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Subject:                                      The A to Z of Equipment Decontamination

Date of implementation:                       26 November 2008

Version:                                      2.0

Date of review:                               1 August 2010

Person responsible for Policy:                PCT Infection Control Nurse Specialist
Implementation and review:

Policy location:                              Trust Intranet and Internet Sites and
                                              Infection Control Policy & Procedure Manual
1.0 Introduction
This policy is designed to provide staff with clear guidance on how to decontaminate equipment used in
healthcare and patient/client intervention.

2.0 Aim
That staff safely and competently decontaminate equipment so that they reduce/minimise the risk of
cross infection.

Service Managers/ Matrons and Senior Nurses are responsible for the operational
implementation of this policy and for ensuring that their staff are aware of their responsibilities,
including the requirement to attend Infection Control Training on an annual basis.
Managers are also responsible for taking appropriate action should any breach of this policy

Manufacturer’s guidelines MUST be checked prior to carrying out the decontamination process
on an item of equipment.

3.0 Objectives
To describe the actions required for safe and effective decontamination of devices and equipment, and
to outline the legislative requirements and national guidance that govern decontamination of equipment.

    To protect patients and staff from any infection risks from medical devices and equipment

DECONTAMINATION EQUIPMENT A-Z                       1
        To eradicate or significantly reduce the number of micro-organisms on medical devices.
        To ensure a high standard of decontamination by providing a code of practice for cleaning and
          disinfecting medical devices and equipment.

 4.0 Definitions
 Medical devices and equipment can be divided into 3 categories:

       1. Single Use
          The medical device is intended to be used once on an individual patient during a single procedure
       and then discarded. It is not intended to be re-processed or re-used on another patient.

       2.Single Patient Use
         The medical device can be used for more than one episode of use on one patient only. The
       device will need to be decontaminated between each use. The manufacturer must state how many
       times the device can be used prior to disposal.

         The medical device can be used for repeated episodes of use on different patients, but will need to
       be decontaminated between each episode of use.

 Note: Any re-use of a single use device is likely to be associated with significant risk, is in
 breach of the law and is not supported by the PCT. Potential risks include that of cross-infection
 through inadequate decontamination, mechanical failure due to exposure of the item to chemical agents
 or heat, material alteration , and reactions in patients to residues from chemical decontamination agents.
 All equipment must always therefore be used according to the manufacturers instructions (Medical
 Devices Agency, 2000).

 5.0      The A-Z

Item of Equipment                 Decontamination Method                      Comments/Instruction
Airways                           Disposable/single patient use               Discard as clinical waste
                                                                              immediately after use.
Ampoules - Single dose            No preparation required

            - Multi dose          Wipe with alcohol impregnated swab and
                                  allow to dry.
Item of Equipment                 Decontamination Method                      Comments/Instruction
Auroscope ear pieces              Recommend single use/ 0disposable ear       .If ear pieces are to be
                                  pieces                                      decontaminated then they must
                                                                              be sterilized in a washer
                                                                              disinfector or SSD (The Primary
                                                                              Ear Care Centre / RCN 2005)
Baby Change mats                  Detergent impregnated disposable wipes      Change BLUE paper roll

 DECONTAMINATION EQUIPMENT A-Z                         2
                                                                           between each baby. Mats should
                               Check integrity regularly.                  be wiped with detergent
                               If plastic covering becomes torn, holed     impregnated disposable wipe
                               or damaged, the mat should discarded.       after each use and at the end of
                                                                           each session.
                                                                           Disinfectant wipes should be
                                                                           used when necessary/as required
                                                                           i.e. mat becomes contaminated
                                                                           by body fluid.
Baths/washbasins               Detergent and water/Cream                   Infectious patient
                               Cleaner.                                    Wipe with non abrasive
                               Wipe with detergent solution and rinse.     hypochlorite solution 1,000ppm.

                               Cream cleaner may be used for stain and
                               scum removal in baths.

Bed Frames and bed cradles     Detergent impregnated disposable wipes.     Infectious patient use hypo-
                                                                           chlorite solution 1,000ppm.

Bedpan carriers                Detergent and hot water, dry, between       Infectious patient use hypo-
                               patients.                                   chlorite solution 1,000ppm.

