The Heroin Trail by tyndale

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									The Heroin Trail

 To show where the main source of heroin for the UK is located – Afghanistan, how it is
   cultivated and why, and how it passes through other countries to the UK.

   To show the trade in heroin is criminal, and where the profits for this trade are made.

   To identify victims of this trade.

   To discuss ways in which the supply of heroin might be reduced.

 Geog.2 pages 96-97 … and 124-125 (world map)
 Printed sheets: Labels, Matching up and The price goes up
 scissors

Ask the class if they will do heroin when they are older .. should be rather put out by the
question. Tell them to remind you about this at the end.

10 mins              Talk about September 11th, Tony Blair and 90% supplies, and what
                     heroin is, where it comes from and how it is grown.
                     Questions will come in here

10 mins              Give out paper for cutting up; talk about the smuggling route and the
                     people on it.

10 mins              Match the slips, in groups to the chart .. to show the order of countries
                     and drug activity.

5 mins               Open geog.2 and check the answers. Go over the growing again and
                     how it is processed.

10 mins              See if they can do the column of heroin price in the time .. could be
                     finished off another time.

5 mins               Debrief about what they have learned .. and that question. Only they
                     can stem the supply of heroin by eliminating the demand!
                           The Heroin Trail

Cut out the labels below

Afghanistan                   UK drug boss
Czech Republic                addict
United Kingdom                Area drug dealer
Bulgaria                      Area drug dealer (2)
Iran                          Opium farmer
Germany                       Street dealer
Turkey                        Drug smuggler
Poland                        Local opium dealer
Netherlands                   Afghan drug boss
Hungary                       Drug smuggler (2)
          The Heroin Trail – matching up

Country       Drug activity

              Opium farmer



The Heroin Trail – the price goes up!





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