Once upon a time_ there was a scarecrow

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					Once upon a time, there was a scarecrow. He liked to
play. He had a name, but he never told anyone what his
name was. One day, the scarecrow decided to play. He
invited his friends, the hat and cat, to play at his
house. They were going to have a play-day. They
played basketball. The scarecrow fell down. He broke
his head. He got a big boo boo. His mommy took him to
see Dr. John so he could get better. They hopped in
her car and drove to the doctor’s. On their way, they
saw a farm with cows, pigs, and horses. He got out of
the car to ride a horse, but it was a straw horse so he
needed a stick to ride it.
     The scarecrow walked down to the river. He saw
some ducks. He sat down to pet the ducks and the
ducks said, “oink oink.” The scarecrow then said, “oink
oink” back to the ducks. Then, the scarecrows elbow
fell out of his shirt and down his pants. Then, his
broken head fell off and rolled into the water. His
teeth fell out of his head. The scarecrow was all right.
His head was really an egg, so the ducks gave him
another egg to put on his head. The End!

By: Addie, Ava, Molly, Nicole, Clara, Elijah, Braden, and