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job to be carried out hourly basis by lindash


									                        Notice Inviting Tender

                           Government of India
                    Ministry of Environment of Forests
                               (GA Section)

 Subject: Tender for Cleanliness and Maintenance of Services of
          Paryavaran Bhawan (both inside & outside areas), New

        Sealed tenders are invited for award of Contract for cleanliness and
maintenance of Paryavaran Bhawan (both inside & outside areas of the
building/premises), CGO Complex, New Delhi, as per terms and
conditions detailed out in the following paragraphs, from interested firms
having requisite experience in providing cleanliness and maintenance

 A.     Qualifying Criteria
        Only registered and bonafide firms having adequate experience of
 at     least    three      years     in    the     relevant     field     in
 Govt.Ministries/Departments/Govt. Organizations/PSUs/Corporate Sector
 etc. and having the requisite competence /capacity to handle jobs relating
 to cleanliness and general maintenance of large complexes with a
 minimum annual turnover of Rs. 15,00,000/- (Rupees fifteen lakhs)
 during the last year in this line of business need only apply. While
 submitting the tender, the intending tenderers shall have to furnish to this
 Ministry proof of pre-qualification, experience, antecedents, financial
 standing, turnover, valid ITCC, WTCC, STCC, Service Tax etc. A firm
 having any legal suit/ criminal case pending against its proprietor or any
 of its Directors (in the case of Pvt Ltd Company) or having been earlier
 convicted on grounds of moral turpitude or for violation of
 PF/ESI/Minimum wages Act or any other laws in force shall not be

 B.     Areas to be covered
 The following areas of Paryavaran Bhawan (both inside and outside areas
 of building / premises), CGO Complex, New Delhi, will be covered under
 cleaning and maintenance of services.
     Description                                        Area

1.   Common area (including area of tiles on 781.128 Sq. Mtrs. per
     walls, floors wherever exist) on 10th, 9th, 7th, floor
     6th,5th, 4th, 1st ,Ground floor and area (= 5467.896 Sq. Mtrs)
     immediately outside the building..

2.   Window panels in common areas of above             44.4 Sq.Mtrs. per floor
     floors (from out side and inside)                  (= 310.4 Sq. Mtrs)
3.   Staircases from 10th to Ground floor on both       429.86 Sq.Mtrs.
     sides and 6 lifts.
4.   Entrance on Gate No. 1 & 2 of the building.        112.46 Sq.Mtrs.
5.   Fifteen Toilets including area of tiles on walls   910 Sq.Mtrs.
     wherever it exists. (Ladies 7, Gents 8).

C.    Working Hours
     Working hours will be from 8.00AM to 5.30 PM, however, for
Ground , third and Fourth floor, duty hours will be 8 AM to 7 PM.

D.    Scope of Work
I. Job to be carried out daily on every two hourly basis (Start from 8
AM) – Monday to Friday
{High Traffic Areas- Common areas of Ground, First and Fourth
floors, Staircases on both sides, all Lifts and toilets on all mentioned
floors in B}

       Wet mopping with phenyl, cleanazo and harpic. Cleaning of
        toilets floors and dado tiles, WCs, urinal pans, looking mirror
        and washbasins. Restocking of toiletries in toilets like liquid
        soap, napkins and towels. Cleaning of dustbin in toilets.
       Removal of waste papers, packing materials and any other
        rubbish/ Garbage

      Note : Two hourly Check list for jobs to be carried by workers
             during the day will be properly displayed in common areas
               and toilets and will be checked and signed by the
               Supervisor every two hours.

   II. Job to be carried out twice daily (8 AM and 1.30 PM) { Monday to
   Friday} Other than as specified in D(I)

       Wet mopping of common areas with phenyl, cleanazo of Fifth,
        Sixth, Seventh, Ninth and Tenth floors

       Sweeping and cleaning roads and open space and removal of
        waste paper, packing materials and any other rubbish / garbage
        in front of both Gates of Paryavaran Bhawan.

      Note : Check list for jobs to be carried by workers during the day
             will be properly displayed in common areas and will be
             checked and signed by the Supervisor twice daily(at
             9.30 AM and 1.30 PM).

III. Job to be carried out daily      { Monday To Friday} Other than
    asspecified in D(I) and D(II)
{All floors including staircases both sides and toilets}

    Cleaning and dusting of all common areas including lift lobbies,
     staircases, wall dusting, doors, windows, frames, panels, railing,
     switch boards and electrical fittings, Notice boards, space of water
     coolers, planters, painting posters, intensive cleaning near toilets.

