; The Dance
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The Dance


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									                                      The Dance


                                   Peter C Crussell

Down to the river we came, you and I,
The morning mists parted, night scurried by.
I came seeking knowledge, for I had the thirst
You came to dance, and your music came first.

Stretching ourselves by the old wishing well
I tossed in a coin and gently it fell.
You danced through the trees like a fairy at play
Your tall slender body so lively and gay.

I knew that the knowledge I sought was not there
In that glade where the sun beams shone bright in your hair.
The story you wove with your dance became true
So deeply in love had I fallen with you.

I walked up to you and I started to dance
And the unspoken love was then said in a glance.
You whirled me around as the dance reached its peak
And we fell to the ground both unable to speak.

I held you so tight, scared of letting you go
Our bodies entwined, moving gentle and slow.
I came seeking knowledge, and knowledge I’d found.
The music, the dance, lying there on the ground.

The years have gone by and the time has been good
Since we fell in love by the well in the wood.
Go there today and the river stills flows,
It will do, while daily my love for you grows.

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