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									                         LIFE SIGNS
Respect For Life – Education Movement (RLEM’ is a Canadian charitable organization dedicated to
the teaching of respect for all human life from the moment of conception to natural death

                                              “REALITY-CHECK” EDUCATION

                             On this 20th anniversary of the Supreme Court judgment in which the
                             Canadian Parliament was invited to pass a law establishing a more
Board of Directors           efficient mechanism in determining the real threat brought on by a
                             woman’s pregnancy upon her health or life, many loudly proclaim in the
National President           press the need for increasing education on contraception in order to
Mr. Ward O’Connor            “limit the scourge of abortion” (now reaching 115,000 yearly in
                             Canada). For once, you will hear RLEM adding a voice in favour of
                             such an argument, that is, to promote the teaching of the critical
Ms. Isabelle Bégin           limitations of contraception in the prevention of broken hearts,
                             pregnancy and the transmission of disease - in that order. Should not
                             young people be informed about one out of two unplanned pregnancies
Mr. André Hamel              being the result of contraceptive failure; about 13% of women using the
                             pill becoming pregnant; about one woman in five relying on the condom
Montreal RLEM
                             becoming pregnant; and that most sexually transmitted diseases (STDs)
Mrs. Myriam Tétrault         are spread through areas of the body not covered by the condom? Help
                             us spread the truth as widely as possible through our “Right to Know”
Sr. Pauline Grondin
                             cards and stickers, downloadable free from the Right-to-know Web site
Mr. Vincent St-Onge          at This site offers hundreds of scientific references
                             supporting the above affirmations.
Outaouais RLEM

Mr. Renald Veilleux                              EDUCATING ABOUT LOVE

Québec RLEM                  It is no secret that today’s youth need help in drawing a distinction
Mr. François Labrecque
                             between love and desire. Have we not all encountered the devastation
                             which an intimate embrace can cause in young partners? If, as parent,
Chaplain                     grand-parent or teacher, you deem relevant to be updated on this
Fr. Jean-Guy Ouellet         subject, we invite you to download without charge our leaflet “Love or
                             desire ? How can we tell the difference?” on our Web site at
                   , with the link in the “You are precious to me” program
St-Catherine St. E.,         mentioned on the home page. You will find the link to the pamphlet at
Montreal, Qc H2K 2J4         the end of the chapter bearing the same name (“Love or Desire”). Our
Tel.: (514) 933-8354;
Fax.: (514) 933-1823
                             brochure “Exclusive love: how can we achieve it?”, that can be found
Email:                       on the same page, is another tool for reflection that could surely be of       good service to you.

                             Vol. 8, No. 1, spring 2008   Life Signs    ISSN 1703-7336          1
                                      RESPECT FOR LIFE
                                   EDUCATION MOVEMENT –
                                     OUTAOUAIS REGION
Regional Committee
Person in charge
                           We were delighted to see another of our letters to the editor published in
Ward O’Connor              the Le Droit daily of January 30, under the title : Éducation à l’amour
Two other regional
                           (Learning real love), which we reproduce hereafter: “In her article Les
committee members          adolescents et la sexualité (Teens and sexuality) (Jan. 28),
                           Dr Nadia Grenier invites parents to understand the fact that active
Renald Veilleux            sexuality in teenagers is quite normal. She is quite right in saying that
Isabelle Bégin             hormonal upsurge during adolescence awakens sexuality. The young,
                           then need help to establish the vast difference between love and desire,
Contributors               which can easily be mistaken for one another; whence the number of
                           broken hearts leading, more often than we think, to suicide. Young
Darquise Saumure           people lack the emotional maturity necessary in dealing adequately with
Pauline Brazeau            such intimacy. They lose themselves, in the process, they lose their sense
Jacqueline Veilleux
Ernest Chénier             of self-respect and self-worth. They are countless today who think they
                           are utterly unable to withstand a durable relationship because nobody
Vallée-de-l’Or             ever taught them self-control during the critical years of character-
Gilles Bernatchez          building and physical development. They are thus incapable of resisting
Rhéal D’Amour              temptations and feel quite unhappy about it. Who will duly assume the
                           role of educator? The value of a loving intervention on the part of the
                           parents (and surely, of their example) is, by far, largely
Father Guy Pomerleau       underestimated.”
Address                                   MIRIAM CENTER ORDERS
P.O. Box 2204, Hull stn,           LARGE QUANTITIES OF PUBLICATIONS
Gatineau, Qc J8X 3Z4
Tel.: (819) 772-9695       We delight in the delivery, these last weeks, of a considerable number
Fax: (819) 772-9713        of our brochures to Miriam Center in Orleans (Ottawa) - a community
Email:                     service dedicated to supporting women coping with a problem
isabelle.begin@sympatic                       pregnancy. We remind you that all of these publications can be
                           downloaded free under the “Our publications” section of the
                           “Outaouais” section on our Web site at

