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									Big Brother 7 - Lisa is Evicted

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Lisa Huo became the fifth housemate to be evicted after she was voted out
ahead of Nikki, Imogen and Mikey in a four-way tussle.

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Lisa Huo became the fifth housemate to be evicted from the Big brother
house after she was voted out ahead of Nikki Grahame, Imogen Thomas and
Mikey Dalton in a four-way tussle.

As soon as Grace was given the boot last week, Lisa was odds-on favourite
at 4/5 to be next person out of the door with the bookmakers expecting
nominations from Aisleyne, Richard, Susie and Pete for the foul mouthed
unemployed upholsterer from Manchester.

Big Brother introduced a twist this week for nomination-discussing rule
breakers Glyn, Imogen, Lea, Lisa and Nikki who were not be allowed to
nominate in the normal fashion. Instead, they each had to nominate one
member of their group, on the spot, in front of everyone else. They were
not allowed to discuss their choices or nominate themselves and the
housemate with the most nominations would automatically face eviction via
the public vote. The voting went as follows:

Glyn and Lisa nominated Nikki, Imogen voted for Lea who returned the
favour and Nikki voted for Lisa. With two nominations Nikki faced
eviction for the third successive week.

The rest of the housemates – Aisleyne, Mikey, Pete, Richard and Susie
were allowed to nominate as usual in the privacy of the Diary Room. As
Nikki was already put up for the public vote, the remaining housemates
were not allowed to nominate her, which saw Imogen, Lisa and Mikey thrown
into the eviction mix.

By Monday night, Lisa was 1/4 favourite for eviction, despite the
remainder of the nominated housemates not being revealed officially until
Tuesday evening.

Lisa’s price shortened considerably as the day’s neared Friday’s eviction
night until she was trading at 1/100 so it was no surprise when host
Davina McCall announced she was evicted.

Lisa appeared to be expecting to leave as she reacted well with a typical
mix of smiles and good natured profanity, hugging each of her housemates
in turn and repeating select phrases including “sorted mate”, “mint”,
“take it easy” and “have fun”.

Following a few weeks where housemates have received landslide eviction
percentages – Grace polling 87.9% and of course Sezer’s 91.6%, Lisa
received a more respectable 60.3% of the vote considering she wasn’t
trading at odds-against once during eviction week.

Big Brother’s latest twist will see five new contestants entering a
secret “second” house next Friday. The new house, accessible via the
diary room, features its own bedroom, kitchen, lounge, bathroom and
garden area.

Instead of voting to evict a housemate next week, the public will instead
choose one housemate to “save” but live with the five newcomers in the
new house.

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