Now that the Lions squad has been announced_ its time to start

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					    Wicklow RFC -                   6 Nations Competition
                                €10 entry fee

     (€1 of each entry goes to Wicklow RFC)

                      Home         Score       Tries    Away        Score   Tries
        6th Feb       Ireland                           Italy
        6th Feb       England                           Wales
        7th Feb       Scotland                          France
        13th Feb      Wales                             Scotland
        13th Feb      France                            Ireland
        14th Feb      Italy                             England
        26th Feb      Wales                             France
        27th Feb      Italy                             Scotland
        27th Feb      England                           Ireland
        13th Mar      Ireland                           Wales
        13th Mar      Scotland                          England
        14th Mar      France                            Italy
        20th Mar      Wales                             Italy
        20th Mar      Ireland                           Scotland
        20th Mar      France                            England
        Tie Breaker - Minute of 1st Irish score in the tournament

How to play: Predict both the team scores and the number of tries each team
will score in every game.

Return your entries by email to or give to either, John Lalor,
Summerhill, Ciaran Billington c/o The Coffee Shop, Wicklow Town or Stephen
Clarke c/o Clarke Auctioneers, Ashford.

Prizes will be awarded as follows:
       1st - 70% of entry fees
       2nd - 20% of entry fees

Name: ____________________________

Email: __________________________Mobile Number:______________

       Scoring Points:
       Correct Result                                   15 Points
       Bonus points only if you predict the correct result:
                Correct margin                          10 Points
                Winning margin within 5                 7 Points
                Winning margin within 10                4 Points
       Correct team score                               10 Points
       Team score within 5                              7 Points
       Team score within 10                             4 Points
       Correct number of tries                          7 points

   1. To receive an email copy of the entry form send an email with your name
      to or text your name & email address to 087 8137897
   2. Entry Fees can be paid by Bank Transfer (use your name as the reference)
      to AIB: 93-12-68 Acc 09455729

   Queries can be emailed to or texted to 087 8137897


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