Updated Guidance Notes for Crime Concern by dfhrf555fcg


									                 Updated Guidance Notes for Crime Concern

   Regional co-ordinators will need to take an active roll in updating PSE (Park Square East)
       Programme and Contracts staff in developments with the project. This includes updates on
       any events and timelines with regards to regions delivery. This is required so that PSE
       contracts staff are able to accurately profile the project and submit correct claims to the
      When claiming costs under Crime Concern regions must use the restricted fund codes.
       These enable us to accurately track expenditure through transaction reports and with
       reporting to the funder. The restricted fund codes are T7 RAA3000, T5 AF154. These must
       be used when submitting project claims to your finance departments and claiming costs
       such as travel. Regions must also insure they update Trust On Track with details of awards
       given in the appropriate session. If you have any concerns on the use of these codes in
       claiming under the project please contact Nathan Wenn directly.
      Income to regions per award are an average of £644. This figure may change according to
       some actual costs involved, see table below.
      Main contract/finance contact at PSE is Nathan Wenn Contracts Manager PH 020 7543
       1290. E-mail Nathan.wenn@princes-trust.org.uk
       Main delivery contact at PSE is Nina Prosser Programme Executive – Direct Delivery PH
       020 7543 1323. E-mail nina.prosser@princes-trust.org.uk
Submission Dates for to PSE
   Due Date to PSE            Period covered   Claim Number

Programme Year 1

5th June 2008        April-June 2008                1

5th Sept 2008        July-September 2008            2

Programme Year 2

5th Dec 2008         October-December 2008          3

6th March 2009       January-March 2009             4

5th June 2009        April-June 2009                5

4th Sep 2009         July-September 2009            6

Programme Year 3

5th Dec 2009         October-December 2009          7

5th March 2010       January-March 2010             8

4th June 2010        April-June 2010                9

6th Sept 2010        July-September 2010           10

Programme Year 4

6th Dec 2010         October-December 2010          11

7th March 2011       January-March 2011            12

6th June 2011        April-June 2011               13

5th Sept 2011        July-September 2011           14

Programme Year 5

5th Dec 2011         October-December 2011         15

5th March 2012       January-March 2012            16

5th June 2012        April-June 2012               17

5th Sept 2012        July-September 2012           18
Rate Card Calculations

Staff costs       £ 265   Based on 2 days of staff time per award. Region will receive full amount against each award
                          Based on 18.6% of staff time p/m against average actual overhead of £400 p/m. Region will receive amount
Overheads         £ 74    against current regions O/H
Average award     £ 250   Based on average cash award per yp. This may fluctuate against actual TOT figures
Travel            £ 35    Based on average travel costs for assessors. This may fluctuate based on actual staff travel
Total per award   £ 644

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