Bedpans, Urinals, commode
                               Empty contents down toilet. Wash with       Store dry and inverted.
In the patients/clients home   hot water and General Purpose
–                              Detergent i.e. washing up liquid, to
                               remove visible contamination. Rinse.
                               Avoid splashing. Dispose of cloth after
                               use. Store dry.
                               If disposable bed pans are used, contents
                               should be emptied as above. Place empty
                               container in clinical waste sack.
                               Arrange clinical waste collection through
                               Birmingham City Council – contact
                               details HERE.
                               DO NOT accept return but instruct
                               patient/relative to return Equipment
Upon return from               Loan Stores at Devon Street.
                               Use disposables if possible and dispose
INPATIENT/Care facility        of contents as clinical waste.              Disposable bedpans should be
                                                                           placed in a macerator.
                               If re-usable disinfect in a washer /
                               disinfector if possible, otherwise:         If this is not possible, contents
                               Wear disposable plastic apron and gloves    should be emptied down toilet.

 DECONTAMINATION EQUIPMENT A-Z                      3
                              to flush away contents.
                              Clean thoroughly using paper towels,    -In outbreak situation please
                              warm water (=35 °C) and general         contact infection control
                              purpose detergent rinse and wipe with
                              sodium hypochlorite 1000ppm
                              Rinse and store dry.

Bed railings, monkey poles,   Wipe/clean with detergent impregnated   Infectious patient use hypo-
cradles etc.                  disposable wipes.                       chlorite solution 1,000ppm.

                              Dry thoroughly with disposable paper

Blood glucose                 Wipe down with detergent wipe, then
reader/scanner probe          wipe with 70% alcohol impregnated

Blood Pressure cuff           Remove cuff from rubber bulb - wash     Infectious patient
                              nylon cuff wash in GPD solution and     Allocate BP cuff for duration of
                              leave to dry.                           stay/use.
                                                                      Consider the use of disposable

Bowls                                                                  Infectious patient
Wash bowl -                   Clean with GPD and hot water. Store dry Allocate wash bowl and dispose
                              and inverted.                            of bowl when patient no longer
Surgical –                    Return to Sterile Services Dept or use a
Kidney dishes, instrument     bench-top autoclave (see Use of Bench-
bowls etc.                    top Autoclaves). Prior to autoclaving
                              wash with general purpose detergent to
                              remove any visible matter. Avoid
Item of Equipment             Decontamination Method                  Comments/Instruction

Breast Pumps loaned out in                                            Whilst equipment is on loan it is
community settings                                                    the responsibility of the user to
                              Clean with general purpose detergent    ensure it is adequately
pump box -                    (GPD) and warm water. Store dry         decontaminated.
                              between each loan.
                                                                      Trust staff should ensure users
                              Send to be autoclaved at a sterile      have been given the correct
accessory kit/pump            services department.                    instructions for this and the
collection kit -                                                      importance of adequate cleaning
                              Clean with GPD and warm water. Store    prior to disinfection or steam
hand pumps -                  dry between each loan.                  sterilisation.

 DECONTAMINATION EQUIPMENT A-Z                     4

Buckets For Leg Ulcers   Line with plastic (dispose of after use).    Infectious patient
                         After each use, clean with warm water        Wipe with hypochlorite solution
                         and general purpose detergent using          1,000ppm after cleaning.
                         disposable paper towels.
                         Store dry.

Carpets                      DO NOT carpet clinical areas.            Body Fluid Spill
                         Mop up excess with paper towels. Clean       Clean with GPD and warm water
- clinical areas         with GPD and warm water.                     then steam clean.
                         Vacuum clean when carpet has dried.          Do NOT use hypochlorite
                                                                      solution on carpets.
                         Mop up excess with paper towels. Clean
                         with GPD and warm water.
- clients’ homes         Instruct patient/relative to vacuum clean    Do NOT use hypochlorite
                         when carpet has dried.                       solution on carpets.

Catheter Drainage Bags   Single Use (Disposable)                      Overnight drainage bags should
                                                                      be non-drainable & attached to
                                                                      existing leg bag. Discard each
                                                                      morning. It is not recommended
                                                                      to re-use drainable bags.

Cleaning equipment
                         USE disposable cleaning cloths. Dispose      Refer to colour coding system.
Cleaning cloths -        of daily and/or when grossly soiled.

Dry mops -               Vacuum mop head. Wash in GPD and             Should be changed on a regular
                         warm water. Store dry.                       timetable.

