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					                   Southwark Schools’ Dance Newsletter
                For further information about any of the items below, contact
            Philippa Beagley, Dance Consultant, Southwark Education Arts Team
               , tel: 0779 069 8053

1. Southwark Schools’ Dance Festival
Friday July 7th, in Southwark Park. Representatives from all key stages are invited to perform, audience
space is unlimited.
For further details and registration form please see the separate flyer
2. CPD for teachers
‘Introducing Dance in KS3’, for secondary PE and performing arts teachers, delivered by Gill Acham,
at Waverley school, 1.30-3.30 on Tuesday 16th May, Friday 16th June, and one day in September, tba.
These sessions form an ongoing programme, but each session will stand alone as well. For booking
details, please see separate flyer
Whole school dance INSET available, to address your particular needs
‘Dance and Science’ for primary teachers, delivered by The Place, a whole day in the autumn, date and
venue tba.
‘Movement and Child Development in the Early Years’ delivered by Jasmine Pasch, autumn term,
date and venue tba.
3. Curriculum Support
Support available for planning dance units of work, with cross-curricular links, for all year groups.
Teaching support available in the form of demo lessons, team teaching and supported teaching.
4. The Big Dance
A celebration of dance across the capital, during the week from July 15th -22nd, see attached flyer.
Particular ways for schools to get involved:
    Ensure that each child has at least one hour of dance activity during that week
    Take part in the London-wide ‘2-minute-dance’, time and date to be confirmed
    Show students dance videos instead of/as well as the usual end of term videos
    Take part in Southwark’s ‘Dance in the Parks’
    Take part in Southwark Schools’ Dance Festival on the 7th July [programmed as part of Big
    Mount your own ‘Big Dance Festival’
    Attend Big Dance events during the week, especially Southwark’s Big Dance day at the Scoop, on
   Tuesday 18th July
    Provide a performance group for the schools slot during the Southwark day at the Scoop on the
   18th July. Deadline for submissions, May 25th contact
For more information go to
5. ‘Mad Hot Ballroom’ – Have you seen this film? [see resources list]. Would you be interested in
    your Year 6 students taking part in a Southwark version of Mad Hot Ballroom? A pilot project is
    being discussed for 2007/8, with the possibility of the BBC making a documentary about it.
6. Resources
A range of resources, for loan, are being collected and developed. These are available from Philippa
Beagley, and in September, from the Dance section of the Education Resource Library.
Resources include: lesson plans for cross-curricular units of work, laminated stills from a selection of the
dvds used as teaching aids, dance dvds and videos, sections of published schemes of work.
Please see separate list for details of what is available.

                    Friday July 7th
                    11am – 2.30pm
                   Southwark Park
                 Accompanied by
     the ENVIRONMENTAL ROADSHOW for schools

This is an opportunity for schools to display their dance work
   in a public arena, on a dance floor in Southwark Park,
      with a transitory audience of friends, other schools
                  and members of the public.
            This event will be programmed as part of
                         The Big Dance
           [main events taking place 15th – 22nd July],
                    and Southwark Festival
              [main events and carnival on July 8th]

    For further details, and to register a performance group,
                    contact Philippa Beagley
         For details about Southwark Festival, Bermondsey Carnival
                      and The Environmental Roadshow
          Booking form for Southwark Schools Dance Festival,
                             Friday July 7th

Name of school:

Contact person:
Contact details, including email and mobile phone number:

Details of performance groups:

Name of       Age of     Number of Style of      Title of        Length of     Music [PA
group         students   performers dance        performance     performance   system
                                                 piece           [max 10 mins] available]

How will you travel to Southwark Park?

Access requirements:

Schools must take responsibility for the safety of their students, and for organising
transport and refreshments.
Schools must take responsibility for their litter, and for keeping the park tidy.

For all enquiries, contact Philippa Beagley on 0779 069 8053,
               To all PE and Performing Arts teachers

       3 cpd afternoons during the summer and autumn terms

Venue: The Dance Studio, Waverley Girls School, Homestall Rd

                       Tutor: Gill Acham
                   Facilitator: Philippa Beagley
                [Dance Consultant, Southwark LEA Arts Team]

                         Tuesday May 16th
                          Friday June 16th
                          Autumn date tba
                        Time:1.30 – 3.30 pm

These cpd sessions are particularly aimed at PE members of staff who
  are interested in teaching dance in the KS3 PE curriculum, but feel
   lacking in confidence or knowledge. They are also applicable to
 performing arts teachers who are interested in teaching dance within
                  the KS3 performing arts curriculum.
  The sessions are planned to build on skills gained in each previous
                  session, but will stand alone as well.
Support for putting knowledge and skills gained into practice will be
    available in September, through curriculum planning and team

  RSVP: Philippa Beagley –,
                             0779 069 8053
   Big Dance News

             Big Dance is a week long celebration of dance in July, culminating in a spectacular
             weekend of dance events, including an attempt to break a record for the biggest mass
             choreography ever. It runs from 15 – 23 July, ending with a weekend of events in
Trafalgar Square, including the attempt to perform a dance piece involving the highest number of
different dance styles ever – in an event that will be broadcast live on BBC1.

