be used to
     encourage countries to complete ATS
   • Early next year F97 will produce a report to
     assess each country’s network based on
     DAINAP, ATS Networker, and the work
     conducted here today. The report will be an
     important step in making the 2006 workplans;
     the information will also be included in the next
     publication produced by F97 on the regional
     ATS situation.

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