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press meet of orissa telecom circle


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     Press Meet on “7th BSNL DAY” by CGMT on 1st oct’07

                             AG ENDA

1.   Welcome Address by Shri J. Ganta, GM (Marketing), Orissa
     Telecom. Circle

2.   Launching of :

     i)     CALL NOW Card, followed by Demonstration & description
            by Shri P.K. Chand , DGM(IT).

     ii)    Fixed Line Pre-paid (FLPP) Service over post-paid b-fone.
            Description by Shri P.K. Chand, DGM(IT).

     iii)   Mobile Power Plus (EXCEL-MAGIC)- For the 1st time in
            Orissa Telecom. Circle. Brief description by Shri B. Pal GM
            (Mobile), Orissa Telecom. Circle.

     iv)    Combined VPN Package on Fixed-line & Cellular Service
            in Orissa. Description by Shri P.K. Chand, DGM (IT).

     v)     Wireless Internet Service using NIC/EVDO card in CDMA
            2000 1X technology, followed by demonstration by Shri
            A.K Pahi, DGM (CITY), Bhubaneswar .

3.   Address by Shri S.M. Talwar, CGMT Orissa Telecom. Circle.

4.   Interactive Session.

5.   Vote of thanks by Shri U.S. Panda, GM(O&D), Orissa Telecom.

6.   Lunch.
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Press Meet on “7th BSNL Day” on 1st October 2007 @ hotel Swasti Plaza,


1.               CARDS :

These are STD/ISD calling cards ( use is same as ITC cards) under brand name CallNow.
The most important feature of this card is that, higher the card value lower the ISD rates.
ISD calls can be made to USA/Canada at 76% cheaper rate of Rs.1.75/- per minute.
Local & STD calls to BSNL network at Rs.1/-/Min , where as the ITC card local rate was
fixed at Re 1.10/- per pulse. All the Cards have full talk value. Even the Local/STD call to
other network reduces for the higher denomination cards. Validity period is three
months for all cards except Rs100/ card, having a validity period of one month.

Tariff for “CallNow” Cards:

       Particulars                                  Denominations
 Card Value                   Rs.100      Rs.300           Rs.500   Rs.1000     Rs.2000
 Talk time                    Rs.100      Rs.300           Rs.500    Rs.1000     Rs.2000
 Validity                    1 month     3months          3months   3months     3months
 Pulse in seconds               60          60               60         60          60
                                  Local /STDCalls (inRs.)
 BSNL to BSNL/MTNL             1.00         1.00           1.00       1.00         1.00
 BSNL to other N/w             2.00         2.00           1.50       1.50         1.00
                                      ISD Calls (inRs.)
 US, Canada                    4.00         4.00           3.75       3.25         1.75
 France,UK,Russia,SE Asia      4.00         4.00           3.75       3.25         3.25
 Europe (except above)         6.00         6.00           5.75       5.50         5.50
 Gulf                          7.50         7.00           7.00       6.75         6.75
 Rest of the world             9.00         9.00           8.50       8.00         8.00

2.     Fixed Line Pre-paid Service over post paid b-fone:
This is a prepaid service over post paid landlines in which a Customer can make
calls from a Pre-Paid Account linked to his Telephone Number & will have
control on the Telephone Bill.

Service is to be activated by Rs100/- retail account card. This card is having
validity of 60 days and talk value of Rs.90/-. Recharge Coupons Rs100, Rs 200, Rs
300 denominations are available having 100,200 & 300 talk unit values and
validity of 3 months,4 months & 5 months respectively..
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3.        Prepaid POWER PLUS offer under Brand Name “ EXCEL MAGIC”
This is the very first time that Orissa Circle is bringing out a power package for mobile
customers to meet their long-standing request to BSNL. The pre-paid customer after
charging the power package can be able to speak the BSNL mobile customer at 20
paise instead of Re.0.90 paise as applicable to the regular pre-paid customer. The SMS
rate has been fixed at 2 paise only for the benefit of the young. For Excel Magic
general package, the local call in BSNL network has been completely made FREE from
11 PM to 6 AM and the STD calls have been fixed at half rate.

                                  Normal Tariff      Pre-paid power plus Tariff
                                                           Excel Magic
                                  Normal Rate Excel Magic-              Excel Magic
                                      (Rs)         75                      SMS -50
BSNL mobile                           0.90            0.20         0.20       Normal rate
Other mobile                          1.20            0.50         0.50       Normal rate
BSNL Fixed line                       0.90            0.50         0.50       Normal rate
Other Fixed line                      1.20            0.80         0.80       Normal rate
SMS(Local)                            0.60            0.60         2 ps          2 ps
SMS(STD)                              1.00            1.00         30ps          30ps
Concessional Night Charges for
Local calls to BSNL Mobile            0.90            FREE         FREE       Normal rate
Concessional Night Charges for
STD calls to BSNL Mobile                           Half rate     Half rate    Normal rate

Note : Promotional offer Postpaid - All night STD calls between 11PM to 6 AM have
been fixed at half rate for all the post-paid customers of Orissa Telecom Circle.

The offer is made only for THREE MONTHS at present.

