LORNE PARK SECONDARY SCHOOL

                                          SCHOOL COUNCIL MINTUES

                                                September 12, 2006

Members Present
Tom Tomblin               Co-Chair
Kim Twohig                Co-Chair
Claudette Charron         Vice Chair
Grant Jones               Treasurer
Henry Witkowski           Parent Rep
Lorelei Jones             Parent Rep
Bill Robins               Parent Rep
Julie Hunt Gibbons        Principal
Peter Lougheed            Teacher Rep
Joyce Moorehouse          Support Staff Rep
Joey Miller               Student Rep
Bruce Caton               Community Rep

Members Absent
Donald Foster             Parent Rep
Kerry Rathbone            Parent Rep
Bud Wesley                Community Rep

1. Welcome
The meeting was called to order at 7:15 p.m. Kim Twohig welcomed council and parents.
       Introductions of all members of the council and positions held
       Introductions of each parent present at the meeting
Kim recognized all guests and extended her welcome and pleasure at seeing so many in attendance.
Julie Hunt Gibbons was again welcomed to the Lorne Park family.

2. Approval of Minutes – July 18, 2006
Motion to approve – by Kim Twohjg. Unanimously approved.

3. Principal’s Report
 Julie started with a handout and brief explanation identifying responsibilities, code of ethics and time
      commitments of our council.
 We had an excellent school opening. Grade 9 Students and Parents were welcomed during their pre-registration.
      Our thanks to school mentors, prefects and to council for the reception hosted in the library. All four grade
      assemblies occurred within the first week of school. These assemblies set the overall tone, expectations, dress
      code, discipline, attendance and lates.
 It was noted there were a total of 498 course change requests submitted. Our Counselling Dept. department did
      an amazing job working through each one with the best interests of the student in mind. Julie indicated that the
      sheer volume of requests indicates that students need to take option selection more seriously and that the school
      would be doing more to ensure proper course selection and parent communication as part of option selection.
*Julie informed Council that LPSS is on athletic probation with ROPSSAA as a result of some teams' inappropriate
choices/actions. LPSS is appealing the ruling because we do not believe the entire athletic program should be on
probation.. A meeting was held at Lorne Park on Sept. 7 with all staff and community coaches and team sponsors and
a member of ROPSSAA.
                                         - rules and regulations were addressed
                                         - emphasis on being a student first, athlete second, and that we need to both
                                         win and lose with dignity and follow all regs to the letter of the law.
- no meeting, practice event can be held without a staff member present Athletic Good News:
 spirit is alive and well at Lorne Park
 On Friday, Sept. 29th there will be two night football games (under flood- lights). LPSS parent, Frank Giannone
     will donate the lights for these games. We play Mt. Carmel - juniors at 7:00 p.m. and seniors at 9:00. There is
     also a noon game on the 23rd of September against Clarkson.
 Julie commented on the extent of student involvement – so many clubs and teams at LP for student participation!

Before getting into work completed inside and outside, Julie mentioned the appearance of the front of the school and
the difference it has made. Lorelei Jones was thanked for the work done on the school property but also her efforts
and success in having the city take part in our beautification plan. Lorelei mentioned the help of volunteers and
community support that made it possible. Kim Twohig also conveyed her appreciation to Lorelei for her efforts and
time spent to make it happen.

   Work done over the summer – work completed and ongoing was noted at last July meeting.
   Some work is the result of Peel Board renewal funds and some is part of Good Places to Learn ministry money
    (Feb. 05 to August 06 – 5 million given to Peel as part of ReCAPP 2003-07)
    Julie reviewed a draft of a letter to go home to parents informing them that there has been asbestos removed and
    that tests document that Lorne Park is a safe place to learn and work. Julie explained the Health and Safety
    procedures put into place and the strict rules before approval is given. Air quality is constantly being tested
    throughout the process. Council supported the letter going home as drafted.
   Installation of elevator and handicap washrooms didn’t happen over the summer. It is not cancelled, just
    postponed. It will be rescheduled to a time that does not interfere with students in the building.
   Still to come this year:
           - replacement of HVAC system unit over the library (scheduled to occur at end of Sept)
           - 2nd floor locker renewal
           - repair or replacement of fire doors

Henry Witkowski questioned the status of the repairs. Ms. Hunt Gibbons stated that the board was continuing to work
on the G.P.T.L. priorities marked high or urgent. The following priorities have been started and/or completed:
         HVAC, electrical, lighting, exterior brickwork, , P.A. system, and some
          exhaust fans
The secondary switch gear transformers will not be replaced until next summer.

