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									     HEADLINES Shelley First School
        Spring Term : week 3
Thank you                                        Tuesday
                   The weather has continued     Recorders (Miss Cundy & Mrs Knowles)
                  to make all of our lives       lunchtime
                  difficult! Thank you so much   Art club, KS1 (Mrs Peake) lunchtime
                  for your support and
                  understanding. Kirklees        Wednesday
took the unusual step of asking head             Textiles, KS2, Mrs Lea, 3.30-4.30pm
teachers to make a decision a day early          Chess, KS2 (Mr Williams) lunchtime
regarding closure on Thursday 13 because         Multi-skills, Y2 (Tim Jones) lunchtime
of the number of accidents getting into
schools.                                         Thursday
We realise how difficult it is when the school   Choir (Mrs Knowles): breaktime
closes and we do not take the decision           Organised Chaos, Y3, lunchtime (may also
lightly. Unlike some jobs, we cannot wait        be after school)
and see who can get into school later in the
day - we have to be sure that your children
are safe.                                        FLORA cooking vouchers
                                                 In the past, we have purchased some
Mini-Me cards                                    wonderful equipment for school with your
Thank you for your orders and we hope that       support. You can now register your tokens
you liked the Christmas cards. Over £50          at home by visiting the Flora website or if
was raised for school funds which is great.      you prefer, send the tokens into school so
All of the designs were judged a                 that we can do this on your behalf. Many
professional artist at a national level and we   thanks.
are thrilled to announce that Rhys
McGinley’s design was placed first!              Mayoral visit
As a result, the school is now the proud         We have had a visit from the Mayor of
owner of a donkey – sadly(?), it will not be     Kirklees today. The children asked her
housed at school.                                questions about her role and she was taken
Very well done to Rhys.                          on a tour of the school. It was a great
                                                 opportunity for the School Council to link
Class assemblies                                 their role to that of the Mayor. Photographs
Class assemblies for this term are listed        of the visit will be put onto the schools’ TV
below. These will take place at 3pm.             screen outside Class LG.
Class CC (Miss Cundy): 25 February               Reminders
Class JL (Mrs Lucraft): 18 March                 The Bullying forum will be held on
                                                 TUESDAY JANUARY 26 at 9.00am.
Clubs                                            Please come along and give us your
Below is a list of clubs for your reference. A   opinions so that our updated policy reflects
reminder that if your child is not able to       this. Please let the office know if you are
attend an after-school club for any reason,      attending so that we can organise catering.
please let us know. Otherwise, we have to        Thank you.
ring around and find out where they are.
Many thanks.                                     We are requesting £2.50 per child so that
                                                 we can watch the pantomime on
Monday                                                       st
                                                 February 1 . Thank you if your
ICT, Y4/5 (Mr Williams) lunchtime                contribution has been sent into
Art club, Key Stage 2 (Mrs Peake) lunchtime      school. If not, please try to send
Hudds Town football, Y1-Y5, 3.30-4.30pm                                th
                                                 this in by January 29 as we are
                                                 currently running at a substantial
                                                 loss. Thank you.
HEADLINES Shelley First School

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