An introduction to the Ports and Terminal Section of INTERTANKO by by moti


									 An introduction to the Ports and
Terminal Section of INTERTANKO
       Gunnar A Knudsen
    World Maritime University
         Oslo, 24 September 2007
   Anti-Trust/Competition Law
     Compliance Statement
       INTERTANKO’s policy is to be firmly committed to
 maintaining a fair and competitive environment in the world
   tanker trade, and to adhering to all applicable laws which
regulate INTERTANKO’s and its members’ activities in these
 markets. These laws include the anti-trust/competition laws
    which the United States, the European Union and many
     nations of the world have adopted to preserve the free
    enterprise system, promote competition and protect the
public from monopolistic and other restrictive trade practices.
  INTERTANKO’s activities will be conducted in compliance
         with its Anti-trust/Competition Law Guidelines.
            Ports and Terminals Section

Gunnar A Knudsen, Manager
30 years in chartering of tankers
11 years with INTERTANKO

Ann Saether, Assistant Manager
29 years with INTERTANKO
4 years in P&T Section
  Ports and Terminals Section

Regional Representation


 Norway             26
 Germany             11
           Ports and Terminals Section

        Functional Representation

Associate Members
Agents            57 (Ann)
Ship Brokers      49 (Gunnar)
Port Authorities   5 (Ann)
        Ports and Terminals Section

  Associate Members Committee (1)

         Committee structure:

          10 committee members
          currently representing :

Agents – Shipbrokers (2) - Ports - Class –
  Marine Response - Oil Companies –
    P & I Insurance – Shipbuilders –
               Flag states
             Ports and Terminals Section

     Associate Members Committee (2)
         Purpose and work structure:

• Provide a discussion forum for associate members
• Identify and debate concerns, ideas and reports
  from various associate member business
• Interact with other committees and the
  INTERTANKO Council and Executive Committee
              Ports and Terminals Section

      Main P&T Issues and services (1)
             Maritime Security
Compliance with the Amendments to SOLAS and
  the ISPS Code
•    Implementation issues and problems
•    Lobby work in IMO, EU and USCG
•     Interaction with industry partners
•     Assistance to members
           Port Reception Facilities
• Annual update on availability, prices and contact
                 Ports and Terminals Section

           Main P&T issues and services (2)
                   Port Disbursements
•   Annual update on tanker ports worldwide
•   ”Thank God for port agents”
•   Input from members
•   Combined database

       Freight and Demurrage Information Pool
•   Follow up on member claims
•   Payments records
•   FDIP circulars 4 times a year
•   Record of ”reported” charterers
                Ports and Terminals Section

        Main P&T issues and services (3)
•   Visit members and potential members
•   Weekly News articles
•   Port regulations and restrictions
•   Reception Facilities (combined database)
•   Trading Regulations
•   Collection of unsettled port disbursements
•   Web based Port Information service
•   Maritime Security issues
•   SBT tanker follow up
      Ports and Terminals Section

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