“Math Carnival No More Clowning Around”

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					      “Math Carnival: No More Clowning Around”
                                                For further information contact…
                                                    Dixieland Elementary
                                               400 Ariana St, Lakeland, FL 33803

                                2007 - 2008 IdeA CAtAlog of exCelleNCe

n PROGR AM OVERVIEW                            workstations. After nametags were            that use a variety of learning modalities.
                                               passed out, students were ready to get       With such limited time between the
    Whhheeeew! The Writing FCAT
                                               excited about learning. We concluded         Writing and Math tests there is no time to
Plus is finally over for the fourth grade.
                                               the whole group activity by singing          waste. This program rewards students
Now, it’s time to get the students
                                               “Polygons” and “Place Value” from the        for hard work as well as capturing
ready for the SSS Math and Reading
                                               Math Party CD. Once the songs were           students’ enthusiasm for math.
Tests. According to the last Quarterly
                                               reviewed, we teamed boys against girls
Benchmark Assessment, the students
are on track for Reading, but we still
                                               to see who could do the best job singing     n LESSON PLAN TITLES
                                               the song.
need to give Math a little extra push.                                                          •	   Marshmallow Catapult
This is the mindset that led to the                 Then, the classes were split into 6         •	   Secret Messages
development of The First Annual Math           groups with 10 – 12 students in each
                                                                                                •	   Finding Factors
Carnival: No More Clowning Around              group. Each color group was sent to
                                               one of the six stations: Marshmallow             •	   Leaping Linear Leonard
at Dixieland Elementary.
                                               Catapult, Figuring Factors, Secret               •	   Equivalent Pies
     With student body needs in mind and
                                               Messages, Leaping Linear Leonard,                •	   Investigate the Weight
a list of the tested FCAT benchmarks, a
                                               Investigate the Weight, and Equivalent
plan was developed that would help
to reteach FCAT tested skills with
                                               Pies. These stations will be set up to       n MATERIALS
                                               rotate every 22 minutes with 3 minutes
which the majority of students were                                                              This plan utilizes a regular classroom,
                                               to rotate students. Each station will need
struggling such as comparing fractions,                                                     an open field, as well as the materials
                                               a “teacher.”
identifying factors, plotting points, metric                                                listed in each individual lesson plan.
measurement, customary measurement,
and analyzing data. The goal was to            n OVER ALL VALUE                             n ABOUT THE DEVELOPER
create hands-on activities that would               As stated earlier, there are many
                                                                                                Alexis Andruszkiewicz has a B.S. in
accommodate a variety of learning              attributes of the Math Carnival: No
                                                                                            Elementary Education from the University
modalities that the students would find        More Clowning Around that adds to
                                                                                            of South Florida. She is currently a
exciting. After much brainstorming,            its overall value. This day of excitement
                                                                                            teacher at Dixieland Elementary.
it was decided to theme this activity          and hands-on experiences is a fun and
around a carnival.                             standards based way to reward students
                                               for their hard work and dedication to        n OTHER RESOURSES
    To begin with, students would gather
outside as a grade level to get “pumped        writing throughout the year. It is also         Outside resources include the
up” about Math for about 20 minutes.           used as a kickoff for the math instruction   Math Party CD by Stephanie Paisley
Once outside, students would be given          that intensifies after the FCAT Writing      and a teacher’s manual for Math Party
name tags with 6 different background          Test is completed. Furthermore, and          Games.
colors. These name tags would color            perhaps most beneficial, is that each
                                               station directly correlates to a SSS FCAT                    HHH
code the students into groups that
would help them move through the 6             Mathematics tested benchmark in ways
                           “Math Carnival”                        Alexis Andruszkiewicz
                                  Lesson Plan No 1: Marshmallow Catapult

n SUBJECTS COVERED                            n MATERIALS                                8. Students will then use the pre-
                                                                                            marked meter markings along with a
This lesson will review metric                •	   1 bag of mini marshmallows               meter stick to measure the distance
measurement as well as developing             •	   6 foot long 2 x 4 board                  their marshmallow went.
the ability to use bar graphs for real life
situations.                                   •	   4 plastic spoons                      9. Record this data on the student data
                                              •	   3 - ¾ inch dowel                         sheet.

