PACIFIC Coast Alpaca Show by dfhercbml


									                     PACIFIC Coast Alpaca Show 2008
                                Rules and Regulations
Under the rules a signature on the registration form acknowledges the acceptance of these
rules plus a “declaration that all animals are in good health and free of communicable
disease and are current in their health vaccinations.”

Ribbons will be presented to:
First three places of each individual class, and fourth place if class size is 10 or more:
     Reserve Colour Champion
     Colour Champion
     Reserve Grand Champion Female
     Grand Champion Female (if more than 20 female entries in show)
     Reserve Grand Champion Male
     Grand Champion Male (if more than 20 male entries in show)
     Best in Show (also awarded the Founding Sponsors Cup)

Animal Eligibility

      All animals must be CLAA registered. The animal must be entered in the exact
       name and registration number as shown on the CLAA registration certificate. The
       registration MUST be presented at registration for the show and made available to
       the Show Management if requested. Show Management reserves the right to
       verify the identity of the animal by confirming microchip or tattoo identification
       with the registration certificate.

      All animals must be in good health, be free of communicable diseases, and be
       current in their inoculations and deworming. Any animal showing symptoms of
       infectious diseases will be refused entry into the show.

      No Alpaca under the age of SIX MONTHS on the date of the show may compete.
       No farm, personal or animal name shall be displayed on the animal in the ring.
       Animals must be presented to the judge in a properly fitted halter and lead rope.
       Extra ornamentation on the animal or halter will not be allowed.

      Other than top knots and tails, if the annual and natural growth pattern of the
       alpaca’s fleece or staple length has been clipped and shaped to be interpreted as
       that of a poodle, lion or block cut the alpaca will be denied entry into the ring.

      At no time shall an exhibitor be permitted to employ the use of any behaviour
       modification aid while in the ring.

      All participants must leave their alpacas until the end of the show.

In the Group Classes, it shall be incumbent upon the exhibitor to not enter any class
where he or she is aware that the Judge has or has had an interest in ownership of the Sire
or Dam of their entry within 2 years prior to the scheduled date of the Show. However
said animal may be shown by a person other that the owner (See JUDGES).

To project an image to the public of breeder professionalism the following dress code
shall apply:
     Black pants or skirt and modestly styled white shirt or blouse (no halter tops or
        body bandeaus).
     Appropriate safe footwear (no open-toed shoes or sandals)
     No distracting apparel adornments such as tassels, fringes, silver rosettes, bangles
        or beads.
     Modest and discreet jewellery is permitted.
     Hats or caps are permitted provided they are conservative and provided they are
        well fitted so as to not easily fall off thereby spooking competing alpacas.
     No ranch, farm or person’s logo or name shall be exhibited on the exhibitor while
        being judged.
     Show halter and lead shall be basic Show black without any adornments
Exhibitors are responsible for being ringside ten minutes before the scheduled time of
their classes.

It is required that exhibitors remain at the show until the Show has finished at the
published time unless valid reasons as decided by the Show Manager are presented.


A judge is to excuse any entry from a class passing before him or her should they
recognize said entry as being the offspring of a Sire or dam that they own or have owned
an interest in within 2 years prior to the date of the scheduled show.

The Chief Steward shall complete an inspection before judging commences and reserves
the right to disqualify entries based on the CLASS rules, other than the rules stated in this

With the exception of sex divisions, classes may be combined at the discretion of the
Chief Steward and the Judge in order to maintain a minimum class size of four.

If the judge determines there is insufficient quality in any or all entries in an individual
class to merit recognition of a placement, the judge may use his or her discretion to
withhold placements.
Emphasis Guide:
In the show arena, alpaca judging is scored as follows
               Fleece               60%
               Conformation         40%

Colour Classification
An alpaca is to be shown in the appropriate colour class, when it is predominantly that
colour in the blanket area. The alpaca will be disadvantaged, at the judge’s discretion, if it
has any other coloured fibres present. E.g. Spots or any other colour markings.