   Curriculum Night – Thursday, Sept. 21 – New structure for this year. Julie explained the outline of the evening
    which has changed significantly from previous years. A handout went home with all students and was also
    communicated via lpssparents.com. Feedback will be collected on this new format from both staff and parents;
    responses and concerns regarding the change this year will be welcomed and addressed.

   Math Curriculum has changed again. Short version – the four course math path has been revamped. Ministry of
    Education suggests a 5 course pathway. Reality is most will take 4. MCF 3M versus MCR 3U used to only be
    issue of pace – extra unit. These are now different courses. Next year the grade 12 will change. MCB4U0 will
    focus on advanced functions and calculus will become part of MGA4U0 discrete. Julie was asked for information
    regarding math results. She would like to address this in a future meeting where there is more time available.
    Suggested revisiting the Math piece with Item 6 – New Business and Ideas for future meetings. This was duly

School Success
 Ministry of Education has passed 2 P.A. days (July 24, Reg. 360) They are Nov. 20, 2006 and May 14, 2007.
    Our early release days are noted in printed matter that went home with students at registration. They will also be
    posted on our website. LPSS has a School Success Committee that would like to come to a council meeting and
     explain our School Success Plan and show parents what initiatives have been put into place and are being used
     in the classroom.
    Similarly School Success could be an idea for Future Meetings to be discussed in item 6 under New Business.

School Website – http://lorneparkss.peelschools.org is a work in progress. It is a club, run by students with a teacher
sponsor. It is being revamped to make the navigating easier with new links added. Tom noted that the
lpssparents.com is a distinct entity from the school's official website.

4. Student Council Report
 Jonathon Burke, SAC President, and Joey Miller, SAC Rep, gave an outline of SAC's activities and plans for
     2006-7. They commented on the start of the year and the mentor day for grade nine students. It was a huge
     success with all grade 9’s participating. It is their hope to get all students involved to keep the spirit alive and well
     at Lorne Park. Talked about some events of previous year that they would like to repeat and announced the first
     bar-b-q of the school year and their intention of doing the same as a fundraiser at the 3 upcoming football games
     at LP.

5.   5. Business Arising from Minutes
a) Communication Software
Tom Tomblin gave the meeting an introduction of the “Net Suite Program” purchased using a Ministry grant of $500
allocated to school councils to be used for communication. The program will enable the council to send e-mails out to
parents, to request volunteers from lists received, post notices of upcoming events and meetings... Julie commented
that Lorne Park is the only school using the grant money in such a way... At this time the co-chairs are the only
people with the ability to access the site. All parent information is provided voluntarily and parents can opt out at any

b) Fundraising

Claudette Charron discussed the incredible efforts of the committee and the tremendous success of the Irish Pub Night
She mentioned some of the individuals whose efforts contributed to the success of the monies raised from this event.
Corinne McCorkle for advertising the event through posters and signs, Bruce Caton for his part in securing the Brogue
Inn’s donation of the meal for that evening. Bill and Cathy Robins looked after items for the silent auction. A lot of
effort was put into making this night such a success. She thanked the many behind the scenes volunteers for their

Bruce Caton was again responsible for our rug raffle. His donation of the rug helped our fundraising as well as
supplying the luncheon.

Claudette has been thinking about this year’s fundraiser wondering if for a change, it could be held out side of Lorne
Park S.S. For example: renting a hall for a dinner/dance function. This will be addressed at a future meeting once a
sub-committee is formed.

Grant Jones mentioned the problem with donations coming into the school. The policy regarding donations is being
addressed by the Board. Grant has attended a meeting. Our trustee Don Stephens was in attendance and it was
stated the matter would be looked into. There is currently a Board committee that Mr Stephens sits on that is looking
into this matter. Grant Jones will continue to liaise with Don.

50th Anniversary of Lorne Park Secondary School - 2007
Claudette mentioned a possible plan of a fundraising event that would tie in with the anniversary – a 50’s venue with
50’s dress/music, etc.

6. New Business
a) Council Elections will take place on September 21 at the Curriculum Night and during the daytime if required. All
timelines were posted in our first Spartan Speak, distributed during pre-registration Council members will be present to
answer questions about our School Council and Tom will again offer parents the opportunity of coming on board our
new Net Suite program.

b) Ideas for future meetings
   i)         Option Selection and Planning as discussed in the Principal’s Report
   ii)        Changes to the math curriculum as discussed in the Principal’s Report
   iii)       School Success as discussed in the Principal’s Report
   iv)        Grade 11 Math Update from presentation to council and parents last school year.
   v)         Visit from 50th reunion committee.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:15 p.m. Kim Twohig once again thanked Council and parents for attending
Our next meeting will be Tuesday, October 3rd, 2006 at 7:15 p.m..

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