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									                                                                                                    Program of Study
                                                                              The Pre-Physician Assistant program of study is designed for
                                                                              students who plan to pursue a career as a physician assistant.
                                                                              The curriculum is contoured to meet the requirements generally
                                                                              expected of students in their first two years of college. Graduates of
                                                                              this program are awarded an Associate of Science (A.S.) degree.

                                                                              RECOMMENDED COURSE SEQUENCE
             Pre-Physician Assistant                                          First Semester                                                     Cr.
                                                                              ENG 105      Composition I                                          3
Why should I major in the Pre-Physician Assistant program?                    BIO 112      *General Biology I                                     4
If your long-term goal is to become a physician assistant, Iowa West-         CHM 166      *General Chemistry I                                   5
ern can provide the first steps toward meeting your goal. Physician           MAT 121      *College Algebra                                       4
assistants provide a variety of health care services under the supervi-       PSY 111      *Introduction to Psychology                            3
sion of a physician. These services include taking medical histories,                                                                            19
examining patients, ordering and interpreting lab tests, and making
diagnoses. Other duties performed by a physician assistant include            Second Semester                                                    Cr.
treating minor injuries by suturing, splinting and applying casts. In         ENG 106    Composition II                                           3
some states, physician assistants are allowed to write prescriptions.         BIO 113    *General Biology II                                      4
By majoring in the pre-physician assistant program at Iowa Western,           CHM 176    *General Chemistry II                                    5
you'll benefit from small classes and individualized attention, help-                    Social Science Electives                                 6
ing you become well-prepared for the additional education necessary                                                                             ___
before you can work in the field.                                                                                                                18

                                                                              Third Semester                                                     Cr.
What type of degree will I earn at Iowa Western if I enroll in this           SPC 112      *Public Speaking                                       3
program?                                                                      BIO 168      *Human Anatomy and Physiology I with Labs              4
Graduates of our two-year pre-physician assistant program earn an As-         PSY 121      *Developmental Psychology                              3
sociate of Science (AS) degree.                                               PSY 241      *Abnormal Psychology                                   3
                                                                                           Humanities Elective                                    3
If I major as a Pre-Physician Assistant, can I transfer to a                                                                                    ___
four-year college or university?                                                                                                                 16
This program of study is designed to transfer to a four-year degree
                                                                              Fourth Semester                                                    Cr.
granting institution. By earning your AS degree in the pre-physician          BIO 173     *Human Anatomy and Physiology II with Labs              4
assistant program at Iowa Western, you will be able to apply your             BIO 186     *Microbiology                                           4
credits toward a bachelor's degree in a similar program at another            MAT 157     *Statistics                                             4
institution.                                                                              Social Science Elective                                 3
What is the job outlook for Physician Assistant graduates and                                                                                    15
what type of jobs will I be qualified for?
Employment opportunities for physician assistants are excellent, par-         *Required courses for the program
ticularly in rural areas and inner city clinics. According to the American
                                                                              One elective must also satisfy the diversity requirement.
Academy of Physician Assistants, the median income for physician as-
sistants in full-time clinical practice in 1996 was $60,687 with first year
graduates earning an average of $52,116.
                                                                              68 semester hours required

                   For More Information,
               Contact the Admissions Office:
           712.325.3277 or 800.432.5852, ext. 3277


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