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                                               SECTION 09 66 18

This guide specification has been prepared by EnviroGLAS LLC, in printed and electronic media, as an
aid to specifiers in preparing written construction documents for EnviroPLANK tile using EnviroSCAPE
recycled glass and/or recycled porcelain epoxy matrix. EnviroPLANK represents 80 percent recycled
glass and /or recycled porcelain matrix and 20 percent VOC-free color-pigmented epoxy resin

It is imperative, when specifying non-breathing floor coverings such as epoxy terrazzo tile and monolithic
epoxy terrazzo that the substrate to which the flooring is adhered is within manufacturer's recommended
tolerances for moisture content and pH level. New concrete slabs should have a water/cement ratio of not
more than 0.45 in conjunction with an upgraded vapor retarder properly installed directly beneath the
concrete slab. Both existing and new slabs should be tested for moisture and pH using a calcium crystal
kit at not less than 500 sqft increments. Elevated moisture or pH must be mitigated before new floor
coverings can be installed. Refer to NTMA recommendations for further information regarding acceptable
moisture and pH levels

Edit entire master to suit project requirements. Modify or add items as necessary. Delete items which
are not applicable. Words and sentences within brackets [_____] reflect a choice to be made regarding
inclusion or exclusion of a particular item or statement. This section may include performance,
proprietary and descriptive type specifications. Edit to avoid conflicting requirements. Editor notes to
guide the specifier are included between lines of asterisks to assist in choices to be made. Remove
these notes before final printing of specification.

This guide specification is written around the Construction Specifications Institute (CSI), Section Format
standards references to section names and numbers are based on MasterFormat 2004.

For specification assistance on specific product applications, please contact our offices above or any of
our local product representatives throughout the country.

EnviroGLAS LLC, reserves the right to modify these guide specifications at any time. Updates to this
guide specification will be posted to the manufacturer=s web site and/or in printed matter as they occur.
EnviroGLAS makes no expressed or implied warranties regarding content, errors, or omissions in the

EnviroGLAS Guide Specification                                                                          09 66 18 - 1
Arch’s Project No. [_____]                                            Epoxy Terrazzo Tile with Recycled Glass Matrix
information presented.


1.1     SUMMARY
 A.     Section Includes:
        1.    Fabrication and installation of EnviroPLANK epoxy terrazzo tile with recycled glass matrix.
        2.    Accessories necessary to complete work.

Edit the "Related Sections" paragraph to identify other sections that may relate to work of this section.
 B.     Related Sections:
        1.   [Section 01 35 02 - LEED Requirements: Additional LEED requirements.]
        2.   [Section 01 40 00 - Quality Requirements: Mock-ups.]
        3.   [Section 09 30 00 – Tiling: Other thin-set tile applications.]

 A.     General: Submit in accordance with Section 01330.
 B.     [LEED Submittals:
        1.  Credit MR 4.1[and 4.2]: Product Data indicating percentages by weight of post consumer
            and post industrial recycled content for products having recycled content.
                  a. Include statement indicating costs for each product having recycled content.
        2.  Credit MR 5.1[and 5.2]: Certification of content complying with Regionally Manufactured or
            Regionally Extracted Materials.
        3.  Credit EQ 4.1: Manufacturers' product data for adhesives and sealants, including printed
            statement of VOC content.]
 C.     Shop Drawings:
        1.   Indicate tile layout, patterns, color arrangement, perimeter conditions, and junctions with
             dissimilar materials, thresholds, and setting details.
        2.   Locate and detail expansion and control joints.
 D.     Samples: Submit following:
        1.  Submit full range of available colors for selection purposes for Architect’s selection. After
            initial selection, submit a maximum of three (3) samples, minimum 4” x 4” for each finished
            combination of Epoxy Resin Color and Glass Aggregate Color for acceptance before
            proceeding with Work.

 A.     Fabricator Qualifications: Company specializing in fabricating work specified in this Section with
        minimum five years experience in type work required for Project.
 B.     Materials Supplier:
        1.   Materials furnished shall meet NTMA Specifications.
        2.   Epoxy Resin supplier must be an Authorized Vendor of EnviroGLAS

EnviroGLAS Guide Specification                                                                          09 66 18 - 2
Arch’s Project No. [_____]                                            Epoxy Terrazzo Tile with Recycled Glass Matrix
On larger project, consider specifying a mock-up of one portion of the work for approval of installed unit.

