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Client: Dior

Situation Analysis
Dior launched a research study, Addict to Retail, which explored ways to improve the
customer’s experience and boost sales at Dior beauty counters. The findings were to
be presented to 500 top executives at the Dior Worldwide Meeting at the Hilton, Paris
on 22nd January 2008.

The Addict to Retail team’s goal was to share the results of their pilot program and
the new sales model with other stores in a way that would excite the executives and
inspire them to adopt this sales concept at all Dior beauty counters throughout the
world. Zs2 Creative’s mission was to make ten short films as well as design and
direct a stage play which would be interspersed throughout a thirty-minute
presentation with the goal of captivating the audience.

Zs2 Creative researched the study’s findings and worked closely with Dior to define
the key messages. As this was a global initiative, everyone agreed that a global
approach was needed and that gathering testimonials from ‘test centers’ around the
world would be the best solution.

Zs2 Creative conducted interviews with a broad range of people from Dior including
Gilles Dougoud, France General Manager, Dorothy Mok, Hong Kong General
Manager, Francois Le Gloan, Asia Regional Manager as well as the Counter
Mangers at Le Bon Marché and Printemps. The Zs2 Creative team also shot footage
at the Dior flagship store in Hong Kong as well as Le Bon Marché and Printemps.

In addition to directing the films, Zs2 Creative’s Chief Creative Officer, Scott Hillier,
worked with six actresses in creating the stage play that was based on the Dior
worldwide mystery shopper study and illustrated different selling methodologies.

Summary of Success
Addict to Retail was presented at the Dior Worldwide Meeting in Paris on the 22nd
January 2008. It was the end of a long day for the 500 executives that had flown in
from around the world. But when the presentation started with the upbeat play, it
successfully caught the audience’s attention and they remained engaged throughout
the following presentation and ten films. It was a resounding success.


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