Item of Equipment        Decontamination Method                       Comments/Instruction
Wet mops -               Rinse after use, wring and store inverted.   Seek advice of ICN during
                                                                      infectious outbreaks
                         Rinse with warm water, dry and store
Mop buckets -            inverted.

                         Clean by flushing in toilet. Store dry.
Lavatory brushes -                                                    Change every 3 months.

                                                                      During infectious outbreaks, seek
                                                                      advice of ICN.
                         Clearly label with contents. Clean with
Spray bottles -          detergent and water, and dry when            Domestic use only.
                         empty, store inverted.                       Allow to dry before re-use.


                                                                       During outbreaks clean as
Commodes/commode chairs     Wipe/clean with detergent impregnated      normal, allow to dry and then
                            disposable wipes.                          wipe with 1000ppm chlorine

Crockery/cutlery            Dishwasher Machine wash at 80ºC and        If machine unavailable:
                            leave.                                     Hand wash in hot water/
                                                                       detergent using double sink
                                                                       Rinse water should be hot.
                                                                       Air Dry or use disposable paper

Dignity -                   Routine change every 3 months or when      Laundry contract that will insure
                            visibly soiled.                            wash at 60ºC minimum.

window -                    Routine change every 4 months or when      Infectious IN-patient
                            visibly soiled.                            Change curtains when patient is
                                                                       no longer infectious or upon

Dental Mirrors for School   Single Use or
Inspection                  Autoclave after each use.

Item of Equipment           Decontamination Method                     Comments/Instruction
Doppler Probe               Wipe over probe with detergent wipe,
                            dry and wipe with alcohol impregnated

Drains                      Regular cleaning only to be carried out    If blocked or unpleasant smells
                            by Estates Department                      persist contact Estates Dept.

Dressing Trolleys           At beginning of each session and/or        Decontaminate in between each
                            when visibly soiled wash with              patient use.
                            Wipe/clean with detergent impregnated
                            disposable wipes. Use disposable paper     Hard surface wipes can be used if
                            towel to dry. Wipe over with alcohol       physically clean.
                            impregnated wipes. Ensure surface is dry
                            before placing sterile pack on top.

Ear Syringing Machine
Propulse Ear Syringe        At the beginning of a syringing

Machine                session or each day if used daily
                       Disinfect the machine with a solution of
                       Hypochlorite 0.1% (propulse cleaning
                       tablet) Follow manufacturer’s
                       instructions to obtain a 0.1% solution
                       equal to 1000ppm available chlorine.
                          Fill the tank with the solution and run
                           the propulse for a few minutes to fill Use disposable tips
                           the pump and the flexible tubing.
                          Leave to stand for 10 minutes ONLY
                          Empty the water tank, rinse and run
                           the system through thoroughly with
                           clean tap water.

                       At the end of a syringing session,
                         Disinfect as above then rinse

                        At the end of the day only
                          Flush the unit through with sterile or
                         cool boiled water and dry before
                         leaving it overnight.
Jet tip applicator

                       Disposable, single use is preferable,
                       however if the applicator is not
                       designated as single use,

                       After each individual patient
                       treatment, the jet tip applicator
                       should be disinfected as follows:
                              Remove from tubing and place in
                               detergent and warm water
                               solution to remove wax
                              Wash using a small lumen brush
                               under warm water to remove
                              Soak for 10 mins in a
                               Hypochlorite solution as above.
                              Rinse and dry thoroughly.

ECG Equipment          Wipe with a detergent impregnated cloth     Use disposable electrode pads.
                       and store dry.

Examination Couches,   Cover with disposable paper roll and        GPD
Plinths, Tables        replace with new section of roll after

                            each patient.

                            Wipe with detergent impregnated             Couches, plinths, tables must be
                            disposable wipe after each use and at the   covered with an impermeable
                            end of each session.                        wipe clean surface. If the
                            If visibly soiled treat as a spillage.      covering becomes torn or
                                                                        damaged it should be replaced.