    Strain removing of entire surfaces i/c stairs etc and stain removing
     of furniture and equipment..

    Cleaning dustbins.

      Note : Check list for jobs to be carried by workers during the day
             will be properly displayed in common areas and will be
             checked and signed by the Supervisor at 9.30 AM daily.
     IV.   Job to be carried out weekly (all floors) {Saturday and Sunday}
           Other than as specified in D(I), D(II) & D(III)

      Complete cleaning/washing of the entire floor common areas
       including toilets and staircases by using vim / nirma and scrubbing
       of the entire premises with appropriate machines.
      Dusting of walls, ceiling from top downwards.
      Removal of cobwebs and cleaning of switch boards (electrical &
       telephones etc), water cooler, tube lights etc.
      Complete cleaning of shaft adjoining all toilets

V. Job to be carried out monthly (All floors including toilets)
      Wet cleaning of upholstery of sofas, chairs and carpets in above
      Intensive cleaning/dusting of panels, posters, paintings, light
       fittings, tube lights and electrical fittings.
      Polishing of floors, sanitary/water fixture, wall tiles etc.
      Cleaning of glass panels and windows (outside and inside).

E.      Labour, Materials & Machineries to be provided by Agency.
       The minimum manpower to be deployed at Paryavaran Bhawan,
shall be 13 Workers and one supervisor including sufficient number of
lady workers (for ladies toilets/washrooms). The Manpower specified
above is the bare minimum, to cover the areas and scope of work, as
mentioned above. The bidder should quote for the said number of
workers. However to ensure good services, as specified in the previous
paras, to the satisfaction of the Ministry of Environment and Forests, the
agency may be required by the ministry to increase the manpower and as
such should also quote separately for each extra manpower if required by
the Ministry to be deployed for the purpose.

Materials and equipments
      The Head of Department of Ministry of Environment of Forests
shall approve the samples for the consumables, well in advance. The
bidder shall also mention the quality or brand (which shall be ISI marked
wherever applicable) of the material they intend to use. For this purpose
the Department shall provide the Bench mark quality/brand of the
material to be used. The machines deployed shall be appropriate and in
good working condition and a logbook shall be maintained to keep proper
records for their performance and the copies of their usage to form part of
the monthly bill.

   F. Settlement of Disputes :
         In the matter of any disputes, between the parties regarding the
   terms and conditions of the contract and execution thereof, the matter
   shall be referred to an Arbitrator (s) as may be decided by the
   Secretary (E&F) for arbitration under the Arbitration & Conciliation
   Act, 1986. The Contractor shall not question the decision of the
   arbitrator(s) on ground that the Arbitrator(s) is/are Government
   servent(s). The decision of the Arbitrator(s) shall be final and binding
   on the parties.

G. Other Terms and Conditions:
 1. Attendance report of all the staff deployed at Paryavaran Bhawan
    shall be given to Section Officer, General Administration, MOEF
    every day.

 2. All staff shall wear proper uniforms (to be provided by Service
    Provider) as approved by the Ministry, both for summer and winter
    seasons and shall wear ID card, while on duty.

 3. No manpower other than those on duty shall be allowed to stay in the
    premises during the specified working hours. The service provider
    shall be responsible for the watch and ward not only of his/her
    stores but also of the fitting and fixture in the common
    areas/common       toilets  in     the    building.   Any      loss/
    theft/damage/pilferage of fitting/fixtures in common areas/toilets
    will be replaced by the service provider at his cost to its original

 4. All requirements under various statutory laws including contract
    labour Act must be complied with by the Service Provider. Any
    default will be the liability of the service provider and the service
    provider shall be liable to reimburse any amount paid by the
    Ministry by way of default, interest and penalty. The service
   provider shall undertake to furnish all the details as and when asked
   for by the Ministry. The service provider will also maintain the
   relevant records of all payment made by the service provider and
   will produce to the satisfaction of the Ministry immediately when
   asked for. The agency applying for this tender should produce
   Certificates for the previous financial year from the concerned
   authorities about the payment of Service Tax, Income Tax, works
   contract tax, PF Registration and Income tax PAN Number and any
   other Tax applicable.

5. Before taking up the contract the service provider will give details of
   the employees who shall work at the Paryavaran Bhawan Premises
   and their PF numbers. Any change will be informed to the HOD
   immediately. The service provider shall be responsible for the good
   conduct/behaviour of the workers deployed by the Service Provider.

6. The staff deployed for the purpose of Ministry shall be exclusively
   for MOEF. Deployment of staff with any other existing institution
   at Paryavaran Bhawan will not be permitted. The service provider
   shall give an undertaking to this effect.

