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Toy Story _1_ Disney Pixar


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Toy Story (1) Disney Pixar. PG
Scene                 Action                             Literacy Focus
Opening               Andy is playing with Woody.        Reading comp – what sort of
Credits                                                  boy is Andy? How do we
                                                         How would these events look
                                                         from Andy’s POV and
                                                         Woody’s POV. How would the
                                                         events be viewed differently?
                                                         Could also be recount
Toy soldiers          View from when the soldier         Report writing to describe
on mission to         climbs down the drawers up         action.
discover              until they see the pile of         Recount to include personal
what the new          presents.                          details from the soldiers.
toys are.                                                Explanation/Instructions
                                                         from captain to brief the
Buzz first            View from when Woody’s             Retell the scene from differing
appears in            hands appear over the top of       POV. How do Woody and
the bedroom           the bed up until woody reads       Buzz view the scene
                      from the spaceship box.            differently?
                                                         Recount – diary entries from
                                                         different characters about the
                                                         How do the facial expressions
                                                         of different characters tell us
                                                         how they are feeling and what
                                                         they are thinking?
Entry to              The toys enter Pizza Planet        Setting of imaginary worlds.
Pizza Planet.         disguised as drink containers.
                      View from entry to restaurant
                      until they miss getting into the
Toys in Sid’s         The toys come out and take         What do you think these toys
bedroom               the injured toys away. Buzz        are like? How do you know/
“eating” the          and Woody watch horrified.         What changes about them
other dolls                                              that changes your opinion?
                      Compare this section with the      How can we make
                      section after Woody is on the      characters appear to be one
                      landing.                           thing, but area actually
Advert for            Buzz runs away from Sid’s          Persuasive writing.
Buzz                  dog and ends up hiding             Reading comp to explore how
Lightyear.            behind the door of the             he feels and why.
Children’s Services
Final scene           Toys are listening to the      Woody asks “What could be
                      speaker to see what the        worse than you Buzz”? Use
                      children have received for     the knowledge of the
                      Christmas.                     characters in the story to
                                                     answer that question.
                                                     Could write a new chapter or
                                                     scene for the film.
                                                     Could use the idea from the
                                                     film and continue the story
                                                     including the characters of a
                                                     puppy and a Mrs. Potato
Any scene             Contrast the two boy’s rooms. What does the décor/toys etc
which shows           tell us about the boys? What does setting tell us about
Andy’s                character.
bedroom and

Shared writing from when Buzz first appears in Andy’s room.
This led into writing from different points of view. What would the
scene look like through the eyes of different characters?
This writing is from a third person perspective.

Woody's hands crept gradually over the top of the bed. Heart
thumping, he looked around and then turned slowly to the front,
scared of what he might discover. He gasped in shock as a bulky
shadow covered his pristine white face. Two gleaming white legs
were planted on the bed in front of him like lampposts covered in
(Y4/5 pupils – Mundesley Junior school)

Woody climbed suspiciously to the top of the bed and slowly
placed his hands on the spongy quilt. His head peeped up. He
looked to the left and then to the front and then jumped in
horror. A distinguishing figure cast a dark menacing shadow
over his pale face.
(Y4/5 pupils – Mundesley Junior school)

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