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									               Variable Charge IPLC (VcIPLC)
                                  (A Pay-per-Use IPLC model)

Product Information
1. Introduction
With increased competition in today's economy, better services and delivery differentiate leaders from
the followers. Appreciating the significance of better services, more and more companies are
outsourcing their non-core activities to call centers and BPO's. A conventional IPLC based call centre
network is Capex driven. Some of the main features of a conventional solution are High Network Cost,
Network Manageability , Scalability and Solution Redundancy. In the conventional process the business
transforms into a telecom company and diverts significant effort and energy from its core business.

To address these concerns, VSNL has launched variable charge IPLC where by Instead of creating
Dedicated International Voice network, Customer traffic ride over VSNL’s high capacity diverse and
managed TDM backbone.

2. Main features

   1. Customer connects to any of VSNL’s Switch over uncompressed Voice E1s
   2. End-to-end solution: local loop, National leg, international leg, switching and multiplexing, US
       PoP and PSTN termination and aggregation services
   3. Reduced cost of operations for startup, new client or expansion of capacity
   4. No fixed cost of IPLC,
   5. No capex of compression equipment, routers, cable modems,
   6. No recurring Annual Maintenance charges for network devices
   7. No manpower required in USA/ UK for network management, server etc.
   8. Reduced collocation cost with equipment at your India premise
   9. No worries about IPLC network utilisation level and allied operating cost changes
   10. Opex oriented model than Capex oriented making project quickly viable
   11. No separate IPLC required for different client or redundancy which reduces the efficiency
   12. Pay-per-use with full scalability
           Highly scalable
           End-to-end upgrade - Local, NLD, ILD, Foreign PoP, Carrier interconnect
           Pay for minutes of use
           Volume slabs allow to reduce the cost as business grow
   13. Quick ramp-up of traffic, start-up of new pilot possible
           Save time, efforts and resources in network deployment and integration
           Dialer can be hosted in India without bandwidth optimisation worries

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3. Conventional IPLC based Setup
International call centre require a solution for handling inbound and/or outbound voice calls. A typical
conventional setup involve setting up an IPLC where calls routing take place at distant end. In an
inbound setup, the carrier at distant end route the calls originating on Toll Free number on IPLC to Call
centre in India. Similarly outbound calls from Indian call centre go on IPLC and get routed by distant
end carrier. The services of distant end carrier for call routing are directly availed by Call Centre.

4. Usage based solution setup
VSNL utilize its international network to provide usage based solution to International call center
customers in India. VSNL has alliance with few Tier-1 carriers for the service. This solution addresses
call centre’s requirement in totality by providing last mile, national backhaul, international transit, routing
to PSTN , aggregation , Toll Free numbers etc.

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Infinite Net Solutions – Business Partner VSNL                 Contact No. +91-9320855864; +91-9321029656
    1. A dedicated local loop(multiple E1s) connect Customer PBX to VSNL Switch
    2. The signaling between customer PBX and VSNL switch is set either R2 , Euro ISDN or SS7
    3. VSNL allocate Toll free/DID number for call centres, these Toll free numbers are mapped to Routing
       numbers unique to customers. VSNL follow a Private Numbering scheme for routing number, the number
       identify area, service code, carrier and customer code.
    4. All calls made on Toll free number land on VSNL switch. Based on routing number, VSNL switch identify
       the customer and route the calls on dedicated last mile to call centre customer.
    5. Outbound calls originating by call centre get routed selectively through identified carrier through trunk
       based routing.
    6. There is no PSTN connectivity at call centre end in India i.e call centre are not allowed to dial out on
       Indian PSTN.

5. Private Numbering Plan
For inbound setup VSNL allocate Toll Free/Toll numbers to call centre. These toll free/toll number are mapped to
routing number. Routing number is a customer specific 10 digit number assigned by VSNL. All calls on Toll free
number are delivered to particular call centre through the unique routing number.
6. Support
Link is connected and monitored on a 24x7 basis at the VSNL NNOC for alarms and errors and for performance

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Infinite Net Solutions – Business Partner VSNL                  Contact No. +91-9320855864; +91-9321029656

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