india essay contest by lindash


									          Welcome to the Heart of a True Indian…
        In a land where diversity originates, where success can be found in loss, and
where the heart is bigger than the house, one needs no more explanation to hesitate in
saying the name.

        India, just articulating the word, evokes a feeling of enlightenment. The
significance of the people and of the culture it holds is even more valuable than the
world’s precious diamonds. The diversities of this beautiful country vary from state to
state. A poor man can be found on the roads in India smiling because of the love and
affection that develops within the society. To put icing on the cake, the hearts of these
people are so big that through any grave or vital mistake, Indians will always forgive you.
These are the qualities that make India and the people of India relevant to me.

Most importantly, India has given me the features to become a morally ethical human
being. Through my religion, Sikhism, I have become familiar with the beliefs and
understandings of life. The culture and customs that most Indians adhere with today have
a substantial impact on me as well. Significantly, the value I have learned is the moral
perspective of what is right and what is wrong. Values that are priceless and hold a
broader perspective on life bring out the person I am in my country India, and in the
United States as well.

        Living in America, Indians are faced with the daily tasks of adversity which does
not set aside valuable time to understand the significance of India as their motherland. I
am proud of my Indian heritage because this is what keeps me together with my people.

        Everyone is curious about his or her own identity, and I feel this is what triggers
the thought that begins the search for one’s true self. In America, it is more difficult for
us to search for our roots that lead us back to our country’s origins. Personally, I feel it is
important for me to know where I come from as this is what shapes me. If I am unable to
identify with myself, then I will never be able to succeed in life. The name I receive, the
identity I create is the basis of my intelligence that begins with the roots originated from

        There will never be a time where I have received enough information to truly
identify and know my country. There are so many names: Hindustan, Bharat, India…
How can one say that he knows everything about India when there are still historians
researching history? The information that I know of India will guide me further to
discover the more magical moments that survive within this beautiful country. The
festivals and holidays that I celebrate can complement the knowledge that I have
established toward my country. It gives me incentive to learn even more about my
        Although I have lived in many other places than India, I was still born in India.
My relationship with my country is one of a mother. As a mother is to her child, India is
to me. It is a bond of love, of admiration, of appreciation, and most importantly, of

        Patriotism is not just love for one’s country; it is loyalty for and devotion to the
principles and values that is linked within the country. It is also being true to oneself,
because the first and foremost relationship in this world is the relation that a man
develops with himself. It is easy to keep the personal connection with ourselves, but not
as easy, with our country.

        America is a place where loud noises and improper language interfere with the
peaceful spirituality of true Indian existence. If it weren’t for my Indian identity, I would
have become like the majority of the American population of this society which have
neither respect for elders nor the decency to value their elder’s principles.

        The future of India will bring more developments that will take the world by
astonishment. These developments affect me now because I am an Indian, and I have so
much to be proud of. The future progressions will be more important and will hold more
value to the world and most importantly, the Indian population.

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