                                              •	   Corn starch
                                              •	   Black Butcher Paper
Fourth Grade
                                              •	   Rubber bands                          n EVALUATION/
                                              •	   Metric Meter Stick                        ASSESSMENT
n OBJECTIVES                                  •	   Student data sheet                        Students will be assessed based on
•	   Students will be able to measure                                                    students’ bar graphs and mean, median,
     using metric units.                                                                 mode, and range. Students will also be
                                                                                         given a short quiz on measuring using
•	   Students will be able to create a bar    n DIRECTIONS                               centimeters.
     graph from real-world data.
•	   Students will be able to find the
                                              1. Cut the board into four equal pieces
     mean, median, mode, and range of
                                                 (18 inches). Cut the dowels into 9
     data in a table.
                                                 equal pieces 1 foot long (you will
                                                 have one extra piece)
                                                                                         n EXTENSION
                                                                                             Students will choose 5 students from
n SUNSHINE STATE                              2. Drill 2 holes parallel to one another
                                                                                         the class data in which to create a table
                                                 approximately 6 inches apart.
  STANDARDS                                                                              and bar graph. They will then analyze
                                              3. Super glue the dowels into the          this data finding the range, median,
•    MA.B.2.2.2 Selects and uses
                                                 wood.                                   mode, and mean. (These are great to
     appropriate standard and
     nonstandard units of measurement,        4. On 4 sheets of black butcher paper,     use on a bulletin board)
     according to type and size                  mark off the meters from 1 to ten.
                                                 (This will allow students to measure
•    MA.B.4.2.1 Determines which units
                                                 more quickly, because they will
     of measurement, such as seconds,
                                                 only need to count the meters and
     square inches, and dollars per
                                                 measure the centimeters from the
     tankful, to use with answers to real-
                                                 last meter marking.
     world problems
                                              5. Print off a class list that allows a
•    MA.E.1.2.1 Solves problems by
                                                 space to record student distances.
     generating, collecting, organizing,
     displaying, and analyzing data           Center – Day of Math Carnival
     using histograms, bar graphs, circle     6. Students will place the marshmallow
     graphs, line graphs, pictographs,           catapult base (wooden block with
     and charts                                  dowels) at the start line. Students
•    MA.E.1.2.2 Determines range,                will place a rubber band across the
     mean, median, and mode from sets            two dowels. Place a spoon between
     of data                                     the rubber band and twist.
                                              7. Roll a mini marshmallow in
                                                 cornstarch (this will make where it
                                                 lands on the butcher paper easier
                                                 to see). Place the marshmallow on
                                                 the spoon and release the spoon.
                                                 The marshmallow will fly through
                                                 the air.

                                2007 - 2008 IdeA CAtAlog of exCelleNCe
                          “Math Carnival”                      Alexis Andruszkiewicz
                                     Lesson Plan No 2: Secret Messages

n SUBJECTS COVERED                          n DIRECTIONS                               n EVALUATION /
This lesson covers how to identify and      1. Mini Lesson. Teacher will review          ASSESSMENT
plot points in quadrant 1 of a coordinate      how to find coordinates.                     Evaluation/Assessment will be
plane.                                      2. Each student will need a rectangular    based on student’s ability to decode the
                                               coordinate and a secret message         message written by their partner. During
                                               paper.                                  the follow-up they will not be sitting next
n GR ADES                                                                              to their partner. In addition the teacher
                                            3. Students will choose a partner          will walk around the room and watch
Fourth Grade                                   to whom they will write a secret        each student decode at least 2 letters
                                               message.                                to be sure they are following the correct
n OBJECTIVES                                4. The teacher will spell the word         method for doing so.
                                               DEAR with the students using the
Students will be able to identify and          rectangular coordinates. Above
plot ordered pairs in quadrant 1 of a          the coordinates for each letter the
coordinate grid.                               students will write the letters D – E
                                               – A – R and their partner’s name.
                                               This will allow the teacher to pass                     HHH
n SUNSHINE STATE                               the secret messages out to the
  STANDARDS                                    students the following day.
MA.C. 3.2.2                                 5. Students will then write a message
     • Identifies and plots positive           to their partner using the coordinate
       ordered pairs (whole numbers) in        grid.
       a rectangular coordinate system
                                            n EXTENSION
                                            6. Teacher will pass out the secret
n MATERIALS                                    messages written the prior day and
                                               the rectangular coordinate with the
•	    Rectangular Coordinate with all
                                               letters labeled.
      letters labeled
                                            7. Students will decode the secret
•	    Secret Message Paper
                                               message written to them using the
•	    Pencil                                   Secret Message coordinate grid.

