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									Summer Term Newsletter – 2006                            (2)
Welcome back to one and all for our last half term of the academic year
2005 - 2006

Staffing News
Mrs. Sue Strain is currently on maternity leave until January 2007. I am sure
you would like to join me in wishing her well as she waits for the birth of her
second child.

Colomendy Trip
Our annual school journey trip to Colomendy went extremely well with the
children and staff all returning to Fazakerley on Friday after having a
fantastic week. The weather helped make this year‟s trip an extra special one
for all. Thank you to Jane Jones, Stacey Feenan, Clare Bakstad and Neil
Mattocks who gave up their time to give the children this valuable opportunity.

Fair Trade – London Trip
Ms. Jane Jones and Samantha Aspinall, one of our Year 6 pupils, are very
active contributors to Fair Trade events across the city of Liverpool. The
standard of the school‟s work in this field is demonstrated as an example of
best practice for other schools nationally. On Monday 12 June Ms. Jones and
Samantha were invited to London for a two-day visit. During their stay they
were invited to meet Hillary Benn, Minister for International Trade, to discuss
the work carried out in Barlows to support Fair Trade issues. What a
marvellous accolade for Ms. Jones, Samantha and the school! Well done.

School Website
The school website is now available for you to browse and keep up to date with
your child‟s school. The site contains useful information about Barlows
Primary, our curriculum, special events and after school activities. The
address is:

Milk for KS2 Pupils
In future we will need to collect milk money every term instead of the usual
half term. Milk is 13 pence per day - 65 pence per week. Gill Horlick will send
a letter at the beginning of each term for you to place your order.

After School Activities
Starting next week we will be running an extensive programme of After School
Activities. The co-ordinator, Miss Clare Bakstad, will be more than happy to
deal with any of your questions concerning the activities on offer. The
majority of clubs start at 3:30pm and end each evening at 4:30pm. Please
check the attached timetable for details of individual clubs.

Please ensure that your child is collected at the end of the club, as we
cannot allow any child below Year 6 to go home on their own.

If your child is in Year 6 they are allowed to walk home alone if you send
in a letter giving us permission for this to happen. Your cooperation in
this matter would be extremely helpful. Thank you.

PTFA Fundraising
The recent World Cup raffle raised £702.00 which will be match funded by
Barclay Card. Thank you to those of you who bought tickets and a special
thank you to our excellent PTA team who also have other fundraising events
lined up for the summer term.

Swimming Sessions
The sessions for each class are listed below. Swimming is part of the National
Curriculum and therefore is compulsory for all Junior pupils. Please ensure
that your child remembers their kit and takes part in this valuable “life skills”

Summer Term
Friday 9, 16 June                      Year 3 & 4
Friday 23, 30 June                     Year 5 & 6

Parent Helpers
Throughout the year many of you have given up your valuable time to support
your children and the school in ferrying children to and from sporting events
or other school activities. Many of you have supported the school in class and
on school trips. Your support has helped to make this year a very successful
one.   Thank you and we look forward to working with you next year.

Holidays During Term Time
Once again this year many parents have booked holidays during term time.
So far this year the following requests have been made:

Holidays 2005/2006
            Pupils            Days
September 32                  201
October     16                71
November 10                   66
December 14                   60
January     9                 61
February    4                 18
March       10                52
April       8                 36
May         14                62
June        18                153
July        12                88
Total       147               868

868 days will be recorded on our annual data return as 1,736 sessions
missed through holiday absence.

Please fill in a holiday request form if you do intend to take your child on
holiday during term time.

I am directed by Liverpool LA and The Department for Education and Science
to follow up all holiday requests with a written response. This response will
include a statistical break down of the effects your request will have on your
child‟s attendance record.

First Day Response
If your child is sick and needs to be absent from school please contact the
office on the morning of the first day of absence. Mrs Gill Horlick monitors
the registers and calls to the office. If a child is recorded absent and there
has not been a call to the office we will then need to contact you. This system
has been implemented in the interests of the safety of your child. Only
recently there was an attempted abduction of a child on her way to school.

