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Saskatchewan Universities and
  Technical Institute Liaison

 Guide to planning your Post Secondary
          Education Day (PSE)
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    Introduction                              3

    Successful Post Secondary Education Day   3

    Planning Checklist                        4

    SUTIL Member Contact List                 5/6

    SUTIL Member Information                  7


Saskatchewan Universities and Technical Institute Liaison (SUTIL) was formed i n
1982, to provide to high school students, parents, counsellors and teachers,
relevant and current information about government funded, post-secondary
education opportunities in Saskatchewan. SUTIL provides this information service
by visiting as many schools as possible in the most economical and efficient
manner, via Post Secondary Education (PSE) days.

A Successful Post-Secondary Education (PSE) Day
Often counsellors and principals ask SUTIL members about guidelines for a successful
Post-Secondary Education Day and therefore we have included some suggestions. From
our experience, students from Grades 11 & 12 seem to benefit the most from the format
listed below particularly if the two grades are separated.

Suggested PSE Day Format:
     Two or Three – 45 – 60 minute presentations for each institution (to ensure
     optimum student retention of information)

       Display Booths (Optional)
       Must be at a different time than the presentations for a maximum of 60 minutes
       Prefer one central location for all displayers

In scheduling your SUTIL event, please consider representatives’ travel time.

Due to the extensive travel commitments of SUTIL members, rescheduling
your PSE day will likely not be possible.

Planning Your PSE Day - Checklist

   1. Choose a location for your PSE Day and invite schools within your geographic
      region to attend.

   2. Invite parents, the general public, and regional college students (if applicable) to
      your PSE Day.

   3. Refer to the “Successful PSE Day” outline in scheduling your PSE Day.

   4. Fax your PSE Day Timetable to your Regional Coordinator. It MUST be
      received at least 30 days in advance so that travel arrangements can
      be coordinated. Please ensure that your Timetable provides complete
      information. Your Regional Coordinator is your contact for all questions and
      concerns. If a PSE Day Timetable is not returned within 30 days, the PSE
      Day is subject to cancellation.

   5. If possible, supply a map of the school, parking area and community to the
      Regional Coordinator. A list of recommended accommodations would also be

   6. Prepare students in advance for the day. Let them know who is presenting and
      what is taught at the various institutions. To derive maximum benefit from our
      visit, have the students develop some individual questions prior to the PSE Day.

   7. Have students sign up in advance for presentations to ensure appropriate
      location and seating arrangements.

   8. Assign a student from your school to each SUTIL institution. Students should
      greet SUTIL representatives and show them to where rooms are located, help
      carry display material and answer questions.

   9. Each presenter will require a projection screen and a table for presentation
      equipment. Please have this equipment ready in each presenter’s classroom.

   10. Teacher supervision is expected for both supervisory purposes and to become
      informed resource persons for students. Teacher supervision for the entire
      session ensures a smooth and effective presentation for all.

   11. Provide a labeled box for each school attending the PSE Day. This allows SUTIL
      representatives to drop off print materials for visiting counselors, which they can
      take back to their respective schools. (i.e. Esterhazy PSE Day would have boxes
      for: Esterhazy, Langenburg and Churchbridge High Schools.)

   12. Please ensure that your SUTIL PSE Evaluation form is completed and returned to
      your Regional Coordinator within a week of your PSE Day.

Individual SUTIL institutions will contact the host school if they are unable to
               attend the PSE Day due to inclement weather.

SUTIL Member Contact List

 St. Thomas More College, University of Saskatchewan – 2006/07 SUTIL Chair
Tel: 306-966-8910 or 800-667-2019
1437 College Dr                                    Fax: 306-966-8904
Saskatoon SK S7N 0W6                               e-mail:
Claude Lang, Student Services                      Tel: 306-966-8910
Richard Medernach, Student Services                Tel: 306-966-8946

University of Regina - 2006/07 SUTIL Vice-Chair
Tel: 306-585-4791 or 1-800-644-4756
Student Recruitment                                   Fax: 306-585-5686
251.24 Dr. William Riddell Centre                     e-mail:
Regina SK S4S 0A2
Joy Turner, Manager, Student Recruitment              Tel: 306-585-5413
Naomi Deren, High School Liaison Officer              Tel: 306-585-5274
Mackenzie Webster, High School Liaison Officer        Tel: 306-585-5254
Jason Bird, Aboriginal Liaison                        Tel: 306-337-2500

Campion College, University of Regina           Tel: 306-586-4242
3737 Wascana Parkway                            Fax: 306-359-1200
Regina, SK S4S 0A2                              e-mail:
Joanne Kozlowski, Director Admissions/Communications     Tel: 306-359-1244
Denis Jakubowski, Entrance Counsellor                    Tel: 306-359-1232
Dan Fleischhaker, Communications Officer                 Tel: 306-359-1206

Luther College, University of Regina              Tel: 306-585-5025 or 1-800-LUTHER
3737 Wascana Parkway                              Fax: 306-585-2949
Regina, SK S4S 0A2
Line LeRuyet, Coordinator of Admissions & Recruitment     Tel: 306-585-5398
Alison Seitz, Entrance Counsellor                         Tel: 306-585-5020

