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									Nov. 26, 2004
1. Internet Addiction
2. be addicted to
3. He’s addicted to smoking.
4. He is an addict. 他是個 a drug addict
5. In the past, he was very fat.
6. His everyday life was very busy.
7. I the past, the first thing I did every day after I got home was turn on my computer.
   I relied on the computer for information and communicating with my friends. I
   found myself spending more and more time in front of the computer. I was
   afraid (that) I would miss any new information. Besides, if I didn’t check my
   e-mail every thirty minutes, I would feel ill at ease. I would also chat with
   friends When I chatted, I wouldn’t be away for several hours. Consequently, I
   was exhausted all the time and my grades became very poor. My parents warned
   me not to behave like this, or something bad would happen to me. I thought
   their words made sense. So ever since then, I have decided to use the computer
   half an hour each day.
8. open the water, open the light 都錯了
9. open the box, turn on/off the water, turn on the faucet
10. I rely on him for help.
11. I found Peter kissing Mary.
12. I found him crying alone.
13. at ease 心安
14. I feel at ease whenever I’m with you.
15. You should stick to your principles. 堅守原則
16. I had a pleasant chat with him.
17. I’ve been living here for five years. 持續的
18. I’ve been learning English.
19. die, leave 都是瞬間動詞
20. It is five years since he left/died.
21. That man turned out to be a swindler. (騙子)
22. What he has said makes sense.

Nov. 27, 2004
1. column
2. a letter about to move or not to move
3. that’s the question
4. 先談個人狀況 再談美國沒有差別 college and university 升級 很多 college 就
   是 university 你要自己問清楚
5. freshman, sophomore, (智慧+白痴) (16 到 22 歲)                  attitude, junior, (資淺的人)
   senior (資深的)
6. I’m a senior this senior, so I have to think about what kind of job I want to look
7. 高中 confusing, freshman, senior 國三到高三,
8. I’m in fifth grade. I’m in ninth grade. I’m twelfth grade.
9. a junior in college
10. I have three best friends. I have several friends but I have three best friends.
11. stay in the dormitory or should you get an apartment with your friends
12. recently 過去的事情
13. I will graduate very soon.
14. share the cost: split the rent
15. They don’t have the money. Money is a very important problem. You should
    get the permission.
16. a portion of the money
17. a second job, need a loan
18. disadvantages
19. next summer I’ll be stuck holding down the fort
20. advantages
21. It has taken me two hours to write this paper.
22. I don’t want to start over.
23. advice
24. She offers good advice here.
25. It’s never good to stay to be so attached to a group of people that you are afraid to
    be without them. (黏得那麼緊)
26. socialize with them without being their roommate
27. I’m in a bad circumstance now.
28. circumstances 命運 to branch out 成長
29. 危機 You should make good use of it. 擅用這個機會                  You can get something
    better. What do you think about this advice?
30. How would you respond?
31. Would you say the same thing?
32. It’s something worth thinking about.
33. I’m sure the same time you’ll tune in. Bye bye.

Nov. 29, 2004
1. Tom Dooley
2. oldie
3. Peter is fond of this.
4. The trio 三重唱 was popular in the 50s, 60s, 70s.
5. a folk revival at the end of the 1950s
6. 帶領了民歌風,演變成 protest song 抗越戰
7. try to sort out this song
8. eternal triangle: 男女三角關係
9. condemned man 判死刑的人
10. You’re bound to die.
11. Don’t gamble. You’re bound to lose.
12. You’re bound for death. 走上死亡之路
13. the second stanza
14. He must be hanged.
15. The picture hung on the wall. He hung the picture.
16. They hanged him.
17. He stabbed a woman to death.
18. I reckon where I’ll be. 我猜我在那裡
19. What’s the history behind it?
20. His name was Dula.
21. He enlisted in the army in 1862 as a musician. He came as a private.
22. In 1865, went home to Happy Valley
23. a good-looking young man soon
24. He soon wooed/courted Laura. Then he fell for Ann Milton, who was married to
    a weakling kind of husband.
25. to go after someone 追女孩 woo/court
26. leave you hanging over there
27. clear and slow
28. ruin a girl and another
29. carry on with this married woman 一直有染
30. Tom lost interest in Laura, but she would do anything for him.
31. In 1886, Laura went missing. They searched the area and found her body in the
32. Laura was stabbed to death.
33. did the investigation
34. They captured Tom plus an accomplice.
35. The also arrested Anne Milton
36. she was also involved in the murder
37. The ex-governor set Tom free. Tom had been in his regimen.
38. They found more evidence and so he was sentenced.
39. pronounced guilty
40. a triangular relationship
41. Grayson 是何人不得而知 可能是檢舉的人
42. How did Trio become famous?
43. in a nightclub in San Francisco
44. sign the contract on the napkin
45. folk movement
46. All of these singers singing in a folk style.

Nov. 30, 2004
1. accomplishable They finally accomplished the mission.
2. He’s a very diligent student.
3. play a monumental role
4.   Hard work plays a significant role in achieving success.
5.   a bilingual school
6.   work like a slave
7.   everybody here is busy
8. Flattery won’t get you anywhere.
9. Flattery will get you everywhere.
10. dynamite 炸藥 bomb 炸藥
11. but ended up losing everything
12. ended up achieving nothing
13. dramatically
14. I desperately need your help.
15. have no choice but to gun down/kill/shoot them.
16. have no alternative but to
17. search for a solution to the problem
18. He died of leukemia/hepatitis.
19. I want to track down my lost brother. = find
20. neglected the fact that she had left her baby in the car
21. I really appreciate your help.
22. your attitude toward life is optimistic
23. pessimistic
24. overstep one’s mark = go further than necessary
25. You say something you are not supposed to say
26. Hey, you overstepped your mark. You’ve gone too far.
27. Having more than one wife is outlawed.
28. Smoking is outlawed in many placed.
29. blackout = power failure
30. in total chaos
31. fertility
32. bear in mind that she can’t read English
33. come in handy 派上用場
34. take over the job 接管責任
35. bump into Peter at the mall 不期而遇
36. The building collapsed as a result of the destructive earthquake.
37. Many stores are looted during a riot.
38. They tried to isolate me from the other classmates
39. The weather eroded the mountain.
40. His health is deteriorating.
41. His health is worsening.
42. at times, sometimes, on occasion,
43. when it comes to cooking = speaking of cooking
44. Lying to the pressed damaged = did damage to = did harm to
45. for fear that rain might pour into the house.
46. This river abounds in fish.
47. vineyard 葡萄園
48. shake up 全身發抖
49. lead to 導至
50. creep into the house 慢慢的
51. immersed himself decoding the genes of the dinosaurs = bury oneself in
52. executed 執刑
53. evidence   It is evident
54. intense heat
55. guard
56. nomad
57. diplomat
58. follow in one’s footsteps = follow in the footsteps of

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