       The basic colour classes are:

                White, Fawn, Brown, Grey/Roan, Black, Fancy
               Note: These classes are divided into 6 colour groups. If there are less than
               4 entries per colour division, colours shall be combined from light to dark
               at the sole discretion of the Chief Steward. White/cream shall never be
               combined with any other colour.

                  White includes pure white or cream.

                  Fancy class includes those alpacas exhibiting an unusual or striking
                   (i.e. a patch large enough to be clearly seen across the ring)
                   distribution of two or more colours over the blanket area. E.g.
                   Appaloosas, pintos. Alpacas with tuxedo fronts are also to be included
                   in the fancy class.

A predominantly grey alpaca is to be shown in a grey class, whether or not it has any
other coloured spots present, and any colour variations will be assessed at the judge’s

Entry Fees

       The entry fee is $30 per animal.
       There will be a maximum of two animals per pen. The charge for a pen is $10.


       See above for hotel reservations.

       Camping available on site.

Judge: Jane Tellier
Alpaca Halter Class Categories

Description of codes:
(H) – Huacaya                (S) – Suri
(Wh) – White                 (Fa) – Fawn                   (Br) – Brown
(Gr) – Grey                  (Bl) – Black                  (Fy) – Fancy
        1. Juvenile - 6 months to 12 months.
        2. Junior - 12 months to less than 24 months.
Gender:        (F) Female. (M) Male

i.e.: a 15-month-old fawn huacaya female would be – (H-F-2-Fa)-114

Class #         Description                      Class #         Description

HF1Wh 100       Juvenile White Female            HF1Fa     102   Juvenile Fawn Female
HM1Wh 101       Juvenile White Male              HM1Fa     103   Juvenile Fawn Male
HF2Wh 112       Junior White Female              HF2Fa     114   Junior Fawn Female
HM2Wh 113       Junior White Male                HM2Fa     115   Junior Fawn Male

HF1Br     104   Juvenile Brown Female            HF1Gr     106   Juvenile Grey Female
HM1Br     105   Juvenile Brown Male              HM1Gr     107   Juvenile Grey Male
HF2Br     116   Junior Brown Female              HF2Gr     118   Junior Grey Female
HM2Br     117   Junior Brown Male                HM2Gr     119   Junior Grey Male

HF1Bl     108   Juvenile Black Female            HF1Fy     110   Juvenile Fancy Female
HM1Bl     109   Juvenile Black Male              HM1Fy     111   Juvenile Fancy Male
HF2Bl     120   Junior Black Female              HF2Fy     122   Junior Fancy Female
HM2Bl     121   Junior Black Male                HM2Fy     123   Junior Fancy Male

Class #         Description                      Class #         Description
SF1Wh     130   Juvenile White Female            SF1Fa     132   Juvenile Fawn Female
SM1Wh     131   Juvenile White Male              SM1Fa     133   Juvenile Fawn Male
SF2Wh     142   Junior White Female              SF2Fa     144   Junior Fawn Female
SM2Wh     143   Junior White Male                SM2Fa     145   Junior Fawn Male

SF1Br     134   Juvenile Brown Female            SF1Gr     136   Juvenile Grey Female
SM1Br     135   Juvenile Brown Male              SM1Gr     137   Juvenile Grey Male
SF2Br     146   Junior Brown Female              SF2Gr     148   Junior Grey Female
SM2Br     147   Junior Brown Male                SM2Gr     149   Junior Grey Male

SF1Bl     138   Juvenile Black Female            SF1Fy     140   Juvenile Fancy Female
SM1Bl     139   Juvenile Black Male              SM1Fy     141   Juvenile Fancy Male
SF2Bl     150   Junior Black Female              SF2Fy     152   Junior Fancy Female
SM2Bl     151   Junior Black Male                SM2Fy     153   Junior Fancy Male

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