7. The service provider will also be required to submit an undertaking
   that no legal suit/criminal case is pending against its proprietor or
   any of its Directors (in the case of Pvt Limited Company) for any
   violation in PF Act, ESI Act, labour laws etc. or having been earlier
   convicted on ground of moral turpitude or for violation of any other
   law. and will provide details in case there is any such suit/ criminal
   case pending.

8. Manager/Supervisor shall keep logbook of machines and materials
   for ready reference.

9. The service provider will be given a Store & a telephone connection
   (on actual payment basis, if requested). The service provider will not
   use the stores given to it, for the purposes other than the materials
   required for MOEF. If any other material is found to be stored in the
   premises, the same shall be confiscated and will become property of
   MOEF. The service provider will be required to maintain proper
   records for the materials lying in the stores (to be used exclusively
   for MoEF) and will be shown to the SO (GA),MOEF or designated
   staff as and when called for. The HOD, MOEF will have unhindered
   access to the store and any other documents maintained by the
   Service Provider.

10.The challan for all the materials with the brand name of the material
   procured for MOEF shall be given before the payment for the month
   is processed. In absence of these details, the payment will not be

11.The service provider will be responsible for supply of the garbage
   bags, for collecting the garbage from core and common areas of the
   Paryavaran Bhawan and disposal outside at sites designated by
   CPWD for this purpose. The material so collected will be
   screened/checked by the Security Personnel of CISF.

12.An earnest money deposit (EMD) of Rs 50,000 in the form of a DD,
   favoring DDO (Cash), MOEF will be deposited with the tender. The
   same shall be forfeited, if the agency refuses or do not undertake the
   work, if awarded. EMD will be refunded on finalisation of contract.

13.A Security deposit of Rs. One Lakh shall be made to MOEF (either
   in the form of DD or Bank Guarantee), soon after the award of the
   work. This amount shall be retained by MOEF, till the tenure of the
   contract. No interest will be paid on this amount of security deposit.

14.TDS and other taxes as applicable will be deducted from each bill.
   The documents as per the prevailing laws shall be submitted in time
   like sale tax, PF, ESI etc.

15.The Section officer ( General Administration) of the MOEF will
   have a right to ask the disbursement of the salary in his presence as
   per Minimum Wages Act.

16.The deduction at the rate of Rs. 200/day for the workers, and @ Rs.
   300/day for Supervisor will be made for each day of absence of
   manpower, regardless of the reason.

17.If it is found that due to any reason (whatsoever it may be) any area
   is not covered or any of the operation/functions/duties connected
   with the job of cleaning & general maintenance is not
    done/discharged properly and satisfactorily, recovery at the
    following rates shall be made from the Service provider’s bill: -

     A    For failure to clean toilets     - Rs. 100/- per toilet, per day
     b    For failure to clean corridor    -Rs.200/- per floor
          areas                            (wing wise), per day
     c    For failure to clean out side    -Rs.500/-per day
     d    For failure to clean staircase   -Rs.100/-per floor
                                           (wing wise), per day

Note :
    The aforesaid penalty shall be in addition to the penalty clause
    stipulated as in the above-para(16). The decision of the competent
    authority,the HOD in the Ministry shall be final and binding on the
    Service Provider and which shall not be open to arbitration.

18. The submission of the tender will mean that the bidder has full
    knowledge of scope of work & all the terms & conditions of the

19. Weekly performance of the Service Provider will be observed by the
    MoEF officials (floor supervisors) entrusted with supervision of
    particular units.

20. Bills shall be submitted at the end of each month (in triplicate)
    alongwith certificates for the satisfactory performance from the user
    sections/officers in support of having performed the job of cleaning
    and sweeping in this office premises. This certificate will be counter
    signed by Estate supervisor/Section Officer (GA). They will also
    give a separate certificate in respect of toilets, corridors, open area

21. The contract can be terminated with one-month notice, if during the
    tenure of the contract the performance is not found to be satisfactory
    and in this regard the decision of the HOD will be final and binding
    on the service provider.

22. Failure by the service provider to comply with any statutory
    requirements during the period of contract shall result in termination
      of the contract and subsequent disqualification for participation in
      any future tender in the Ministry.

 23. The MOEF has all the right to reject/accept any/ all the tender(s)
     without assigning any reason.

 24. Tender application without complete documents/information shall
     not be considered.

 25. No negotiation will be undertaken with any tenderer except lowest
     qualified bidder.

 26. If at any time during the period of contract, it comes to the notice of
     the Ministry that the contractor has misled the Ministry by way of
     giving incorrect/false information, which has been material in the
     award of contract to him/her, the contract shall be liable for
     termination besides other legal action which may be initiated against
     him/her under law.