4.        Combined Virtual Private Network (VPN Package between
          BSNL Fixed & Mobile Line:
For availing this package, 25 or more BSNL Landline & CellOne customers (grouped
together) can make UNLIMITED FREE calls / concessional calls among themselves by
paying monthly additional fixed charges.


                          Unlimited Package                  Concessional Package
 No of Customers Monthly additional charge (in         Monthly additional charge (in
 in the group     Rs.) for unlimited FREE calls        Rs.) for calls in 20 paise among
                  among the group                      the group.
 25 to 99 persons                 275                                     99
 100 and above                    199                                     75
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5.    Wireless Internet Service using NIC/EVDO card in CDMA 2000
      1X technology.
Unlimited Internet access can be availed through these cards at additional fixed
monthly charges of Rs 250/- only.

NIC Card: Wireless Internet speed 144 Kbps can be accessed using NIC card in
          Computer / Laptops.

EVDO Card: This will provide wireless Broadband internet with very high speed up to
           2.4 Mbps. This can be accessed by using EVDO Card in USB port/ PCMCI
           slot of Computer / Laptop.

Tariff for internet services using NIC card & EVDO card.
    Unlimited Internet access with fixed monthly charges Rs.250/- only .
    Card Charges: Direct purchase at Rs.4500/- for NIC card & Rs.6500/- EVDO card.
     Alternatively, monthly fixed charge of Rs.150/- for NIC card & 200/- for EVDO with
     refundable security deposit Rs.1000/- in both cases.
    One time activation charges Rs.250/-.
    Registration charges FREE.

Note: Tariff for voice calls though these cards is same as that of landline.

Mobile Service Details :
 Mobile Network Capacity                       8,76,400
Total Mobile Connections                       8,16,659.
District Hqs. Covered                          All (30)
Sub-Divisional Hqs. Covered                    All (58)
Tehasil Hqs. Covered                           170 out of 171. Remaining by Oct15th
Block Hqs. Covered                             268 out of 314 . Rest by March’08.
Villages Covered (>5000 population):           123 out of 184
No of City/Towns covered                       470

Mobile Expansion Plan:

At present, installation works for 299 BTS is under progress. In Ocober’07purchase order
will be placed for 7 lakh connections of present 2G technology and 1.5 lakhs
connections of new 3G technology, which will be commissioned within 12 months span.

Out of the MSC based CDMA-2000 1X WLL of capacity 1 lakh through 141 BTS planned
in this financial year , already nearly 50,000 line have commissioned and installation of
rest BTSs are under progress. 3 nos of EVDO BTS have been commissioned which
supports Internet speed upto 2.4Mbps. Installation of 10 more EVDO BTS are under
progress. Further, another 95.25 K line have been projected to Corporate office for this
financial year which includes 30 EVDO BTS.
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Broadband services has been launched at Cuttack in February’05 & at Bhubaneswar in
March’05. Subsequently 34 nos. of other cities are added. Present Broadband capacity
of Orissa Circle is 15500 and the connections are around 14350.

Broadband Multiply project: Under this project, 66,996 ports are being added at 366
sites. It will cover all the 30 Revenue District Headquarters and 107 nos. out of 314 Block
Headquarters of Orissa. An additional 24,784 ports have been planned under
Broadband Multiplay rural village plan at 387 rural sites, in which all block & Tahasil
headquarters of Orissa will be covered and equipment for the same is expected to be
received in the beginning of next financial year.

New Facilities available on Broadband Multiply : IPTV, Video on Demand (VoD),
Multicasting & Multicasting over VPN.

Centralized CALL CENTER : (Dial TOLL FREE Number : 1500 )
The services can be availed from this centralized Call Center are : Information on all
products and tariffs, Service requests for add-on facility on existing landline, Booking of
new Phone/ Broadband Connection, Shifting of Telephone, Booking of Faults for
Broadband and leased lines, Bill enquiry and bill by FAX, Miscellaneous grievances etc .

Customer Care Portal: The Customer care portal has been launched on 15-09-07.
Customer can visit the portal in Circle website for availing services
online for booking a new connection, change of tariff plan, add-on facilities in existing
connections, knowing status of a request made, complain booking and lots more.

Circle Website The website can be visited for Directory
Information, Billing information, Information on products, Tenders, Officers Directory,
Accessing customer care portal, Requests for sending bills through mail etc.

Value added Services: 12555 Value added Service for both the landline & Mobile
customer has been launched recently, which will meet all the information &
entertainment requirement viz. Listening to anmol collection of songs, Download of ring
tones, gift a song to your near ones, News on politics, Business, Sports, International,
Cricket scores, Jokes etc.


1)     FULL TALK VALUE on Higher Denomination Recharge Coupon (RCVs).

                     Existing Talk value (in      Validity
     RCV value                                                Revised Talk value (in Rs.)
                               Rs.)              (in days)
      1000/-                  822/-                 120                  1000/-
      2000/-                 2000/-                 180                  2500/-
      3000/-                 3000/-                 365                  3750/-
      5000/-                 6000/-                 365                  7500/-

2)     Prepaid SIMs disconnected within last 6 months can be reactivated
       through any RCV and no other additional charges.

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