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									                  Short Term Disability Plan

You may be eligible to receive short term disability benefits if your illness
exceeds 14 days. Beginning on the 15th day of illness, with medical
certification and an approved application for disability benefits, you become
eligible to receive short term disability benefits. Although the maximum
benefit period is 26 weeks, the length of your disability is determined by our
insurance carrier based on the medical information provided by your

The short term disability benefit is 70% of your salary, to a maximum of
$150.00 per day. The benefit will be paid by the insurance carrier directly to
the college, who in turn will pay your salary while you are disabled. To
supplement the 70% benefit, the unpaid percentage of your salary will be
charged to accrued sick, vacation, and/or personal days, respectively, thereby
equaling 100%, until those hours are expended.

Family & Medical Leave (FMLA) will run concurrently with Sick & Short
Term Disability leaves.

Please contact Human Resources for more information about the Short Term
Disability Plan.

To access and print the Unum Income Protection Claim form click here: [Claim
The form is in the Adobe Acrobat PDF format.

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