MCS 260 Introduction to Computer Science Fall 2008 COURSE OUTLINE

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					MCS 260                             Introduction to Computer Science                            Fall 2008

COURSE OUTLINE – subject to changes :
    L-1   Mon 25 Aug welcome to mcs 260 – computer literacy and Python programming
    L-2   Wed 27 Aug computer architecture – first steps with Python – using Sage
    L-3   Fri 29 Aug the von Neumann machine – calculating in the Python shell
          Mon 1 Sep Labor Day – no classes
   L-4    Wed 3 Sep numbers, variables, and assignments – developing Python programs
   L-5    Fri 5 Sep operating systems – strings, lists, and tuples in Python
   L-6    Mon 8 Sep mass storage, files and databases – dictionaries in Python
   L-7    Wed 10 Sep syntax and semantics of languages – input and output formats
Project One due on Friday 12 September by 1PM
   L-8    Fri 12 Sep boolean algebra – flowcharts – conditional constructs in Python
   L-9    Mon 15 Sep transistors and logic gates – intrinsic operations on numbers and strings
   L-10 Wed 17 Sep flip-flops and registers – intrinsic operations on lists: queues and stacks
   L-11 Fri 19 Sep adder circuits – loop constructs: the while and for
   L-12 Mon 22 Sep simulation using random numbers – binary expansion with repeat until: break
   L-13 Wed 24 Sep top down design of programs – functions in Python
Project Two due on Friday 26 September by 1PM
   L-14 Fri 26 Sep local and global variables – arguments of functions – functions using functions
   L-15 Mon 29 Sep functional programming – lambda forms – list comprehensions
   L-16 Wed 1 Oct review for first midterm
   L-17 Fri 3 Oct first midterm exam
   L-18 Mon 6 Oct software engineering – bottom up design of programs – modules in Python
   L-19 Wed 8 Oct the software development cycle and quality – modular design with Python
   L-20 Fri 10 Oct software licensing and open source – modules and packages
   L-21 Mon 13 Oct organization of data on files – manipulating files with Python
   L-22 Wed 15 Oct data compression – format conversions – using buffers to process files
   L-23 Fri 17 Oct archiving files, pipes – the os module and directory methods
Project three due on Monday 20 October by 1PM
   L-24 Mon 20 Oct object-oriented programming – unified modeling language – classes in Python
   L-25 Wed 22 Oct data and functional attributes of classes – operator overloading
   L-26 Fri 24 Oct encapsulation, inheritance, polymorphism – wrapping and delegation
   L-27 Mon 27 Oct software testing, verification techniques – pre- and postconditions with assert
   L-28 Wed 29 Oct exception handling – defining, raising, and handling exceptions in Python
   L-29 Fri 31 Oct complexity and cost – complexity classes – timing Python programs
   L-30 Mon 3 Nov graphical user interfaces – using Tkinter, a GUI toolkit for Python
Project four due on Wednesday 5 November by 1PM
   L-31 Wed 5 Nov expression evaluation – graphing functions – using the Canvas widget
   L-32 Fri 7 Nov entering data with a scale – the development of animations
   L-33 Mon 10 Nov networking and the internet – markup languages – client/server networks
   L-34 Wed 12 Nov review for second midterm
   L-35 Fri 14 Nov second midterm exam
   L-36 Mon 17 Nov dynamic web pages – introduction to CGI: running Python code on the web
   L-37 Wed 19 Nov relational design of databases – query languages – MySQL and MySQLdb
   L-38 Fri 21 Nov topologies of computer networks – layers and protocols – using sockets in Python
   L-39 Mon 24 Nov processes and threads – lifecycle of a thread – multithreaded programming
   L-40 Wed 26 Nov web servers – interactive web pages with Python
          Fri 28 Nov Thanksgiving holiday – no classes
   L-41 Mon 1 Dec     review of the first 15 lectures
Project five due on Wednesday 3 December by 1PM
   L-42 Wed 3 Dec     review of material up to second midterm
   L-43 Fri 5 Dec     cumulative review
Monday 8 December, 1:00PM–3:00PM : Final Exam – room to be announced.

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