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									                      TICKETING NETWORK EAST MIDLANDS

Job Title:                  Database Administrator
Hours:                      37 hours per week
Salary:                     £32,000 - £36,000 per annum
Responsible to:             Ticketing Network East Midlands Board Members
Staff Responsibility:       Support Staff

Job Purpose:
The post-holder will have strong collaboration skills and excel at working with a diverse team
of people. Experience in SQL server administration, strong indexing and query writing abilities
and an overall understanding of the database architecture are necessary. They will have the
responsibility for the maintenance and integrity of all data entered into the customer
relationship management system, the consortium’s ability to report from this data and analyse
and utilise this information effectively. They will also be responsible for the technical and
administrative support of the system and the training of users on behalf of Ticketing Network
East Midlands.

Ticketing Network East Midlands (TNEM) is a new company which will be run on behalf of a
consortium of four of the leading arts organisations in Nottingham (Royal Centre, Nottingham
Playhouse, Lakeside Arts Centre, Dance4), to manage its soon to be installed ticketing &
customer relationship management system from Tessitura Networks.

The installation of this system aims to significantly increase the sales, marketing and personal
giving capacity of the non-profit cultural sector across Nottingham initially with the potential for
this to expand into other areas of the East Midlands as more consortium members are
ntroduced. The Administrator will initially work with a Project Manager to support the
consortium in its implementation of the Tessitura software into each organisation. They will
then work with the consortium members to coordinate the work of the other full-time TNEM
employee whilst interfacing directly with the consortium’s management committee, Tessitura
Networks and consortium members’ staff at varying levels. The success of this venture will
depend heavily on the quality and accessibility of this database to support a range of artistic,
marketing, fundraising and sales requirements.
The primary function of the Administrator, after implementation takes place, will be to work
with the other TNEM employee to ensure that the best possible exploitation of the software is
gained by each consortium member in order to maximise the resources at their disposal and
the need to earn income.

Please apply in the first instance by sending a copy of your CV, including two referees
and your current salary level, and a covering letter outlining how you meet each of the
criteria set out in the Person Specification by Monday 1 February 2010 to:

Jonathan Saville
Head of Sales, Marketing & Development
Royal Centre Nottingham
Theatre Square
Nottingham, NG1 5ND

   This project is supported by                                 and
                                    JOB DESCRIPTION
                             DATABASE ADMINISTRATOR
Main Tasks:
Manage priorities and demands of consortium members to provide effective leadership and
exemplary service:
Responsible to: TNEM Board
Responsible for: Support Staff (roles to be finalised)

    To work alongside the Project Manager to implement, manage and complete the
      installation of a customer relationship management system into each consortium
      organisation including data conversion from existing systems to Tessitura
    To act as first point of call dealing effectively and efficiently with end-users requests for
      assistance in resolving issues and problems that may occur with the system and its
      usage and if necessary liaising with Tessitura Networks over these requests
    To co-ordinate with staff, Tessitura Networks, and third-party vendors regarding
      periodic upgrades and enhancements, systems analysis, testing and troubleshooting of
      the underlying software
    To form part of, and liaise with, TNEM management committee to implement and
      develop system processes

Consortium Services
   To develop and deliver TNEM comprehensive system training and documentation
   To input into the recruitment process of other staff members of the TNEM team
   To attend TNEM user group meetings where appropriate
   To build and maintain strong relationships with non-technical users in identifying
     database performance gaps and emerging opportunities
   To be accountable to the TNEM Board in the quality, accuracy and timeliness of sales
     and settlement reports
   To provide a database report-writing service for all TNEM partners
   To disseminate information from the Tessitura Network and other organisations using
   Tessitura to all consortium members
   To promote best practice/new ways of using the system for improved customer
     relationship management
   To support the outcome of discussions relating to systems based strategic sales and
     audience development initiatives to create and maximise revenue generating
     opportunities for the consortium organisations
Data Administration
    Provide technical support and training to consortium members
    Formulate and document database policies, processes, procedures, and standards
      relating to data entry
    To manage user profiles and security for the Tessitura database
    To perform quality control audits to ensure accuracy and completeness of data; ensure
      that data integrity issues are identified and proactively addressed
    Perform back-up programming/analysis, systems operations and user support on
      software to ensure effective processing of ongoing business applications
    Work with IT staff from consortium members to coordinate maintenance of the
    Monitor database activity and prepare regular status reports and report them to the
      Board and Management Group

   Create and maintain documentation and standard operating procedures and perform
     quality control audits to ensure accuracy and completeness of data
   Analyse the SQL database health and maintain all necessary logs and backups and to
     be responsible for the maintenance and integrity of the data contained in the Tessitura
     system, including disaster recovery
   To act as system administrator for Tessitura and where appropriate other business
   To introduce the specific Tessitura Web API and maintain ticketing web server

   To represent TNEM at all relevant meetings and events in the role of IT specialist
   To take positive action to promote Equal Opportunities in all aspects of the work of
   To maintain confidentiality in all areas relating to TNEM and consortium members
     where appropriate
   To maximise income and minimise expenditure wherever possible within the
     framework of the post
   To act always in the best interests of TNEM
   To agree to abide by health and safety policies
                         TICKET NETWORK EAST MIDLANDS
                                  PERSON SPECIFICATION
                                 DATABASE ADMINISTRATOR
The successful candidate will have:

Essential Criteria

      2-3 years’ experience in SQL Server administration
      2-3 years’ experience with SQL report-writing tools, e.g. Crystal Reports
      Experience of providing system training across various levels of user expertise
      Expert level knowledge of Microsoft software to include Access, Excel and SQL Suite
      The ability to work well as part of a team
      Self-motivating with good organisational ability
      Proven ability to work to tight deadlines
      Exceptional oral, written communication skills and attention to detail
      Possess excellent time management skills

Desirable Criteria

      Experience of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems
      An understanding/previous experience with the relationship between technology and
      Experience with SQL report-writing tool Infomaker
      Experience of Finance/General Ledger Systems
      Familiarity with web-based databases and interfaces
      Experience of working in a customer-focused business
      Experience of monitoring projects
      Familiarity with non-profit business practices
      An ability to manage a small team effectively
      An interest in the arts
      Possession of a full clean driving licence

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