1.4     [MOCK-UPS
 A.     General: Comply with Section 01400.
 B.     Construct mock-up of each type of tile installation for Architect’s approval. Completed mock-up
        [may] [may not] remain as completed work.]

 A.     Comply with Section 01600.
        1.  Handle, transport, and store units to prevent damage to materials or structure. Handle with
            care to prevent damage to corners and scratches to faces.
        2.  Broken, cracked, chipped, stained or damaged stone will be rejected, whether built-in or not.

1.6     WARRANTY
 A.     Warrant product to be free from defects in materials and fabrication for a period of 1 year from
        date of installation.


 A.     Subject to compliance with requirements indicated, provide products from fabricators listed below:
        1.   EnviroGLAS LLC, 5048 Tennyson Parkway, Suite 127, Plano, Texas, 75024, (972) 473-
        2.   Substitutions: Submit in accordance with Section 01600.

2.2     MATERIAL
 A.     EnviroGLAS Resin Terrazzo with Glass Matrix: Provide sound, hard, durable, epoxy terrazzo of
        uniform strength, color, and texture, free of flaws, cracks, seams, or other mineral or organic
        defects which affect visual appearance or structural integrity.
        1.    Epoxy Resin Performance Criteria without EnviroSCAPE added:

                PROPERTY                                 TEST METHOD                  REQUIREMENT

                Hardness                                 ASTM D-2240 using            60-85
                                                         Shore D Durometer
                Tensile Strength                         ASTM D-638 run @             3,000 psi minimum
                                                         0.2” minimum
                Compressive Strength                     ASTM D-695 Specimen          10,000 psi minimum
                                                         B Cylinder
                Chemical Resistance                      ASTM D-1308/ 7 days          No effect
                                                         at room temperature by
                                                         immersion      method
                                                         have no deleterious
                                                         effects,      following
                                                         contaminants used:

                                                         Distilled water

EnviroGLAS Guide Specification                                                                          09 66 18 - 3
Arch’s Project No. [_____]                                            Epoxy Terrazzo Tile with Recycled Glass Matrix
                                                    Mineral water
                                                    Detergent Solution .025
                                                    1% Soap Solution
                                                    10% Sodium Hydroxide
                                                    10% Hydrochloric Acid
                                                    30% Sulfuric Acid
                                                    5% Acetic Acid

                   a. Epoxy Resin color: [__________________] [As selected by [Architect] from
                   Manufacturer’s full available range].
 B.    Aggregate:
       1.   100% Pre-Post Recycled Glass and/or Porcelain Aggregate.
       2.   EnviroSCAPE Aggregate: As supplied by EnviroGLAS LLC ‘ONLY’
       3.   Sizes to conform to NTMA Gradation standards.
       4.   Aggregate color: [__________________] [As selected by [Architect] from Manufacturer’s
            full available range].
 C.    EnviroPLANK Epoxy Terrazzo Tile with Recycled Glass Matrix: Provide sound, hard, durable,
       epoxy terrazzo tiles of uniform strength, color, and texture, free of flaws, cracks, seams, or other
       mineral or organic defects which affect visual appearance or structural integrity.
       1.   Epoxy Resin blended with three volumes of EnviroSCAPE glass finished to nominal 1/4”
            thickness, per Manufacturer’s recommendations:
       2.   Performance criteria with EnviroSCAPE aggregate:

              PROPERTY                              TEST METHOD               REQUIREMENT

              Flammability                          ASTM D-635                Self-extinguishing, extent of
                                                                              burning 0.25 maximum
              Thermal Coefficient     of   Linear   ASTM D-696                25 x 10-6” per 140 degrees
              Expansion                                                       Fahrenheit.     Temperature
                                                                              range: 12 degrees – 140
              Bond Strength                         Surface Soundness         100%      Concrete     failure
                                                    Adhesion Test             300 PSI minimum tensile
       3.    Acceptable Product: EnviroGLAS LLC; EnviroPLANK.
       4.    Tile Characteristics:
                   a. Dimensions: 6”x36”,12”x24”, 24”x24”, 12”x36”, 24”x36”
                   b. Thickness: 3/8”
                   c. Profile: Squared edge.
                   d. Panels: Shall conform to shop drawings with a maximum 1/16” tolerance in
                   e. Surface: Polished with overall uniformity in color matrix and aggregate; shall
                   meet ADA Non-slip Coefficient 0.5 or higher rating.
 D.    Mortars and Grouts: Non-staining, type as recommended by manufacturer:
       1.   Acceptable Manufacturer: Mapei, Inc.
                  a. Mortar: Mapei, Inc.; UltraFlex 3 or approved equal.
                  b. Grout: Mapei, Inc.; or approved equal.
                       1)     Color: As selected by Architect from Manufacturer’s full available range.

