office of the collectorate ganjam chatrapur by lindash



                             TENDER CALL NOTICE No.-352.

       Sealed tenders in plain paper are invited from authorized Dealers/Reputed
Suppliers/Agencies/Manufacturers for supply of branded items.i.e. (1) 2(two) Nos. of split A.C
(2tons). Tenderers should indicate the brand and price of their article and participate with
sample/ Catelogue, after sales service and should possess valid VAT/ITC Clearance
certificates. The sealed tender should reach in the office of Under signed on or before dt.
09.10.2009 by 2.00 pm. they may use the tender box available in Nizarat Section, Ganjam
Collectorate, Chatrapur. The tender will be opened on 09.10.2009 at 5.00 pm. in the office
chamber of A.D.M., General at Chatrapur. The Under signed reserves all the right to reject any
or all the tenders and choose the brand, quality & Specifications of articles as per requirement
with out assigning any reason thereof.

                                     ADDITIONAL DISTRICT MAGISTRATE (GEN.),
                                            GANJAM, CHATRAPUR.

Memo No ___664____/Niz.                             Date __22.09.2009
       Copy to D.I.O., N I C, Ganjam, Chatrapur for information and necessary action. He is
requested to publish the above Tender Call Notice in District website.
       Copy to all Sub-Collectors for information and necessary action. They are requested to
publish their office Notice Board.
       Copy to Notice Board, Ganjam Collectorate, Chatrapur.

                                                    Addl.Dist.Magistrate, Ganjam

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