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									11M4 / 11W2
This is just a quick reminder. It is not a comprehensive list. Make sure that you
revise for your exams and proof read when in the exam. GOOD LUCK!
Writing a story in the exam.
Title – do this last when you know exactly what has happened in your story and you
can pick a suitable title. Make it exciting and make your reader interested in what you
have written.
Plan your story first
     First sentence – make an impact. Use speech or short powerful sentences like,
        BANG! Exclamation marks and questions will grab the reader’s attention
     Introduction – give information about the place, character and plot to keep
        reader interested.
     Middle / Problem
     Climax – an event that is the highlight of the story before the problem is
     Ending / resolution – the problem is solved.
Settings – describe your setting – make your reader see what you are describing.

War                    The Woods              Factories
Theme Park             Haunted house          Shopping centre
On the Streets         In a house             Desert
Characters – describe your characters but remember ‘show don’t tell’ – see notes
Stories –
Robbery / police chase                        Party
Alcoholic / fight scene / drunk and disorderly       football match
Murder                                        marriage
Domestic abuse                                sporting match
Jail                                          Christmas
Being arrested / car theft                    Birthdays
Lose something                                An English lesson.

Descriptive techniques

Similes and metaphors
The five senses
Word classes – adjectives, adverbs, powerful verbs
Paper 2 comprehensions
Read through the texts and questions carefully.
Highlight key words in the questions
Attempt every question
Look at the clock – don’t spend too much time on one question.
Proof read your answers at the end
Circle your designated sections for each question
5 marks = 5 points
Quote for questions starting with ‘How’ or ‘Compare’
Do not write in lists – use full sentences and paragraphs
If commenting on the writers in the articles, use either their full name or their
Look at the purpose of the articles – if it is a newspaper it may not be as reliable as
other resources.

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