The weirdest day ever by dfhrf555fcg


									It was a normal day at Micklefield School on Thursday 23rd of
January. Class 4 were having a maths lesson. Then one of the
children said to the teacher “I can smell smoke” the teacher
replied “don’t be silly I can’t smell anything”. Suddenly green
smoke started coming through the gaps in the windows and
the doors. After a while sprouts started crashing into the
windows then one of the boys saw an alien in the field. And
before they knew it the lights went of.

Then before there eyes the horrible green aliens were in the
class room the girls started screaming and then they passed
out “ohh no” shouted the teacher “someone help” then the
alien replied “that is no use shouting because I stopped the
time ha ha”.
When the girls were still asleep the aliens kidnapped the boys
and the teacher they screamed for there lives but no one
could hear. The aliens took them to planet Zig Zog.

When they got to the planet Zig Zog the aliens said to the
boys and the teacher “we are going to cut you up so we can
see your insides” “ha ha” shouted another alien.
In shock the teacher replied “you can’t do that we are human
beings” “so what” the aliens replied evil fully. And in a
second they shot the teacher “ha ha now she’s gone just the
boys to deal with”.
Later back down at earth two girls found a secret way to get
to the ship in planet Zig Zog, there names were Chloe and
Charlotte when they got to the planet charlotte went to go and
distract the alians whilst charlotte was doing that Chloe went
to go and get the boys she found them all safe but the teacher
was found dead. Charlotte got the aliens she ran back down
to earth the aliens followed her.
She was gasping for breath when she got down to earth the
other girls had set a trap for the aliens so charlotte led them
to the trap and trapped them in the rope “ha ha we got you
trapped” shouted charlotte and Chloe and the rest of the girls.
When the aliens where trapped they went to go tell the head
teacher that there teacher was dead. The head teacher was so
shocked her face dropped and then she said “how could this
be she was teaching the class” the children replied she got
killed by aliens and the two girls stepped forward and said”
we saved the boys” and then they told her to go get the
ambulance the head teacher phoned them up.

After 2 hours the teacher who was dead got taken away the
aliens were still trapped so the girls went up to them and told
them to never ever come back and cause more trouble the
aliens replied “ok we will never come back”

When the teacher’s family were told that she was dead they
organised a funeral and all the children in class 4 were invited
and all the teachers. When that was over they had a party all
day for all the school and after that Chloe and Charlotte were
awarded a certificate of bravery “thank you” they both replied.
The next day class 4 got a new teacher and all the classes
resumed normal lessons but the school still remembered
class 4’s old teacher.

By Chloe Taylor y6

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