EnviroGLAS Guide Specification                                                                   09 66 18 - 4
Arch’s Project No. [_____]                                     Epoxy Terrazzo Tile with Recycled Glass Matrix

 A.    Examine conditions and proceed with work in accordance with Section 01400.
 B.    Confirm that supporting construction is complete, and is level, square, true, rigid, and secure.
 C.    Moisture Vapor Transmission Test: ASTM E1907. Perform by independent testing laboratory to
       determine suitability of concrete sub floor for receiving resilient flooring with regard to moisture
       content and curing compounds. Ensure concrete is within floor manufacturer’s recommended
       limits prior to installation.
       1.     Section 07265 includes one possible solution to excessive moisture vapor transmission.
       2.     ASTM E1907 Qualitative Anhydrous Calcium Chloride Test: For substrates with moisture
              vapor permeance in excess of 1.36 kg water vapor per 93 square meters [(3 pounds water
              vapor per 1000 square feet)] per 24 hour period, use floor coating manufacturer’s suggested
              remedy. Do not proceed with flooring application until condition is corrected.
 D.    Perform pH and adhesion tests to concrete substrate in accordance with floor manufacturer’s
       recommendations. Ensure concrete is within NTMA and manufacturer recommended limits prior
       to terrazzo installation. Submit report to Architect.

 A.    Set EnviroPLANK as shown on approved shop drawings. Butt joints uniformly at 1/32”.
 B.    Install at locations indicated level, square, true, rigid and secure, and in strict accordance with
       fabricator’s printed instructions.
 C.    Dimensions shall not vary more than 1/8” in length, height, or width.
 D.    Fill joints with approved Grout.
 E.    Thin Set Method, Floors and Walls
       1.   Apply mortar or adhesive with notched trowel using scraping motion to work material into
            good contact with surface to be covered. Maintain 90 percent coverage on back of tile and
            fully bed corners.
       2.   Apply only as much mortar or adhesive as can be covered within allowable windows as
            recommended by mortar or adhesive manufacturer or while surface is still tacky.
       3.   When installing large tiles, ceramics or mosaics, trowel small quantity of mortar or adhesive
            onto back of each tile or sheet of tiles.
       4.   Set tiles in place and rub or beat with small beating block.
       5.   Beat or rap tile to ensure proper bond and also to level surface of tile.
       6.   Align tile to show uniform joints and allow setting until firm.
       7.   Clean excess mortar or adhesive from surface of tile with wet cheese cloth (not a sponge)
            while mortar is fresh.
       8.   Allow face mounted tile to set until firm before removing paper and before grouting.
       9.   Sound tile after setting. Replace hollow sounding tiles.

 A.    General: Comply with Section 01740.
       1.  Keep installed work clean as work progresses.
       2.  Leave clean and free from blemishes.
       3.  Clean by moderate use of neutral cleaner acceptable by countertop fabricator.
       4.  Clean and repair surfaces soiled or otherwise damaged in connection with work of this
           Section. Pay cost of replacing materials that cannot be satisfactorily cleaned or which have
           been damaged by improper cleaning materials and techniques.

EnviroGLAS Guide Specification                                                                   09 66 18 - 5
Arch’s Project No. [_____]                                     Epoxy Terrazzo Tile with Recycled Glass Matrix
 A.    General Contractor shall protect the finished work from the time the Tile Contractor finishes work.

                                           END OF SECTION

EnviroGLAS Guide Specification                                                                   09 66 18 - 6
Arch’s Project No. [_____]                                     Epoxy Terrazzo Tile with Recycled Glass Matrix

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