School Projects
The school will be studying a range of topics this term and listed below are the
projects to be covered by each year group.

Nursery      Our Environment
Reception    Our Environment
Year 1       History of the Seaside / Materials / Nature
Year 2       Forces / A Mexican Village / Road Safety
Year 3       Rocks & Soils / History of Liverpool
Year 4       Lights & Shadows / History of Liverpool
Year 5       Plants / History of the Beatles
Year 6       Transition work for Y7 / The Aztecs

If any parent has any information or artefacts to support the delivery of
these topics please contact the relevant class teacher.

Visits and Visitors
Once again we will be taking the children on school trips in order to widen their
experience beyond the classroom at Barlows. I need to point out however,
that in the past, many of these trips were subsidised by the much valued
FOCUS EAZ. Unfortunately, FOCUS EAZ was closed at the end of March
2006 and therefore we have lost an excellent resource. We aim to continue
our curriculum enrichment programme and will need the support of all parents
and friends of Barlows through a variety of fundraising activities and the
excellent PTA.

Site Development
Work is now due to start on an extension to the existing building to
accommodate Fazakerley Children‟s Centre in June 2006. It is hoped that the
centre will be ready to open by January 2007. There will be some disruption
to the whole site, but as I am sure you are aware, both the governors and
myself have the interests of the children of Barlows and White Thorn at the
core of the site‟s development.

Also starting in June will be the landscaping of the Foundation playground at
the back of the building. This will provide our Nursery and Reception children
with an exciting and adventurous area to play, explore and learn in. It is
expected to be ready by September for the new academic year.

Since the new school opened in November 2003 there has been a problem with
congestion on the pathway leading to and from the school. This problem is
being dealt with and when the whole site is developed by January 2007 there
will be two pathways for ease of access. The existing pathway will remain
where it is currently. A second pathway will run from a new gate placed
further up Barlows Lane, the other side of where the ballpark is. It will run
along the side of the Junior playground, passing the allotments and through to
the Nursery entrance.

Shades Day
Thursday 29 June is National Shades Day! We are taking part in this event to
raise money to train guide dogs for the blind. We are all going to wear our
sunglasses and donate £1 to this worthy cause. If you would like your child to
take part please ask them put on their jazziest sunglasses

Sport Relief – Walk a Mile
On Wednesday 12 July the whole school will be involved in the „WALK A MILE‟
day organised by Sport Relief. You are welcome to come and join us as we walk
a mile around the school grounds to support this worthy cause. The children
and staff will be asked to wear sports wear for which a voluntary contribution
of £1 will be much appreciated.


Tuesday 20          Y2 - Black Box Performance
Friday 23           Nursery – Barnardo‟s Toddle
Tuesday 27          Reception – Transport Day (JD)
Wed 28              Reception – Transport Day (HB)
Thursday 29         Whole School – Shades Day
Friday 30           Y3/4 – IM Marsh
Friday 30           Y5 – Signal Performance – Olympia Theatre

Monday 3            Y5/6 – IM Marsh
Tuesday 4           Y1/2 – IM Marsh
Wednesday 5         Foundation/KS1 – Rainbow Fish – Perf by Blunderbus
Monday 10           Year 6 – Megabowl

Wednesday 12      Whole School Sport Relief – Walk a Mile
Thursday 13       Nursery (am) – Martin Mere
Fri 14            Y5/6 Sports Day 2:00pm
Mon 17            Y1/2 Sports Day 2:00pm
Tuesday 18        Nursery (pm) – Martin Mere
Thurs 20          Y3/4 Sports Day 2:00pm
Friday 21         Y6 Leavers Service – 9.30 am
Friday 21         Leavers Disco – 5.00 pm – 7.00 pm

Throughout July children from Years 2/3/4 will be involved in an Arts
Festival at St John Bosco – Croxteth. Dates, and times to be confirmed
nearer the time.

Friday 21 July – School closes at 1:30pm

The children return on Monday 04 September at 9.00

The Governors and staff hope you have a safe and
happy summer holiday.      Thank you for your support
throughout this school year.


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