                              2007 - 2008 IdeA CAtAlog of exCelleNCe
                           “Math Carnival”                      Alexis Andruszkiewicz
                                      Lesson Plan No 3: Finding Factors

n SUBJECTS COVERED                         n DIRECTIONS                                  8. Person Bs turn to roll the die and
                                                                                            write. This continues until round
This lesson reviews how to find factors    1. Review the terms – multiples and              4. No number may be covered
and multiples of a variety of numbers.        factors. Multiples – the product of a         again. The object is to get more
                                              given whole number and any other              colored chips on the board than your
                                              whole number. Factor – when you               opponent.
n GR ADES                                     multiply any 2 whole numbers to get
Fourth Grade                                  a given number, then the 2 whole
                                              numbers are factors of the given
n OBJECTIVES                               2. Discuss with students ways to find         n EVALUATION /
                                              factors. Find all pairs that can be          ASSESSMENT
     • Students will be able to identify
       factors and multiples of given         multiplied together to get the given       Class/Group Discussion
       numbers.                               number. Start at 2, then 3, 4, etc.
                                                                                           1. Was it better to choose a high
                                           3. Pass out 1 Figuring Factors game                number or a low number as a
                                              board, 1 calculator, 1 die, 2 Figuring          multiple? Why?
n SUNSHINE STATE                              Factors recording sheets, and 15
                                                                                           2. Did you notice any patterns in
                                              each of 2 different colored plastic
  STANDARDS                                   chips
                                                                                              finding factors?
MA.A. 5.2.1                                                                                3. Did you use any strategies to help
                                           4. The person with the shortest hair is
     • Understands and applies basic                                                          you win? If not, are there any
                                              person A. Their partner is person B.
       number theory concepts, including                                                      “tricks” you think you would try next
                                              Have person A hold the die straight
       primes, composites, factors and                                                        time?
                                              up in the air. Have person B flip their
       multiples.                             paper upside down. Tell Person B             4. Why can’t a number have a factor
                                              they are not to write until they are            that is greater than half its value?
                                              told to do so.
n MATERIALS                                Game Play
•	    Dice (one per partner set)           5. Person A rolls the die. Write this
                                              number on the Figuring Factors
•	    Figuring Factors game board
                                              Data Sheet under Toss.
•	    Colored Plastic chips/Markers
                                           6. Person A finds a multiple of the
•	    Figuring Factors Data Sheet             number they rolled. For example,
•	    Calculator                              they rolled a 4. 36 is a multiple of 4.
                                              Student B checks the multiple with
•	    Every Day Counts Partner Games          the calculator. Person A writes this
      – Number Concepts for Grade 4 by        multiple under covered number on
      Gillespie and Kanter                    the Figuring Factors recording sheet
                                              and places a colored plastic chip on
                                              this number.                                 Additional Lesson Plans
                                           7. Person A then lists all factors of their     available by contacting
                                              covered number. (For example the
                                              factors of 36 are 2,3,4,6,9,12,18)           Alexis Andruszkiewicz
                                              Person B checks these with the
                                              calculator. Person A writes them
                                              on the Figuring Factors Recording
                                              Sheet and covers each number with
                                              a plastic chip.

