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Letter to Parents


									                                    Letter to Parents

January XX, 200X

Dear Parents,

Happy New Year to you all! Wishing everyone a healthy and peaceful beginning to the
new millennium. Term 2 is already coming to a close and here come the portfolios for a
student-parent conference. These conferences have been received with enthusiasm both
by the students and the parents of the Viper class. I believe that learning truly is a
cooperative endeavor between the school and home, so once again, I thank you for
taking the time and interest to remain involved in you child’s education.

There is nothing new about this conference. You will need probably twenty minutes or
so to listen to a “guided tour” of the portfolio given by your child, then please discuss,
ask questions and praise, praise, praise. Sometimes students are nervous to present to
their parents because parents have in the past criticized or had their child redo work in
the portfolio. This is not necessary, nor is in in the portfolio philosophy of learning. The
students have had several weeks to select and revise their work, peer edit and meet with
me during class time. Please listen, learn and set goals for the next term.

I am looking forward to reading your comments, enjoy your conference!

Warmest regards,

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