                                   RLEM OUTAOUAIS CHAPLAIN GRAVELY ILL
                           We regret to confirm that the health condition of Father Guy Pomerleau,
                           chaplain for RLEM Outaouais, is deteriorating considerably. Father
                           faces these trying moments with courage and serenity. He asks that you
                           entrust him, in your prayers, to the Divine Mercy of the Eternal Father
                           through the Sacred Heart of his Son, Jesus.

                           Vol. 8, No. 1, spring 2008    Life Signs                                2
                                       RESPECT FOR LIFE –
                                    EDUCATION MOVEMENT –
                                      MONTREAL REGION

                         Despite one of the most terrible snow storm of this century, our
                         Christmas dinner nevertheless took place on December 16, as 25 very
                         brave members withstood extreme weather conditions in order to share
Regional Committee
                         their loyalty and deep attachment to the pro-life cause advocated by
Person in charge         RLEM for the last 33 years. The whole family of our regional
                         coordinator, Mrs. Myriam Tétrault, her spouse and her three sons, were
Myriam Tétrault          present, along with a number of VIPs who are very precious to RLEM
                         Montreal. Mr. Robert Gauthier, p.s.s., professor at the Grand séminaire
Two other members of
the regional committee   de Montréal and member of RLEM Montreal, joined us later in the
                         evening to celebrate Mass and to give us a talk on the critical need of
Sr Pauline Grondin       unity and collaboration between the different segments of the pro-life
Vincent St-Onge          movement. After a hearty meal, a beautiful celebration and an interesting
                         conference, a few lucky ones departed with a nice Christmas gift, and
                         everyone, with a feeling of deep contentment.
Guido de Volder

                                         YEAR 2008 FOR RLEM MONTREAL

38- 2310,                During this new year, RLEM Montreal shall resume its work among
Ste-Catherine E.,        those in need of relevant information leading to the respect and love for
Montreal, Qc,            life, which is otherwise increasingly manifest in the ever-rising birth rate
H2K 2J4                  in Quebec in recent years, hopefully due to, among other things, the
                         nonstop distribution of pamphlets by RLEM Montreal, as well as
Tel. : (514) 933-8354
Fax. : (514) 933-1823    countless interventions in the media.
Email :
                               OUR REGIONAL COORDINATOR’S COURAGEOUS

                         Our regional coordinator, Mrs. Myriam Tétrault, made a courageous
                         gesture, on Sunday, January 27, on the French CBC’s RDI channel. She
                         declared that, in her opinion, the debate on the respect for life is not a
                         closed matter 20 years after the Supreme Court prompted the Parliament
                         of Canada to revise the abortion law in order to introduce a less complex
                         mechanism in assessing the threat to the life and health of a woman,
                         posed by her pregnancy. It is highly inspirational for those committed to
                         the pro-life cause to count among our members someone blessed with
                         such courage to speak out on television.

                         Vol. 8, No. 1 spring 2008      Life Signs                                3
                                          RESPECT FOR LIFE
                                       EDUCATION MOVEMENT –
                                          QUÉBEC REGION
Regional Committee
                                              AN EYE-CATCHING MURAL