                               2007 - 2008 IdeA CAtAlog of exCelleNCe
                        “Math Carnival”                       Alexis Andruszkiewicz
                                    Lesson Plans Materials Budget

                                       Materials Budget
 ItEM DESCrIPtIoN                                      SuPPLIEr              QuANtIty      PEr PrICE       totAL CoSt

1 bag of mini marshmallows                  Wal Mart                            1 bag           1.79              1.79
6 foot long 2x4 inch board                  Home Depot                         1 board          8.46              8.46
4 plastic spoons                            Wal Mart                            1 bag           1.99              1.99
Corn Starch                                 Wal Mart                            1 box           3.59              3.59
Black Butcher Paper                         School supplies                                     0.00              0.00
Metric Meter stick                          Wal Mart                              1             2.49              2.49
Little Debbies - Oatmeal Pie                Wal Mart                           6 boxes          1.19              7.14
Yard Stick                                  Wal Mart                              1             2.49              2.49
Dice                                        Dollar Tree                           6             1.00              6.00
Math Party CD by Stephanie Paisley          Online                                1            25.95             25.95
 Calculator                                  Wal Mart                             20              .99            19.80
 Everyday Counts Partner Games for
                                             Online                              1 set        125.00            125.00
 Grade 4 by Gillespie and Kanter






                                                                                           Subtotal           $199.70
                                                                                  Tax if applicable
                 Alexis Andruszkiewicz
Teacher’s Name __________________________________                           Shipping if applicable
                 Dixieland Elementary
School: _________________________________________                                          TOTAL
                                                                                         BUDGET               $199.70

                             2007 - 2008 IdeA CAtAlog of exCelleNCe
                           “Math Carnival”                               Alexis Andruszkiewicz

                              Beginning 1            Developing 2          Accomplished 3                Exemplary 4              Score

   Secret Messages           Student would          Write the greeting     Write the greeting    Complete message including
                             be able to write        and 1 sentence         and 2 sentence        greeting, 3 sentences, and
       MA.C.3.2.2           greeting of secret    independently using      of message using        salutation to their partner
Students will be able to      message with          coordinate points.     coordinate points.      using coordinate points.
identify coordinates on        guidance.
         a grid.

   Factoring Figures           Find either a      Find a multiple of a    Find a multiple of a    Find a Multiple of a number
                               multiple of a      given number and         given number and         and ALL factors of that
       MA.A.5.2.1            given number or          one factor.         some of the factors.             number
  Students will be able     a factor of a given
 to identify factors and         number
  multiples of a given

Marshmallow Catapult &          1 out of 4             2 out of 4              3 out of 4        X and Y axis correctly labeled
Leaping Linear Leonard        characteristics     characteristics from    characteristics from     Increments are identified
                             from exemplary           exemplary               exemplary
      MA.E.1.2.1                                                                                 Bars drawn to correct height
Students will be able to                                                                                     Title
  create a bar graph

Marshmallow Catapult &       Calculate either       Will be able to          Will be able to
Leaping Linear Leonard           Mean                 calculate                calculate           Calculate Mean, Median,
                                 Median               2 out of 4               3 out of 4             Mode, and Range
       MA.E.1.2.2                Mode               Mean, Median             Mean, Median
Students will be able to           Or                    Mode                     Mode
calculate mean, median,          Range                    Or                       Or
   mode, and range.                                     Range                    Range

Investigate the Weight       Can complete         Can complete 50%         Can complete 75%      Complete the customary and
                             30% of either        of either customary     of either customary     metric columns with 90%
       MA.B.2.2.2            customary or          or metric columns      or metric columns or            accuracy
  Student will be able      metric columns or       or combination            combination
 to use the appropriate       combination
    standard unit of

    Equivalent Pies         Can represent ½        Can represent ½,       Can represent ½, ¼,    Can represent ½, ¾, ¼, and
                                                    ¼, 2/4 and 3/4        ¾, and recognize ½      ALL equivalencies up to
      MA.A.1.2.2                                                           and 2/4 as equal               eighths
Students will be able to
 understand commonly
used fractions and their

                              2007 - 2008 IdeA CAtAlog of exCelleNCe