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					       NOVEMBER HIGHLIGHTS 2008
 The schedule runs from Monday 3rd to Sunday 30th November

Bloo is back this November as he hosts his
favourite part of the year, the Cartoon
Carnival. A month long fiesta of bumper
blocks everyday from 13:30 to 18:30 CET from
Monday 3rd to Friday 28th November. Be sure to
tune in this November for the celebrations
only on Cartoon Network.

Robotboy is a cute, cutting edge, butt-
kicking battle robot, who dreams of becoming
a real boy. Created by a world-renowned
scientist Professor Moshimo, Robotboy has
the ability to super activate into a
fighting    machine  capable    of   destroying
entire armies. This attracts the diabolical
attention of Dr. Kamikazi, a hopelessly
deluded “evil genius” who is intent on
harnessing Robotboy’s powers to enslave the
world. So Moshimo sends Robotboy far away to
live   with    his  number   one   fan,   Tommy
Turnbull, in the peaceful Bay Area. But Dr.
Kamikazi continues to plot and scheme,
creating mutant clone armies to capture
Robotboy. And so it is up to Tommy and his
two best friends, Gus and Lola, to keep the
world’s most powerful fighting robot out of
harms way, as well as teaching him what it
truly means to be a real boy. Sounds like
fun? Well if so then be sure to tune into
NEW   EPISODES  this  November  on   Cartoon
Network   from Friday 7th November at 10:10

The party continues this November on Cartoon Network as we
celebrate 10 years of the Powerpuff Girls. When danger looms
in Townsville, the call goes out for Bubbles, Blossom and
Buttercup - the Powerpuff Girls, who fly into action against
villains to save the day before bedtime! Tune in on Saturday
29th and Sunday 30th November to catch a weekend of Powerpuff
Girls and be sure not to miss out on the Birthday Special
PREMIERING on Saturday at 16:25 CET. To get you ready for the
party why not take our quiz below to find out which one of the
three girls YOU ARE.

Which Powerpuff Girl are you?
Answer the five questions below to find out which Powerpuff
girl you are like,

What colour is your hair?
a) Red
b) Blonde
c) Black

What is your idea of happiness?
a) Getting a new dress
b) Pony’s and sweets
c) A tussle with baddies.

What is your favourite colour?
a) Red
b) Blue
c) Green

What do you think when you think of evil?
a) Evil is bad as it does not do any good
b) Makes you cry
c) Keeps you busy

Which of these summaries best describes you?
a) Leader
b) An angel
c) A girl with attitude

If you have answered mainly:

A’s you are like Blossom, she is the indisputable leader and
spokesperson with fiery red hair tied up in her trade mark
bow. Her combination of brains and beauty often saves the
day. She is the child who thinks she needs to be an adult,
but however hard she tries, Blossom, the perpetual Girl Scout
is indeed a little girl.

B’s you are like Bubbles, she is the golden haired angel. The
pigtailed happy go lucky one of the three, always seeing the
best in everything. Although sometimes a bit over sensitive,
nothing riles her more than seeing someone wronged. Bubbles
wears her heart on her sleeve, leaving you in no doubt as to
her emotional state, but whether it be happy or sad, you can
be assured its heart felt. It’s these lively emotions that
inject the laughter, fun and spirit into the Powerpuff Girls’
numerous adventures.

C’s you are like Buttercup, she is the girl with attitude and
a volcanic temper. There’s nothing she likes better than
getting to grips with her enemies. Secretly thinking that she
should be the leader she is often frustrated when held back by
Blossom and Bubbles. The ultimate tomboy, Buttercup’s
philosophy is to hit first and ask questions later. Although
this attitude makes her the most courageous of the girls it
can also backfire making her, her own worst enemy. But don’t
let the hard exterior fool you, beneath it all she is just a
little girl.


Notes to Editors
Cartoon Network is the home to some of the funniest and most exciting
cartoons. It delivers the best range of kid’s entertainment with hit shows
including Ben 10, Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends, My Gym Partner is a
Monkey, Codename: Kids Next Door, Ed Edd n Eddy and Robotboy. Cartoon
Network can also be experienced through its website

Cartoon Network available in 21 languages across 25 separate feeds in 160
countries in 200 million homes worldwide. Cartoon Network is operated by
Turner Broadcasting System, Inc., a Time Warner Company.

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