The tender will be invited in two stages i.e. first stage of qualifying bid and
then the financial bid. In the first stage, the tender form for Qualifying Bid
prescribed at Annexure-I, complete in all respect should be sent in sealed
cover superscribed “Qualifying Bid- AMC for cleanliness & maintenance
of Paryavaran Bhavan” to this Ministry, addressed to the Under Secretary
(GA), Ministry of Environment & Forests, by 2.00 P.M. on 30.9.2005.
Incomplete bid document will not be accepted. The qualifying bids will be
scrutinized by the Ministry to shortlist the eligible bidders. In the second
stage, the shortlisted eligible bidders will be called for a pre-bid
conference to finalise the tender document. The financial bid will be
invited from the shortlisted bidders in proforma prescribed at Annexure-II,
in sealed covers superscribed Financial Bid- AMC for cleanliness &
Late submission of tenders will not be accepted. Min. of E &
F reserves the right to reject any or all quotations. Min. of E&F also
reserves the right to increase or decrease number of items/areas offered for
maintenance contract during the currency of the AMC.


The tenderer should sign and stamp each page of this tender document as a
token of having read and understood the terms & conditions contained
herein and submit the same along with the bid. No photocopies of this
tender document would be accepted. The tenderer would fill up the
information in the Annexure I & II enclosed at the end of this document in
clear and legible terms. Wherever, the prices are to be quoted should be
written in figures and words as well. The quoted prices should also include
the impact of all over-heads. Annexures will also have to be signed and
stamped by the firm through its authorized signatory.

                                                             (R.K. Arora)
                                                     Under Secretary (GA)

        Copy to NIC with the request that the tender notice may be
published on the website of the Ministry.
                                                                          Annexure II

         Tender for Contract for cleanliness and maintenance services of
                             Paryavaran Bhawan”.

A. Documents in support of qualifying criteria
    List of document will be finalized after discussion with JS

B. Tender Value

    a) The total value for the contract will be Rs. ………/- per year, which
          shall include the cost of adequate manpower (all types), consumables
          and sufficient number of machineries as per the best practices in the
          trade. The duration for this contract will be from 01 st January 2006 to
          31st March 2007. The rates shall be all inclusive. No increase in the
          rates regardless of the nature will be entertained during the tenure of
          the contract. Break up of contract value may kindly be indicated in the
          following manner.

    S.No.                    Items                         Value (in Rs. per year)
         1.                    2.                                    3.
    1.        Labour including Supervisor
    2.        Materials/ Consumables
    3.        Equipments
    4.        Others
b)    Additional amount for the window pan cleaning from outside above
      12ft height from the ground level is ………..Rs……………per
(c) Charges for extra manpower as and when required by the Ministry
      (as mentioned in para E of this document) Rs. ……….. per month.

                  Ministry of Environment & Forests

                       Qualifying Bid Document

1. Name of the Proprietor in case of
proprietory company/ firm
2. Name of Directors in case of Pvt. Ltd. firm

3. Address (with Tele No. fax No. & e-mail

4. Contact person

5.(a) The number of years of experience in
       cleanliness & maintenance business
       including business profile
 (b) Annual Turnover for the last 3 years
alongwith balance sheet for the last year, if

 (c) List of Customers including Govt. offices
in Delhi NCT (give details)

6. Details of Manpower (Category-wise) –

     Total Strength    Qualification             Length of Average
7. Address of Workplace with area of premises.

9. Whether owned/rented.

10. Name of Banker

11. Whether the firm has any legal suit/ criminal case pending
against its proprietor or any of its Directors (in the case of Pvt Ltd
Company) or having been earlier convicted on the ground of moral
turpitude or for violation of PF/ESI/Minimum wages Act or any other
laws? Give details.

12. Has the company cleared by Income Tax for the last two years.

12. The following certificates may be enclosed :-

   a) Satisfactory service certificate from the previous customers
      (last 3 years)

   b) Certificate of registration of the firm.

   c) Certificates from concerned authorities about the payment of
      service tax, income tax, work contract tax, and other taxes
      applicable. (for the year 2004-2005, 2003-2004, 2002-2003)

   d) Certificates for registration with Income Tax, Sale Tax, PF,
      ESI and any authority applicable for present year.


     I hereby certify that the information furnished above is full
and correct to the best of our knowledge. I understand that in case
any deviation is found in the above statement at any stage, the
company will be black-listed and will not have any dealing with the
Ministry in future.
(Signature of authorized signatory)

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