Online Resources for Teachers of ESL Students in Mainstream Classes by dfhercbml


									  Online Resources for Teachers of ESL Students in Mainstream Classes
                            Terry Milnes and Liying Cheng
                      Faculty of Education, Queen’s University

General information about ESL students in mainstream classes (websites to browse):
       Dr. Liying Cheng’s ESL resources for B. Ed. candidates:

       O.I.S.E. website: ESL Infusion (resources for K-12 teachers; Ontario focus):

       Center for Applied Linguistics:

Quick reference: websites addressing specific topics in teaching ESL students
       Help! They Don’t Speak English! Starter Kit for Primary Teachers:

       Help! They Don’t Speak English! Starter Kit for Teachers of Young Adults:

       Principles for teaching English learners in the mainstream classroom:

       Program planning and assessment for ESL/ELD learners (Ontario focus):

       Modifying instruction, homework, and assessment for ESL students in
          mainstream classes:

       Classroom planning for teachers of mainstream classes:

       Helping ESL students understand what you say:

       Helping ESL students understand what they read:

       Teaching language and mathematics: sample lesson plan

       Teaching science to ESL students:

       Preparing tests and worksheets:
       Grammar information:
       Responding to ESL students’ written work:

       Resource guide for mainstream teachers K-12:

       Challenging elements of learning English:
Curriculum documents and resources in ESL:
       Canadian second language curriculum documents and resources by province:
       Ontario curriculum: English as s Second Language and English Literacy
         Development, Grades 9 – 12:

       Ontario Course Profiles for ESL/ESD courses, Grades 9 – 12:
       Ontario curriculum: English as a Second Language and English Literacy
         Development Resource Guide, Grades 1 – 8:
       Exemplars of ESL students’ written work (Ontario)

Lesson plans and activities for ESL students and classes:
       Lessons and lesson plans from the Internet TESL Journal:

       Dave’s ESL Café:
       Online activities for ESL students:
       Lesson plans by topic and by level of language proficiency:

       ESL lesson plans and worksheets:
       Boggle’s World worksheets and lesson plans:
       Everything ESL lesson plans and resources:
       ESL Lounge lesson plans by level of English proficiency: http://www.esl-

O.I.S.E.-maintained links page for ESL: lesson plans, TESL organizations, TOEFL:

Promoting Diversity and Cultural Awareness:
      Resources to promote equity and diversity (Ottawa-Carleton District School
      Antiracism and Ethno-cultural Equity (AREE) Teacher Manual (Ottawa-Carleton
         District School Board):
      Multicultural calendar (information from children from around the world):

International Phonetic Alphabet
        Phonetic alphabet:
        International Phonetic Alphabet for English:

        English and the International Phonetic Alphabet:

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