My name is Catherine and I am a recovering drug addict

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					My name is Catherine and I am a recovering drug addict. I used drugs, especially Meth, everyday
for half my life. During active addiction, I graduated from college and law school. I received my
law degree in 2002. I clerked for a Circuit Court Judge until March 2004, when I was arrested
for manufacturing Meth. I was arrested three times in 2004 for Meth and various other drug
charges. I didn’t think I had a drug problem, I thought the police were the ones with the problem.
 I was sentenced in January 2005 to 5 years probated for 2 years with 6 months to serve in jail. I
was release in February 2005 and started my two years of probation.

I entered a 28-day treatment program on my own initiative. I was ready to live life drug-free. I
graduated from the program in April 2005. I started searching for a job. I couldn’t find
employment because of my criminal record. I applied for employment at department stores,
grocery stores, and factories, without success. I learned about vocational rehabilitation in drug
treatment. I met with the counselors and explained my situation. I was ready to work but no one
would give me a chance. Voc rehab gave me the opportunity to get my foot in the door and
prove myself. They were my cheerleaders when no one else would listen. I started working
through the PACE program in May 2005 at Kentucky Legal Aid. I worked hard and went to
work everyday on time. In June 2005, I was hired as a full-time law clerk. In October 2008, I
accepted a staff attorney position with Kentucky Legal Aid and continue to assist low-income
individuals with civil matters. I love my job and helping others. Thank you so much voc rehab,
for helping me!

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