Facemasks (oxygen)          Disposable

Item of Equipment           Decontamination Method                      Comments/Instruction
Family Planning Equipment   Single use disposable equipment             The department of Health (2004)
                            recommended.                                states that all items entering a
                                                                        body cavity (i.e. the vagina) must
                                                                        be sterilised between each use.
                                                                        This can only be achieved by a
                                                                        heat/ steam method of
                                                                        sterilisation, not by disinfectant
                                                                        or boiling water.
                                                                        Users must endeavour to send all
                                                                        equipment to a CSSD or locally
                                                                        decontaminate for adequate
                                                                        decontamination between
                                                                        patients in line with MDD 93/42
                                                                        EEC directive.
Feeding Bottles/teats       Pre-sterilised preferred. Wash in           Milton must be made up fresh
                            detergent and hot water, dry and then       daily
                            immerse in Milton Solution
                            (hypochlorite) 125ppm for one hour.
Wet Clean                   Wash with GPD and hot water.                For use on impervious floor
                            Allow to dry. Disinfection not routinely    covering only and when
                            required.                                   necessary hypochlorite clean.
                                                                        Do NOT use disinfectants on
Dry Clean                   Vacuum Clean or dust attracting dry         carpeted areas.
Flower Vase                 Wash with GPD and hand hot water.           Change water daily
                            Allow to dry. Disinfection not routinely
Humidifiers                 If re-usable, wash in detergent and hot     Disposable recommended
                            water, dry and wipe with alcohol.
                            Change daily or send to CSSD.

Ice Making Machines       Switch machine off and discard all ice. Wipe over with warm water and
                          General Purpose Detergent (GPD). Rinse thoroughly to ensure no detergent
                          remains. Ice should be handled using the scoop provided. The scoop should
                          be cleaned with warm water and GPD daily, rinsed and left in a clean, dry
                          uncovered container after each use. NEVER return unused ice to the ice
                          storage chest. NEVER use patients’ water jug, glasses or other utensils as a
                          scoop. Access door must be kept shut when not removing ice.

                          Refer to manufacturers instruction on decontamination
Incubators/cots           Clean with detergent impregnated wipe      Infected patients - clean as
                          or                                         directed (left) then wipe with
                          Wash with detergent and hot water, dry.    disposable disinfectant wipe.

Item of Equipment         Decontamination Method                     Comments/Instruction
Instruments               Send to SSD
Reusable instruments –

                          UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES
IV stands/pumps           Clean with detergent impregnated wipe      Clean with detergent
                          or                                         impregnated wipe after each
                          Wash with detergent and hot water, dry.    patient use or if visibly soiled.
Laryngoscope              Recommend disposable                       After use remove bulb. Wash
                                                                     bulb and blade with GPD. Wipe
                          Clean with detergent impregnated wipe      thoroughly (including hand piece)
                          then wipe with disposable disinfectant     with 70% alcohol
                          wipe.                                      wipe. Re-assemble. Store dry.
Lifting hoists            Detergent and water.                       Infected patients – hypochlorite
Linen                     Linen must be washed/processed in an       Consider disposable linen.
                          industrial specification washing machine
                          that is annually serviced.                 Clean linen should be stored in a
                                                                     cupboard or on a covered trolley.
                          Household washing machines do have a       It should not be stored on
                          sluicing action or reach the required      exposed shelves.
                          temperatures required for successful
Mattresses Specialist,    Clean with detergent impregnated wipe      Infected patients - clean as
including Alpha x-cell;   or                                         directed (left) then wipe with
Nimbus Pumps & carry      Wash with detergent and hot water, dry.    disposable disinfectant wipe.
bags, Pegasus

                                                                   Rented mattresses should be
                                                                   returned to the company after
                                                                   cleaning, with a COMPLETED
                                                                   decontamina- tion certificate.
                                                                   Mattresses owned by the Trust
                                                                   should be returned to the issuing
                                                                   Equipment Loan Store for
                                                                   cleaning before being loaned
                                                                   Prior to removal from the client’s
                                                                   home mattresses should be
                                                                   washed with GPD
                                                                   and hot water.

Item of Equipment      Decontamination Method                      Comments/Instruction
Mouth pieces           DISPOSABLE ONLY                             DISPOSABLE ONLY
                       WASH in General Purpose Detergent           Rinse after each use, wring and
Wet                    and hot water – DO NOT SOAK                 store with mop head uppermost
                                                                   to allow head to dry. Launder
                                                                   daily in high-risk areas.

                                                                   Clean with detergent and warm
Bucket                                                             water inside and out, at the end
                                                                   of the day/evening shift. Leave

                       WASH in General Purpose Detergent           Do not use for more than 2 days
Dry Dust Attracting    and hot water                               without washing or reprocessing.

                       Vacuum after each use.

Nail brushes           Single use disposable.                      Not required for social hand
                                                                   washing. Avoid use if possible.

