STREET / ROAD CLOSURES


 Prior to any event (e.g. street party, carnival parade etc.) you must ask Purbeck
  District Council, or in certain cases Dorset County Council Highways Dept., to
  make an official road closure order.

 The road should be physically closed to traffic by the use of barriers approved
  by the Highway Authority. “Road Closed” signs must be placed at each end of
  any section of road closed. The sign should normally be 1050mm by 750mm
  with 150mm high lettering in white on a red background.

 If you wish to put up bunting, lighting or similar decorations across the road,
  you will need the approval of the Highway Authority.

 You must observe any directions which may be given by identified
  representatives of the emergency services. You must ensure that access to any
  closed road is maintained at all times for emergency vehicles. A gateway of
  3.1m, clear roadway width of 3.7m, and clear height of 4.0m is the usual

 You must take out adequate Public Liability Insurance to cover the event. This
  Council requires a minimum of £2 million cover. Advice on insurance is
  available through the Council.

 Any damage incurred on the highway during the entire period of preparation,
  event and clear up operations, will be your responsibility. You will also be
  responsible for clearing the road of any litter after the event.

 You should maintain reasonable access for residents living within the length of
  road to be closed. It is essential that the occupiers of every property affected by
  the closure, particularly those fronting the roads concerned, is notified in
  advance and their co-operation sought.

 No assistance can be given by the police or the highway authority towards the
  removal of vehicles from the closed length of road in order to facilitate the

 Every effort must be made to keep noise, particularly amplified music, to a
  reasonable level, so as not to cause inconvenience or annoyance to residents in
  the vicinity.

                                                                  (Revised Oct. 2002)

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