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					                                                                    - Vol. 1, Number 14

    Tips on Dealing With
    Career Issues

                                    • Know yourself, assess your strengths and
                                    weaknesses, likes and dislikes
                                    • Don’t let others decide what’s best for you
                                    • Set your own goals and pursue them, but
                                    remain flexible
                                    • Keep in mind where you want to be 10 years
                                    • Stay focused
                                    • Don’t be a perfectionist
                                    • Maintain a positive outlook. Don’t dwell on       Please enter your email
                                    setbacks—move on.                                   address and press Submit.

                                    • Ask for what you need—be clear about what
                                    you have to offer
                                    • Learn to say “no”
                                    • Use mentors wisely—get support from col-
• Network and become visible within and beyond your institution
• Find places where employees have stayed and are happy
• Talk to other employees
• Look at critical mass, turnover, promotion, not just hiring                       I’m a great be-
• Avoid hostile environments                                                        liever in luck and
• Choose a supportive mate or partner
• Try to move to a metropolitan area with multiple employers                        I find the harder I
• Be willing to accept help with home and children                                  work, the more I
• Find a solution that is right for YOU and YOUR loved ones                         have of it.
REMEMBER: ONE STYLE DOES NOT FIT ALL                                                - Thomas

Description: That book helped me a lot in my job hunting. If you like it, feel free to check out other books, I uploaded here, there are about 20 of them, just want to keep them under my hands, if needed.