Nebulisers             Patients should have their own nebuliser,   Store dry clearly marked
                       the acorn should be wiped with warm         with the patient’s name if not for
                       water (=35 °C) and general purpose          use in his/her home).
                       detergent between uses or discarded.
                       Store dry.

                       Use single-patient use tubing.
                       On completion of treatment, dispose of
                       nebuliser masks
Nebuliser Machines     Wipe with detergent wipe – follow           Store clean and dry – change

                                 manufacturers guidance which includes          filter 6 monthly or when visibly
                                 the changing of the filter.                    contaminated.
Pillows                          Must be completely covered with water
                                 proof/impermeable cover.
                                 Clean with detergent impregnated wipe
                                 Wash cover with detergent and warm
                                 water and dry between patient use.

Item of Equipment                Decontamination Agent/Method                   Comments/Instruction
Raised toilet seat               Clean with detergent impregnated wipe          Raiser should be discarded if
                                 or                                             excessive scratching, cracks etc.
                                 Wash with detergent and warm water             present.
                                 and dry.
                                                                                In outbreak situations raiser
                                                                                should be cleaned between each
                                                                                patient use with detergent
                                                                                followed by sodium hypochlorite
Razors                           Single patient use DISPOSABLE              DO NOT CLEAN Must be
                                 ONLY.                                      disposed of as a ‘sharp’ after use.
Resuscitation training           Between each individual use clean with detergent wipe.
Resuscitation                    Any resuscitation equipment used on known or suspected
equipment:                       infected patients, e.g. HIV/Hepatitis B/Hepatitis C/TB/chickenpox/
                                 multiple antibiotic-resistant organisms, must be sent to CSSD in a biohazard
                                 bag for decontamination.
                       - airways Single patient use, dispose of into clinical
                                 waste bags.
           - silicone face mask Clean with detergent impregnated wipe
                                 Wash with detergent and warm water
                                 Wipe with hypochlorite 1000ppm, rinse
                                 and allow to dry.
 - laerdal silicone resuscitator Clean with detergent impregnated wipe
                                 Wash with detergent and warm water
                                 and dry.
                                 Wipe with hypochlorite 1000ppm, rinse
                                 and allow to dry.

    - laerdal reservoir bag and ensure physically clean then wipe with
                          valve 70% isopropyl alcohol or hypochlorite

 DECONTAMINATION EQUIPMENT A-Z                         11
              - breathing filter Single patient use, dispose of into clinical
                                 waste bag.

        - external defibrillator If visibly contaminated, wipe surface of
                       paddles paddle with detergent and water, dry.
                                 Then wipe with 70% alcohol, wipe and
                                 allow to dry.
                                 If not visibly contaminated, wipe surface
                                 with 70% alcohol, wipe and allow to dry.

Item of Equipment                Decontamination Agent/Method                   Comments/Instruction
Scissors                         Consider single use otherwise send to
Sheepskins                       Single patient use before sending to           Infectious cases - return as
                                 laundry                                        Infected linen.

Showers                          Cream Cleanser or General                      To be cleaned and dried once
                                 Purpose Detergent (GPD)                        daily by domestic staff and by
                                                                                nursing staff between patients.

Slings                           Launder every 3 months of use or when          Allocate a sling to one patient
- for use with hoists            visibly soiled.                                Consider the use of single use
Stethoscope                      Clean with detergent impregnated wipe,
                                 dry then wipe with Isopropyl Alcohol
                                 70% impregnated wipe.
Suction Equipment                Disposable suction liners are                  All suction machines, where
                                 recommended                                    possible, should be fitted with a
                                 Non-disposable bottles - ensuring              closed disposable liner system.
                                 appropriate staff protection, empty the        Used suction liners and tubing
                                 contents into the toilet, rinse with cold      should be disposed of as clinical
                                 water.                                         waste.

                                 Clean using warm water and general             Infectious cases - seek advice
                                 purpose detergent, store dry.                  from ICN.
                                 Tubing should be single-patient use
                                 Filters should be replaced when wet and
                                 at appropriate intervals in keeping with
                                 the manufacturer's instructions

Surgical Instruments             Single use

Reusable instruments –           All instruments should be sent to SSD

 DECONTAMINATION EQUIPMENT A-Z                         12
                                 for reprocessing

                                 UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES
Disposable                       REPROCESS

Thermometers                                                                Wipe handle with 70% isopropyl
                         - digital Disposable sleeve                        alcohol.
                     - tympanic Disposable cover                            Single use.
                      - mercury not recommended                             Wipe with 70% isopropyl alcohol
                                                                            swab and allow to dry

Item of Equipment                Decontamination Agent/Method               Comments/Instruction
Tourniquet                       Wash with GPD and warm water if            Recommend disposable/ single
                                 soiled.                                    use.

