No Means No by dfhercbml


									                                       No Means No!

Scene 1
A residence room. There is a bed with a small table beside it. On the table sits a CD
player. JIM and MICHELLE are seated side by side on the bed. It is late in the evening.

JIM:           Wow. Biomed. You wanna be a doctor?

MICHELLE: Well, that’s the goal, but it means I’ll be in school till the next century or

JIM:           If that’s what you want to do, go for it. I mean, granted I don’t know you
               that well, but you certainly seem intelligent.

MICHELLE: (sarcastically) Thanks for the vote of confidence.

JIM:           Seriously. I think you can do it.

Pause. Michelle smiles shyly at the compliment. Jim smiles back.


JIM:           So?

MICHELLE: So these rooms are a decent size, a lot bigger than the singles in my rez.

JIM:           Yeah, they’re not bad. It’s difficult getting used to sleeping in a single bed.
               I had a double at home.

MICHELLE: I guess, but it’s not bad.

JIM:           No, it’s pretty comfortable actually.

Awkward Pause.

JIM:           I’m so sorry, where are my manners? Do you want something to drink?
               I’ve got some coke or some beer…

MICHELLE: No thanks, I think I’m ok for now.

JIM:           So, did you have fun tonight?

MICHELLE: Yeah. I honestly didn’t think I would. It’s not really my kind of scene. But
          I actually had a pretty good time. Met some good people…

JIM:           Me too.
Another awkward pause. Jim and Michelle smile at each other.

JIM:           What kind of music do you like? I don’t know what’s in here.

Jim leans across Michelle to the CD player and presses the play button. Some sort of laid
Back But popular music plays. As he is leaning over Michelle he stops and sniffs.

JIM:           You smell fantastic, what are you wearing?

MICHELLE: Oh, it’s just a body spray.

JIM:           Oh, well it smells fantastic.

They exchange smiles again.

MICHELLE: This is a great album.

JIM:           Yeah, it’s better than the one that came after it.

MICHELLE: You can say that again. Most people like the newer one more. Funny.

JIM:           I guess there’s something we have in common.

MICHELLE: I guess so.

They smile at each other again. Jim, obviously nervous, stops smiling and then goes to
               kiss Michelle. She smiles and kisses him back. They continue to kiss for a
               second. He begins to kiss her neck, which makes her somewhat
               uncomfortable. His hand goes to her leg, but she casually moves it away.
               He continues to kiss her neck for a moment before breaking away.

JIM:           Let me get the lights.

Jim walks over toward the light switch. Michelle gets up off the bed.

MICHELLE: Actually, I should probably head home. I’ve got a tonne of work to do.

JIM:           What do you mean? I thought you were having fun.

MICHELLE: I was, I am, it’s just that I have a lot of work that I need to get done and its
          getting late.

JIM:           Come on, it’s the weekend, you’ve got lots of time to do work.
MICHELLE: I would but I really can’t. My roommate is probably wondering where I

JIM:           Stay. Please? I’m sure your roommate knows you are in good hands.
               Unless it’s just that you don’t want to be here anymore. I thought you
               liked me.


JIM:           Then what’s the problem?

MICHELLE: It’s just….never mind.

Jim takes Michelle by the hand and slowly walks her back towards the bed. She is
              obviously uncomfortable, she does not know what to do.

JIM:           There’s a time to work and a time to play, and now’s definitely not a good
               time to work.

Jim slowly pushes Michelle onto the bed. He moves on top of her and starts to kiss her
              again while putting his hand on her thigh. She pushes him off.

JIM:           Come on, you said you liked me. Are you some sort of prude?

She gets up.

JIM:           What’s your fucking problem?

MICHELLE: I really have to go. My roommate is expecting me back. I had a really
          good time tonight. Really I did.

JIM:           You’re not leaving.

MICHELLE: Excuse me?

JIM:           I said you’re not leaving, your not going anywhere.


Michelle tries to walk past Jim, who grabs her arm violently.

MICHELLE: Let go of me!

Jim spins Michelle around and throws her on the bed.

MICHELLE: Please let me go.
JIM:           No, You’re not going anywhere and you’ll do as I say.

Jim advances towards Michelle. They freeze momentarily. Michelle adjusts so she looks
              like she is sleeping. Michelle becomes Liz and Jim becomes Michael.
              Michael bends to Liz to wake her up.

Scene 2
MICHAEL:       Liz, Liz baby, wake up.

Liz wakes up, very calmly talks sleepily for a few lines.

LIZ:           Hi. I was just having a little nap. I swear my chem. textbook is my new
               cure for insomnia. How was your class?

MICHAEL:       I can’t take it anymore.

Liz sits up.

LIZ:           Why? What happened?

MICHAEL:       The profs don’t seem to realize that we’re taking four other courses, it’s
               like they feel the need to give us as much work in one course as we should
               have in an entire semester.

LIZ:           Ya I know. It feels like we never have any time to just hang out and relax.
               How bout we watch a movie this aft or do something fun for a change.

MICHAEL:       Nah, I mean, I’d love to, but I have to get a start on this assignment,
               otherwise I’ll never get all this done.

LIZ:           Comehere.

MICHAEL:       Liz, I gotta get going. I just wanted to see you for a sec.

LIZ:           Come on, I’ll give you a massage, it’ll relieve a bit of the stress.

MICHAEL:       Well, that sounds like an offer I can’t refuse. Only a short one though and
               then I really have to go.

LIZ:           You got it.

Michael sits down in front of LIZ who kisses the top of his head and then begins to
               massage his neck and back.

MICHAEL:       That feels wonderful.
LIZ:           My specialty.

MICHAEL:       Maybe it doesn’t have to be such a short one.

LIZ:           You sure I can’t interest you in a movie?

MICHAEL:       I really can’t afford that kind of time.

LIZ:           Maybe we could find another way for you to relieve your stress.

Liz begins to kiss Michael’s neck. He is obviously enjoying it.

MICHAEL:       Not fair Liz, I’m too weak to resist you.

LIZ:           Why don’t you come up here on the bed.

MICHAEL:       I’m sorry, I really can’t, I have to get to work on this assignment.

LIZ:           You need a break. I need a break.

MICHAEL:       We also need to pass our classes.

LIZ:           If you take a break you’ll have the energy to get your work done. Later.

MICHAEL:       I need to get on it or else I won’t finish in time.

LIZ:           I want to spend some time with you. I haven’t seen you much lately.

MICHAEL:       I know, I know. I’m sorry.

LIZ:           I miss you, you know. Do you miss me?

MICHAEL:       Of course I do.

LIZ:           It doesn’t seem like it.

MICHAEL:       Come on, that’s not fair.

Liz stands up and gets up close to Michael. She begins to unbutton his shirt.

LIZ:           I’ve been thinking about you a lot lately.

Michael pushes her hands away.

MICHAEL:       Come on Liz.
LIZ:           What’s the matter, don’t you love me?

Michael kisses Liz to let her know that he loves her and allows Liz removes his shirt. She
               kisses him.

LIZ:           This is just what you need. You’ll thank me for this later.

Liz leads Michael to the bed and pushes him down to a seated position and climbs on top
              of him. They freeze momentarily. The actor playing Liz stands up and exits
              to one side. A moment later, the actor playing Michael then gets up and
              exits to the opposite side.

The End

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