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Learn how to Become a Farmville Master in No
       Discover the One-of-a-Kind, Fully
              Legal, Secrets to
Becoming a Farmville Superstar on Facebook in an
  Get Guaranteed Success with the Most
 Up-to-Date Tips and Tricks in the World!
  Here are some of the neat things you’ll get out of Farmville Expert:

       Do you want to learn how to amass enough coins to purchase the

                      elusive $1,000,000 dollar villa?
  Do you want to learn how to get hundreds of animals roaming on your


Or…how to own every vehicle in the game including the harvester, seeder,

     and tractor, while having enough disposable income to keep them

                             running forever?!

         How to level up to level 70 in weeks, rather than months.

 How to build up your Farmville Cash repertoire without level grinding or

             paying actual cash via PayPal or your credit card?

 How to get 300 neighbors (the current max) with no muss or fuss to help

                out on your farm and “spread the wealth?”

  Learn the exact tracking tips and actions you need to perform to never

             worry about any of your crops rotting ever again!

   Techniques you can use to get as many free gifts as humanly possible!

Learn exactly what seeds you should plant to generate the highest profit/per

                     hour or “Return on Investment.”

 Learn how to double your Farmville coins in 24 hours while on auto-pilot!

 Learn what comes packaged with each level in the game; including seeds,

  trees, animals, decorations, buildings, and how many experience points

                  you’ll need to advance to the next level!

Learn how to adopt as many stray animals as possible from your neighbors!

             Learn which trees yield the best fruits and coins.

  Learn the best way to expand your farm plots and farm while remaining

                             highly profitable.
        Learn about every crop (updated), with exp, maturation, purchase price,

                             resale price, and profit per hour.

        Be dazzled by my custom-calculated rankings of the most profitable seeds

                                     per hour and day.

        Be blown away after learning about every tree’s unique attributes, harvest

                         times, fruit yields, exp, and resale value.

Learn about all of the adorable animals in the game including their maturation time, costs,

                           produce value, exp, and resale value.

  Get your groove on by discovering what decorations are worth what and how they can

                    beautify your farm and increase its market value.

  There are 18 ribbon categories in Farmville. Learn exactly what each ribbon category

  entails and what you need to do to receive every yellow, white, red, and blue ribbon in

                                 the game in record time!

                Learn how to collect every gift in Farmville without hassle!

             Discover all of the hidden secrets and unlockables in Farmville!

          Download Farmville Expert (.zip)

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