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At the BDO Council meeting on Sunday, January 31st, 2010, a full and
frank discussion of the ‘offer’ by the PDC to obtain 100% ownership and
control of the British Darts Organisation, and the PDC response to the
BDO letter requesting fuller details, sixty-five BDO Member County
delegates voted to reject the offer by an overwhelming majority

As a result of this vote, the BDO Board was directed by the BDO
Member Counties to formally reject the ‘offer’ .

In the interests of transparency, the following is a resume of the ‘offer’ to
obtain 100% ownership and control of the BDO by the PDC:

Barry Hearn, Chairman of the PDC, went ‘public’ with his ‘offer’ in an article in
The Sun newspaper dated October 21st , 2009.

In that article he stated that he wanted to buy control of the BDO, but until the
article appeared, the BDO had no knowledge of any ‘offer’ from the PDC.

Indeed, no such offer had been made to the BDO, its officials or its counties
through the normal channels of communication, i.e. by letter/fax, email,
telephone or personal meeting.

It came out of the blue and no right of reply was sought or given to the BDO or
its representatives by The Sun newspaper.

Surely, if any person or organisation was seriously proposing to spend the
amount of money described in the ‘offer’ they would first of all approach the
owner(s) of the said ‘property’ before going to the media?

The immediate response from the BDO was that the BDO was ‘not for sale’
because there were no details of what was contained in the ‘offer’. As a
democratic organisation, the BDO needed to consult the BDO Member
Counties on their views and opinions on the ‘offer’ – and this was done at the
BDO Council Meeting on November 15th, 2009.

At this meeting a vote resulted in the BDO Board being given a mandate by
the BDO counties to investigate the ‘seriousness’ of the ‘offer’ by requesting
fuller details of what the proposed ‘offer’ would provide and, more importantly
how it would be used and what implications (especially financially) this would
have for the counties.

Subsequently, a letter containing a detailed list of questions requesting more
and fuller information was sent to the PDC by the BDO, but the reply from the
PDC did not answer any of the important questions put forward. Instead of
answers, there were more questions.
Barry Hearn has stated that the decision to reject the PDC ‘offer’ shows the
‘ineptitude of the amateur game’.

He also said: ‘I want to buy it all, so that I can control all of it. I want to sling
everybody else out and make sure it’s done properly instead of just owning
the PDC. I can’t afford to have my market place polluted by a poor case of
commercial exploitation. You’ve got to make sure that the market is controlled
so that you deliver a standard product, and their product is not good enough’.

Such terminology not only insults BDO darts players, but also shows total
disrespect for the thousands of BDO County and Super League players, as
well as all those who competed in the 2010 Lakeside World Professional
Darts Championships which were seen by more than 4 million BBC viewers in
January, 2010.

The BDO has some 15,000 registered players and 1,000 loyal and committed
officials – all of whom work voluntarily for the benefit of the sport.

The decision made on their behalf by delegates of sixty-five BDO Member
Counties has given the BDO a clear mandate to retain 100% ownership of the

The BDO is firmly established as governing body for the sport of darts in
Britain, and as such is fully committed to regulating, organising, promoting,
staging, administrating and fostering darts nationally, internationally and
worldwide for men, women, boys and girls to ensure the on-going growth of
the sport for all participants irrespective of gender, age or ability.

The BDO represents darts from grass roots right through to professional
standard. As such it is all-inclusive and totally representative of the sport.


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