Introduction to Western Literature by moti


									Introduction to Western Literature
Instructor: Mr. Y-K Cheng Office: K846         Phone: 22183846

Course Introduction:
This is a two-semester, comprehensive survey course for students of western literature.
It investigates major seminal literary works of the Western tradition from ancient
times to the 16th century. Given time constraints, the instructor will lead students in
selectively reading a given text and then help them obtain the gist of each passage.
This course is delivered in lectures with occasional group discussion or presentation.

Course Content:
The first semester covers classics from the Near East, Hebrew and Greek, especially
Mesopotamian and Greek epics, Hebrew scriptures, and Greco-Roman mythology.

Students are expected to study the texts ahead of time and complete their assignments
in due course. Those who miss classes over six times will have to retake this course.

Grading: Attendance & learning attitude: 30%    Assignment and/or Exam: 70%

Norton Anthology of World Masterpieces (7th ed. Vol. 1)
The Bible (King James version)
Greek Mythology (by Edith Hamilton)

1st week    Greco-Roman Mythology
2nd week     Gilgamesh
3rd week    Gilgamesh
4th week    Genesis
5th week    Genesis
6th week    Job
7th week    Psalm
8th week    Song of Solomon
9th week    Jona
10th week     Iliad
11th week     Iliad
12th week     Iliad
13th week   Iliad
14th week   Odyssey
15th week   Odyssey
16th week   Odyssey
17th week   Odyssey
18th week   Exam
English Reading (for Physical Education Major)
Instructor: Mr. Y-K Cheng Office: K846 Phone: 22183846

Course introduction:
This is an elective course for students of National Taichung University who consider
themselves lacking foundation in English (pronunciation, vocabulary, and grammar),
but who earnestly wish to augment their general English skill, particularly in these
above aspects. The course is therefore apt for students whose English proficiency falls
between beginning and lower intermediate levels. Those above intermediate level are
not encouraged to take the course specially designed for (sophomore) Physical
Education major. Students often missing classes and/or do not desire to learn from the
instructor should drop this course.

Course content:
The instructor has taught Freshman English to Physical Education majors and knows
the average language level of students as well as their possible learning attitudes and
interests. The instructor will adopt materials that fit the average language level and
interests of students. All vocabulary, dialogues, and short reading passages are from
everyday life.

Course objectives:
Upon completion of this course, students are expected to improve their basic grammar
and pronunciation, enlarge their vocabulary, and improve their hearing comprehension,
speaking, and especially reading abilities.

Instructional method:
The instructor welcomes questions from students in and outside of the class. Students
should feel no loss of face to ask what they consider simple language questions. The
instructor will strive to help students lay foundation for English ability, especially oral
and reading training. Students will have ample opportunity to practice short dialogues
and simple reading passages from the instructor.

Attendance and learning attitude 50%; oral and/or written exam 50%.

English Conversation Patterns: Intermediate (by A.E. Bennett)
1st week: Telephone
2nd week: Traveling Basics
3rd week: Traveling in America
4th week: Traveling in Europe
5th week: Restaurants and Drinks
6th week: Food, Nutrition, and Cooking
7th week: City Life and Country Life
8th week: Weather and Animals
9th week: People and Nature
10th week: Emotion and Feelings
11th week: Health and Medicine
12th week: American History and European History
13th week: Asian History
14th week: Government
15th week: Space
16th week: Religion and Art
17th week: War and the future
18th week: Exam
Freshman English (for Lower Intermediate Students)
Instructor: Mr. Y-K Cheng Office: K846 Phone: 22183846

Course introduction:
This course is offered for students of lower intermediate level. Students who are
assigned to this class presumably pertain to the lower 3rd or 4th tier of all the four
language levels. Still, after one semester of instruction, following evaluation of the
instructor and English department, students may be allowed to upgrade to higher level
of class in the 2nd semester. The students are encouraged to pose questions arising
from instructional materials or learning strategies. There will be unified midterm and
final exams for all students who take Freshman English: i.e. all classes take the same
exam. Exam items, written by various instructors, are not necessarily from the
textbooks they are studying.

Course content:
Short, simplified articles from a variety of topics and current issues are adopted for
instruction. Though the textbook is reading-based, students have ample opportunities
for training their pronunciation, listening and speaking abilities.

Course objectives:
When taking the course are expected to expand their vocabulary and idiomatic
expressions, improve their pronunciation, hearing and reading comprehension, and
augment their language output as well as enlarge their world view.

Instructor's requirement:
Students missing more than six classes must retake the course. Students are expected
to study instruction material in advance and submit assignments in due time. Overdue
assignments are usually rejected by the instructor.

Grading: attendance, learning attitude, assignments 30%;
           quizzes and unified exams: 70%

Textbook: College Reading Workshop (2nd Edition) (Compass Publishing)

1st week: Introduction to the course
2nd week British English vs. American English
3rd week Ideas About Beauty
4th week    Movie Ratings
5th week    Creativity in Music
6th week    The Tragedy of Echo and Narcissus
7th week    Outside Reading
8th week    Review
9th week    Midterm Exam
10th week    I have a Dream
11th week    Confucius and His Writings
12th week    Fast Food and Teen Workers
13th week    Changing Archeology
14th week    Freud and the Meaning of Dreams
15th week    Outside Reading
16th week    Outside Reading
17th week    Review
18th week Final Exam
Advanced Freshman English
Instructor: Mr. Y.K. Cheng Office: K846            Phone: 22183846

Purpose of the course:
The importance of English has gathered momentum over past decades throughout the
world. Since the mid-1990s people on this island have witnessed a flurry of learning
English at different age levels and in all walks of life. Good command of English is
deemed not only a sufficient but necessary qualification for leaders in every field.
This course aims to augment general English proficiency of students as well as their
world view, making them better informed as world citizens and better equipped in
their prospective careers.

Instructor's requirement:
Those students who miss classes more than 6 times will be requested to retake the
course. Students are expected to study instruction materials ahead of time and submit
their assignments in due time. Overdue assignments will be rejected by the instructor.

American Headway 4 (Oxford)

Students who miss the class more than six times will be requested to retake the course.
Attendance, learning attitude, assignments: 30% Quizzes & Exams: 70%


1st week: Introduction to the course
2nd week: No place like home
3rd week No place like home
4th week Been there, done that!
5th week Been there, done that!
6th week What a story!
7th week What a story!
8th week Review/test
9th week Midterm Exam
10th week Outside reading
11th week Nothing but the truth
12th week Nothing but the truth
13th week   An eye on the future
14th week   An eye on the future
15th week   Make it big
16th week   Make it big
17th week   review/test
18th week   final exam

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