Saskatchewan Institute of Applied Science & Technology (SIAST)
(Kelsey, Palliser, Wascana and Woodland Campuses)           Tel: 306-933-6353
400-119 4 Ave S.                                            Fax: 306-933-5352
Saskatoon, SK S7K 5X2
Bill Blok, Recruitment Coordinator                 Tel: (306) 933-6353
Karen Haroldson, Aboriginal Student Liaison        Tel: (306) 230-8287
Terry Seto, High School                            Tel: (306) 220-8700

University of Saskatchewan                                   Tel: 306-966-5788 or 306-966-6718
Marketing & Student Recruitment                              Fax: 306-966-2115
105 Administration Place                                     e-mail:
Saskatoon, SK S7N 5A2
Cora Schneider, Director of Student Recruitment              Tel: 306-966-6767

Lindsay Rutherford, Recruitment Officer                      Tel: 306-966-1885
Chelsea Jukes, Recruitment Officer                           Tel: 306-966-2952
Arvelle Beutler, Recruitment Officer                         Tel: 306-966-8288
Heather Thibault, Recruitment Officer                        Tel: 306-966-6764
Shawn Rempel , Recruitment Officer                           Tel: 306-966-2951

St. Peter’s College                                          Tel: 306-682-7888
RPO Box 40, 100 College Drive                                Fax: 306-682-4402
Muenster, SK S0K 2Y0                                         e-mail:
Wes Volk, Recruitment and Marketing Officer                  Tel: 306-682-7857

Lakeland College                                             Tel: 780-853-8408 or 800-661-6490
5707 - 47 Avenue West                                        Fax: 780-853-4374
Vermilion AB T9X 1K5                                         e-mail:
Adele Walsh, Recruitment Coordinator                         Tel : 780-853-8408
Stacey Rudychuk, Recruitment Officer                         Tel : 780-853-8789

SUTIL Member Information

The Saskatchewan Institute of Applied Science and Technology (SIAST) is a nationally recognized, pre-
eminent provider of skills and technical training. Through partnerships with business and industry, we
ensure that curriculum matches opportunities and needs in the workplace, an approach that results in high
employer satisfaction with SIAST graduates. Our consultative approach and commitment to real-life
learning contribute to a graduate employment rate consistently in excess of 90 percent

University of Regina, Campion College & Luther College
The University of Regina is known for a choice of distinctive and unique programs. One of a kind programs
in: Saskatchewan – Social Work, Journalism, Actuarial Science, Athletic Therapy and Fine Arts; the Canadian
Prairies – Media Production & Studies; Canada – Human Justice and Police Studies. The University of Regina
is the only university in Western Canada to have three Federated Colleges – Campion College, Luther
College and the Saskatchewan Indian Federated College. The Federated Colleges offer a unique way to earn
your University of Regina degree.

University of Saskatchewan, St. Thomas More College
Diverse program selection, an amazing campus, awesome athletics, great student clubs and organizations,
and successful alumni all over the world, combine to make the University of Saskatchewan one of the best
places in the world to study. St. Thomas More College is a Catholic Federated College that offers Arts &
Science students more scholarships and bursaries, more student services, more chances to get to know
faculty and staff, and more access to great student facilities. If there is a program that interests you,
chances are the University of Saskatchewan offers it! With over 100 areas of study, there are few
universities in Canada that offer the choice of programs available at the U of S. You will have the
opportunity to take courses from a variety of subject areas by enrolling in Agriculture, Arts & Science,
Commerce, Dentistry, Education, Engineering, Kinesiology, Law, Medicine, Nursing, Nutrition & Dietetics,
Pharmacy, Physical Therapy or Veterinary Medicine.

St. Peter’s College
Situated in Saskatchewan's pastoral heartland in Muenster, St. Peter's College provides a rare educational
opportunity for students. Many are drawn to the landscape, the smaller student population, the cultivation
of writing and the hospitable community, all of which contribute to a wholesome learning experience. In
addition, the College is well known for its historical attributes that spring from a one-hundred-year tradition
at St. Peter's Abbey. Contrary to popular belief, St. Peter's College is not a regional college but thrives as an
independent and historical institution that offers many of the benefits of a larger university in a smaller
setting. Directly affiliated with the University of Saskatchewan, St. Peter's College provides one to two years
of undergraduate study in Agriculture, Commerce and Arts & Science.

Lakeland College
Lakeland College is an interprovincial college with campuses located in Vermilion and Lloydminster, and a
learning centre in Sherwood Park. Lakeland College students can qualify for over $300 000 worth of
Scholarships, Bursaries, and Awards. We accept Saskatchewan Student Loans. We offer a wide variety of
programs in Agriculture, Business, Health and Human Services, Environmental, Trades, Firefighting, and
Liberal Arts. Lakeland competes within the Alberta Colleges Athletics Conference in volleyball, basketball,
curling, cross country running, and golf. Aside from competitive athletics there is a variety of college
sponsored clubs and events to keep students active. Living in our on campus residence allows for a unique
amicable atmosphere. Campus tours and student for a day visits are available on request.



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