Person in charge
                          In preparing for our kiosk at the next annual congress of the Quebec
                          Knights of Columbus, taking place in Quebec City next April, RLEM
Mr. André Hamel           has created a wall panel 6 feet high by 4 feet wide on which the
                          following text appears: “According to genetics, biology and embryology,
Other member of the       you are the marvel and masterpiece that you are since the moment you
regional committee
                          have been created, that is, the moment of your conception. Since that
Mr. François Labrecque    second, absolutely nothing has been added: you were completely and
                          totally in existence, in that very first cell, one of a kind in the whole
Address                   world, with a very unique contribution which you, only, could offer
                          humanity. One person alone is worth more than the whole universe... Let
1073 René-Lévesque
Blvd. West, Quebec City
                          us cherish all of them from the moment of their conception! In case of a
QC, G1S 4R5               pregnancy that is difficult to assume, let us think adoption.
                ” To print your free sample of this
Tel.: (418) 688-0426      mural in letter size, simply consult our website at, at the
Fax: (418) 688-1399       end of our home page. Use beautiful paper and frame it, plasticize or
                          laminate it on wood for an eye catching effect! Hang it in your living-
respectdelavie@qc.aira    room, post it in your church, in your community hall, everywhere!
                                 TOWARDS ADOPTION SUPPORT BENEFITS FOR
                                         BIOLOGICAL PARENTS ?
                          RLEM has recently forwarded to the Quebec Health Minister,
                          Mr. Philippe Couillard, and to the Quebec Minister responsible for the
                          Family, Mrs. Michelle Courchesne, a letter inviting them to consider
                          establishing adoption support benefits for biological parents, this based
                          on the following argument: In the context of rising infertility and the
                          increasing complexity of international adoption, and while an adoption
                          support benefit is already granted by the Quebec Family Department to
                          adoptive parents, would it not be logical and equitable to support also
                          the biological parents seeking to entrust their child through adoption?
                          We offer the example of the Ontario Ministry of Children and Youth
                          Services, which offers support to biological parents seeking to find a
                          loving adoptive home for their newborn, as the following Website
                          testifies                                                               :
                                     OUR LETTER TO THE EDITOR PUBLISHED
                          Our letter to the editor entitled “Éducation à l’amour” (Learning Real
                          Love) has been published on Wednesday, January 30 in the Le Soleil
                          daily. For those who missed it, we reprint the text for you on page 2 of
                          this newsletter. We are grateful to Mrs. Pierrette B.-Cantin for faithfully
                          keeping us posted on the publishing of our letters.

                          Vol. 8, No. 1, spring 2008      Life Signs                      4
                        DID YOU KNOW

In January, the 20e anniversary of the 1988 Supreme Court judgment in the Morgentaler case was
given large media coverage among which two quite surprising articles questioning the abortion
phenomenon as experienced over the past twenty years. In La Presse, Mrs. Marie-Claude Lortie
signed an article entitled “L’ange et la cicatrice” (The Angel and the Scar) in which she states,
speaking of abortion, that “there surely are questions to be asked” and then evokes “the false idea of
freedom being linked to the right to abortion”. In Le Devoir, Mrs. Marie-Andrée Chouinard affirms
that “there is reason to ponder over the rate of abortions and to initiate an honest debate on the moral,
ethical and social breeding ground underlying the abortion question.” Such writings spell hope, a
much dreamed-of openness. To be continued.


The bill aiming to criminalize the taking of the life of the unborn child of a pregnant woman wishing
to bring her pregnancy to term has been declared “votable” and will be addressed in the House of
Commons next March. This constitutes an important step towards full recognition of the humanity of
the unborn child.

                         DON’T FORGET THE 2008 MARCH FOR LIFE

This year’s March for Life, organized each year in Ottawa by Campaign Life Coalition (CLC), will
take place on Thursday, May 8. The day’s events consist of a Mass around 10:00 a.m., either at Notre-
Dame Cathedral or St-Patrick’s Basilica, to be followed by the great rally at noon on Parliament Hill,
and a march through the streets of downtown Ottawa. The day ends with an (optional) formal banquet
with guest speaker. For more information, please contact the CLC at (613) 729-0379. Furthermore,
this year’s Week for Life organized by the Archdiocese of Ottawa will take place from May 11 to 17,
and RLEM is looking forward to offering a workshop and conference and also host a stand.


Take the opportunity to visit our website in order to browse through the back issues of
Life Signs, our good news for life newsletter, along with their French version. In fact, our Web site is
now bilingual, due to the invaluable contribution of an anonymous volunteer, to whom we extend our
warmest thanks.

Vol. 8, No. 1, spring 2008                   Life Signs                                               5
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Vol. 8, No. 1, spring 2008                Life Signs                                          6

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