The E-Learning Center on Introduction to Computer Course by moti


									    The E-Learning Center on “Introduction to Computer”
  Chieh-Sen Huang, Department of Applied Mathematics, National Sun Yat-sen University

Introduction :                                                       6. Instant messaging and live chat. Use MSN Messenger or Skype (an internet
                                                                     phone) to communicate with students and give offer hours online.
E-learning is becoming a dominant delivery method in academic
and industrial learning settings. Many universities and
organizations are recognizing the potential of e-learning to bring
learning closer to learners. Since E-learning is mostly associated
with activities involving computers and interactive networks
simultaneously, we implement the concepts of E-learning by
building an E-learning center on the “Introduction to Computer”
course which serves a very good example for the course itself.

1. Syllabus: Provide complete day-to-day progress.

2. Course documents and presentations: 20 units of power pointer
presentations and over 150 c++ codes are provided.                   7. Online grade center: Provide access to students’ grades securely and instantly.

3. Discussion forums: Online discussion forums are built.

                                                                     8. Online tutorials: Use Camtasia to create online tutorials which contains
                                                                     solutions to the home works and the technical procedures.
4. Interactive resources, quizzes, tests. Students can familiarize
themselves with the exams.                                           9. Online forms and surveys : To Reflect learning activities we create
                                                                     online surveys.

5. Streaming media and presentations: We create and
delivery streaming media and presentations of the courses.

                                                                      The students are mostly in their freshmen year, most of them have very
                                                                      limited experiences on computers. However, they adapt to this idea very
                                                                      quickly. They especially have fun with “instant messaging” such as
                                                                      using MSN to chat with the instructor. They are also eager to fill out the
                                                                      surveys every month. We receive a great lot more feedbacks through
                                                                      internet than the conventional face-to-face ways. We find the “E-
                                                                      Learning Center” can provide not only an e-learning environment but
                                                                      also better interactions with the learners.

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