                                                                            Use disposables for patients with
                                                                            infectious disease.

             -     metal/plastic Clean with detergent impregnated wipe,     Wood is not suitable
                                 dry then wipe with Isopropyl Alcohol       Heavily contaminated toys may
                                 70% impregnated wipe as part of a          have to be destroyed.
                                 cleaning schedule which should record
                                 when cleaning took place.

                          - soft NOT RECOMMENDED

Trolleys/dressings               Clean top and all surfaces with warm       Clean prior to carrying out a
                                 water (=35 °C) and general purpose         procedure within the clinic
                                 detergent between each patient use.        setting at the start/end of clinic
                                 Dry thoroughly.                            and when trolley visibly soiled,
                                 Wipe with alcohol impregnated wipe         use of hard surface wipes is
                                 between uses.                              satisfactory for use if trolley
                                                                            visibly clean.

Ultrasonic baths                 These should be used in accordance with
                                 the manufacturer’s instructions. A
                                 detergent solution should be used in the
                                 baths. The detergent solution should be
                                 changed according to manufacturer’s
                                 instruction. On removal from ultrasonic
                                 baths instruments should be rinsed in
                                 water and inspected for residual debris.
                                 The baths should be emptied, cleaned

 DECONTAMINATION EQUIPMENT A-Z                         13
                                and left dry at the end of each day.

Urinals                         Non-disposal urinals - wear disposable     Use disposable urinals because
                                plastic apron & gloves, empty urine into   manual cleaning is both difficult
                                the toilet, clean thoroughly using paper   and unsatisfactory
                                towels, warm water (=35 °C) and general
                                purpose detergent.                         Contact infection control if from
                                                                           an infective patient
                                Rinse with HOT water and store dry,
                                preferably inverted

                                                                           Each patient should have a
                                                                           designated urinal
Item of Equipment               Decontamination Agent/Method               Comments/Instruction
Uniforms                        These should be laundered separately to    A 40oC wash is sufficient to
- staff                         avoid contaminating non-work clothes.      decontaminate provided the item
                                                                           is tumble dried or steam ironed.

Urine Jugs                      A separate clean jug should be used for
                                each urine collection.
                                Wearing gloves & apron, empty the
                                contents into the toilet and rinse.
                                Clinical jugs should be sent to SSD for
                                reprocessing, most are single use.
Walking aids                    Clean with detergent impregnated wipe      If known infectious patient wipe
                                or                                         with Isopropyl Alcohol 70%
                                Wash with detergent and warm water         impregnated wipe.
                                and dry.
Weighing Scales

                  - Baby Weigh Line with disposable paper towel.
                               Wash bowl of scales with general
                               purpose detergent and hot water or wipe
                               with 70% alcohol wipes before next baby
                               is weighed.
                    - Stand on When soiled clean with detergent
                               impregnated wipe
                               Wash with detergent and warm water
                               and dry.
Wheelchairs                    Clean with detergent impregnated wipe       Pay particular attention to
                               or                                          grooves/crevices where dust and
                               Wash with detergent and warm water          debris may collect.
                               and dry.                                    Contact infection control if
                                                                           equipment has been used by an
                                                                           infective patient

 DECONTAMINATION EQUIPMENT A-Z                       14
This list is not exhaustive, contact infection control if in doubt about the decontamination processes of
any item of equipment.

4.0 Training
There are training opportunities available to learn more about MRSA at 2 half study days a year. Please
contact the PCT Infection Control Nurse for further information.

5.0 Audit
The safe decontamination of equipment used on or by an individual is essential. Decontamination is an
integral part of the annual audit process.

6.0 Financial Implications
While there are no additional financial implications upon implementing this policy financial implication
may emerge as the policy is reviewed and updated.

7.0    References and Further Reading
Heart of Birmingham teaching Primary Care Trust cleaning schedules.

Medical Devices Agency. Single-use medical devices: implications and cosequences of re-use. MDA
DB2000(04); 2000

DECONTAMINATION EQUIPMENT A-Z                       15

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