How to deal with useless criticism by adam25


That book helped me a lot in my job hunting. If you like it, feel free to check out other books, I uploaded here, there are about 20 of them, just want to keep them under my hands, if needed.

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									                                                                        - Vol. 1, Number 12

 How to Deal With
 Useless Criticism

                                    Some criticism you get is in poor taste. We
                                    must know how to deal with criticism such as:
                                    “You look terrible today” or, “You left this in my
                                    way, you idiot.” Make sure this kind of criticism
                                    useless, follow these steps.

                                    Agree With The Facts
                                    Agree with the facts the other person presents.
                                    For example, in response to “You look terrible
                                    today,” say, “I haven’t been feeling too well           Please enter your email
                                    lately”; in response to “You left this in my way        address and press Submit.
                                    you idiot,” say, “Yes, I did leave it in your way.”
                                    Answer only what was actually said, not what
                                    was implied.                                                    Submit

How To Answer
Stay calm and collected during the whole conservation. Don’t lose your temper.
The only way a person will make you feel degraded is if you degrade yourself.
You don’t want to waste your time which this type of person, so don’t defend your-
self or attack him.
                                                                                          We make a liv-
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If You Made A Mistake
If you made a mistake, accept that fact. Don’t accept the quilt for the mistake. If
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you were in error, then apologize. If you apologize, don’t make a big thing out of        a life by what we
it. Don’t tell them how dreadfully sorry you are, etc. Just give them a plain “I’m
                                                                                          - Winston

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