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									                                                                        - Vol. 1, Number 21

  Professional Dress
  For Men

                                       • Combed/brushed hair
                                       • Close/clean shave or Trimmed/groomed
                                       facial hair
                                       • Hair line at back – shaved or trimmed
                                       above the collar
                                       • Nose/ear hair – cut or trimmed
                                       • Undershirt – absorbs sweat and smell;
                                       helps keep one cool in the summer and
                                       warm in winter
                                       • Shirt – cleaned & pressed (treated collar if
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                                       necessary); not too tight                            address and press Submit.
                                       • Tie – falls between the middle of the belt
                                       buckle to the end of the buckle
                                       • Belt – polished if marked from movement;                   Submit
                                       match shoes

• Suspenders or belt – not both. Suspenders should be same color as suit.
• Slacks – one break; pressed
• Jacket – arm length; to wrist joint; Length: drop arms naturally, curl fingers up to
palm, jacket should fall between base of palm and fingers                                When your work
• Socks – no white, color should match shoes or slacks; when seated no skin is
showing                                                                                  speaks for itself,
• Shoes – polished; match belt                                                           don’t interrupt.
• Cologne – only a small amount
• Fingernails – short, manicured, clean
• Jewelry – wedding or school ring on ring finger                                        - Henry Kaiser
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Business Casual
• Button down/golf shirts with slacks
• No jeans, T-shirts, sandals, tennis shoes

More General Tips
• Make sure your shoes are shined everyday
• Do not wear button down collars with double breasted suits
• With a traditional or tab collar, always tie a four-in-hand knot. With a spread or but-
ton down collar, tie a half Windsor knot
• A knotted tie should just brush the top of your belt line
• Bow ties are becoming more popular as part of the business attire
• Air your clothes, and make all necessary alternations before putting them back in
your closet. Never use water to loosen up stains, it sets the stain. If anything use
club soda
• As a rule, the best colors for business shoes are black, burgundy and brown tones
(cognac or luggage)
• Business shoes must always be darker than the suit
• Before each season, take your shoes to the shoemaker. Have them polished and
resoled if necessary
• Always wear your trousers at the top of the hip bone.
• When buying a suit, always carry the items you normally keep in your pockets
(e.g. wallet, keys, money clip, etc…) for proper alterations/fitting
• For proper trouser length, wear the correct heel on shoes. Cuffs should be 1 ¼” or
2” in width
• Suites should be cleaned no more than three times per year. Chemicals used dur-
ing this process may destroy the dyes and damage fabrications.
• If one manufacturer’s pieces work for you, stick to the manufacturer. They almost
always cut the same sizes and proportions over and over.
• Spray cologne on your skin not on your clothes

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