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					You can find most of these titles in the     Tip: Make up silly rhymes as often as you      Books that Help Children Figure                   Books to help with Letter
Storytelling Circle. Poetry books are        can. Try saying something like: “Look, a
located in the nonfiction section. A                                                        out What Happens Next                             Knowledge
                                             cat! What else sounds like cat? A mat, a
librarian is always available to help you    hat, a rat…”
find things!                                                                                                                                                           Point out and name
                                                                                                            Ask children “what
                                                                                                                                                                       letters everywhere
                                                                                                            happens next” in stories,
                                             Poetry Books                                                                                                              you go. Try to find
                                                                                                            and they will learn how
Books with Rhymes                                                         Rhyming is                                                                                   certain letters on
                                                                                                            stories work.
                                                                          fun for kids                                                                                 license plates, spell
                           Rhyming helps                                  because they                                                                                 things with
                          children to hear                                can guess                                                                                    alphabet soup;
                                                                                            Can You Make a Scary Face
                          the smaller                                     what word                                                                                    letters can be fun!
                                                                                            By Jan Thomas                     E THO
                          sounds in words.                                will come next.   A book that will get your child jumping
                          This is an                                      Try pausing at    up and down to help scare the frog away.
                          important early                                 the end of a                                                        26 Letters and 99 Cents
literacy skill that helps kids when they     sentence, to let your 4 or 5 year old guess                                                      By Tana Hoban                       E HOB
start reading!
                                                                                            Wolf’s Chicken Stew
                                             the rhyme!                                                                                       Beautiful color photographs of letters, etc.
                                                                                            by Keiko Kasza                 E KAS              A great introduction to CAPITAL and
                                             Runny Babbit: a Billy Sook                     Why is Wolf baking cakes if he wants              lowercase letters.
How Do Dinosaurs Say Goodnight?                                                             to eat chicken stew? Follow Wolf’s
                                             By Shel Silverstein            J 811 SIL
By Jane Yolen                    E YOL
                                             A fun way to play with words and the           antics in this sweet tale.                        Alphabet Mystery
Mother and child ponder the different
                                             individual sounds in words!                                                                      By Audrey Wood                     E WOO
ways a dinosaur can say goodnight.
                                                                                            Trainstop                                         Little “x” is missing from Charley's
                                             Bubblegum Delicious                            By Barbara Lehman                    E LEH        Alphabet and the other lowercase letters
The Magic Hat                                Lee, Dennis                 J 819.1 LEE
By Mem Fox                          E FOX                                                   Wordless books like this one offer a great        go off to solve the mystery.
                                             Poems by a favourite Canadian.                 chance to let your child tell the story.
Leave some words blank, and have your
child fill them in. Ask lots of “what”       We’re Going on a Bear Hunt                                                                       Miss Bindergarten Gets Ready for
questions as you look at the pictures                                                       Three Billy Goats Gruff                           Kindergarten
                                             By Michael Rosen & Helen Oxenbury
together.                                                                                   By Paul Galdone               J 398.21 THR        By Joseph Slate                      E SLA
                                                                                E ROS
                                                                                            Simple folktales have lots of repetition          Look at the details in books like this, talk
                                             A beautiful retelling of an old rhyme.
To Market To Market                                                                         and an exciting story too!                        about what you see, and notice the
By Anne Miranda                    E MIR     You Read to Me, I’ll Read to You : Very                                                          different characters.
Hilarious! Fun for parents too!              Short Stories to Read Together
                                             By Mary Ann Hoberman and Michael               Tip: Kids need to know how to make up their       Tip: Try playing I Hear instead of I Spy. For
                                             Emberley                         E HOB         own stories; this will help them later, when      example, I see something that sounds like hat.
                                             Take turns rhyming in this great series.       they begin to write sentences. Ask your kids to   What is it? It’s a cat! Or you can focus on the
By Audrey and Don Wood            E WOO
                                                                                            tell you a story about themselves, a friend, or   sounds at the beginning of words, and say I
Play the finger game, say the rhymes, and
                                             Tip: Kids can rhyme in any language. Make      a favourite toy. Even better, write out their     see something that sounds like
enjoy the pictures together.
                                             up rhymes or use old favourites in the         own story and tell it back to them!               aaaaaa…Apple!
                                             language that is most comfortable for you.
Books to Expand Vocabulary:                     Books About Emotions
                                                                                               Tip: Ask your child how they think the
                                                                                               character in a book feels about what is
                                                You can support your child’s emotions by
                       Reading books                                                           happening in the story. How do they feel?
                                                reading books that talk about feelings.
                       together introduces
                       children to words
                                                This will help them to notice and manage       Our Favourite Books                                   year olds
                                                their own emotions, and to understand
                       that don’t normally
                       come up in
                                                how other people feel.                                                                               Booklist

Seven Silly Eaters
By Mary Ann Hoberman              E HOB
Each addition to the household brings a                                                        Favourite stories about appealing
new demand for a special meal.                                                                 characters can be read over and over
Stanley’s Party                                                                                again.
By Linda Bailey                  E BAI          How are you Peeling
                                                                                               Tacky the Penguin
What do dogs really get up to when their        By Saxton Freymann                  E FRE
                                                                                               By Helen Lester               E LES
owners are out?                                 Frowning, smiling characters made from
                                                                                               A lovable misfit saves the day.
                                                vegetables and fruits! Kids just love this.
Kitty’s Cuddles
Jane Cabrera                        E CAR       The Paper Bag Princess                         Froggy Gets Dressed
Kitty meets many friends until she              By Robert Munsch                 E MUN         By Jonathon London             E LON
decides her family gives the best cuddles.      When Elizabeth rescues Ronald, her             Kids will be shouting out the refrain
                                                prince, from a dragon, he complains            ”Frrrooggyy!” after just one reading.
Dot the Fire Dog                                about her appearance. A favourite.                                                              Great books for kids who are
By Lisa Desimini                     E DES                                                     Bark George                                         four and five years old.
Watch Dot & the firefighters put out a fire     A Friend                                       By Jules Feiffer                 E FEI
and save a family! For fire engine fans.        By Annette Bley                  E BLE         Why won’t George bark?
                                                A lighthearted but meaningful book
Nonfiction books can also help expand           about friendship                               Click, Clack, Moo: Cows That Type
vocabulary. Popular topics include:                                                            By Doreen Cronin               E CRO
                                                Lost and Found                                 The farmer’s cows find an old typewriter.
Fairytales                      (J 398.2)       By Oliver Jeffers                     E JEF
Dinosaurs                       (J 567.91)      A boy tries to help a sad, lost penguin, but   Scaredy Squirrel
Animals                         (J 590-599)
                                                discovers it was never lost at all: just       By Melanie Watt                  E WAT
Trucks/Trains                   (J 629)                                                        Scaredy Squirrel finds out all about the
                                                lonely, and looking for a friend.
                                                                                               world beyond his safe nut tree. Hilarious.   P.O. Box 37, 100 Newport Drive (at Ioco)
Tip: If your child discovers a new word, stop                                                                                               Port Moody, B.C. V3H 3E1
                                                Lilly’s Purple Plastic Purse
reading to talk about it, and use it in a                                                            Funding provided by CIBC and the       Tel: 604-469-4685 Fax: 604-469-4576
                                                By Kevin Henkes                     E HEN
sentence. You can even start a New Words                                                               Raise- a- Reader Foundation.
                                                One purse takes Lilly through all the
book for your child, where you record each                                                                                        
                                                emotions during her day at school.
new word with a sticker beside it.                                                             Pc docs 39969v2– DEC 2009

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