Many of the top dance institutions are throwing open their doors to the public, so that you get an
fantastic opportunity to see what they do – without having to pay top dollar for tickets. There will
also be many events locally across London, including performances, workshops and open day
events, with the emphasis on joining in and having fun.

The Schools Pledge
Schools are also encouraged to get involved. By making a Big Dance Pledge, schools will commit
to organising an hour of dance for their students, which could be:

                a dance workshop

                a disco

                a visit to a dance performance

                a dance marathon

                a dance event to raise funds

                a dance talent competition.

If you want help finding a dance teacher for the hour – or some one to introduce something new –
see for details of dance teachers and other information.

If your school is already a leader in providing dance opportunities, then your school could become
a Flagship School, delivering a week of top quality dance workshops and events throughout the

Please see the form attached to let us know how you are planning to celebrate The Big Dance.

About Big Dance

Big Dance is organised by the Mayor of London, in partnership with the Arts Council England and
the BBC, and it has the support of a wide range of organisations.

Big Dance events are also happening elsewhere in the UK, making this celebration of dance not to

Find out more

To find out more about Big Dance, email, or visit
                  Southwark Schools’ Dance Pledge
Please return this form to Philippa Beagley, Arts Team, Southwark Education, John Smith
     House, 144-152 Walworth Rd, SE17 1JL,

During the week beginning Monday July 17th , every child
will participate in at least one hour of dance activity

Name of school:

Dance opportunities:

Activity          Number of     Age of        Date and time      Other details
                  students      students      of activity
                  participating participating
     Booking form for performers at Southwark day at the Scoop
                             July 18th
                  Deadline for booking [May 25th]

Name of school:

Contact person:
Contact details, including email and mobile phone number:

Details of performance group:

Name of       Age of     Number of Style of     Title of         Length of     Music [PA
group         students   performers dance       performance      performance   system
                                                piece            [max 10 mins] available]

How will you travel to the Scoop?

Access requirements:

Schools must take responsibility for the safety of their students, and for organising
transport and refreshments.
Schools must take responsibility for their litter, and for keeping the area tidy.

For all enquiries, contact
Philippa Beagley on 0779 069 8053, ,
or Anya Whitehead on 0207 525 5072
                                 DANCE RESOURCES
Units of work, [6-7 sessions each, inluding lesson plans, assessment criteria, suggestions for music and
visual aids, speaking and listening and citizenship objectives]:
1 'Penguins', for year 1, based on ideas from a TOPs dance training course
2 'Where the Wild Things Are', for year 2 [written as part of a cross-arts and literacy project for year 2/3
3 'The Wedding Ghost', for year 6, with adaptations for year 7 [written as part of a cross-arts and
   literacy project]
4 'Myths and Legends', focussing on oral story-telling and Theseus and the Minotaur, for year 5 [written
   as part of a cross-arts and literacy project, linking with the Livesey Museum]
5 'Symmetry', for year 3 and 5
6 Exploring schema, for the foundation stage [in development]
7 'Special Request', for year 5, based on an education pack and dvd from JazzXchange, exploring the
   development of dance from African roots, through jazz, blues, contemporary and street/hip-hop
8 'Special Request', for year 7, exploring The Blues, based on an education pack and dvd from

Still Images:
1 From Ghost Dances to support work on the Wedding Ghost
2 From Special Request to illustrate the dance styles: african, blues, tap, contemporary, street
3 From The Catherine Wheel [golden section]to support work on Myths and Legends
4 From L’enfant et les Sortileges to support work on where the Wild Things Are
5 Images of penguins

1 Ghost Dances by Christopher Bruce, available from Rambert Dance Company as a video [30 minutes,
  year 6 boys, especially, loved it!] + Swansong by Christopher Bruce – a theatrical depiction of a
  prisoner being interrogated by two guards
2 The Cost of Living by DV8 – physical theatre, with stunning dancing by a disabled dancer, some
  strong language, available on video or as a dvd from Dance Books [approx 40 minutes, suitable for
  KS3/4, some sections suitable for KS2]
3 L’enfant et les Sortileges – dancing to express anger, and mood changes, telling the story of a boy
  whose temper brings to life his surroundings. Out of print, but available from Amazon [suitable for
  Year 2 upwards, 51 minutes]
4 The Catherine Wheel – by Twyla Tharpe, a Broadway ‘ballet’ about Saint Catherine who was tortured
  on a Catherine Wheel, highly energetic acrobatic dancing [1 hour and 20 minutes, with the golden
  section 15 minutes, and suitable for year 5 upwards]
5 Jai Santoshi Maa – a Bollywood film, very poor quality
6 Nutcracker – by Matthew Bourne, a modern version of the classical ballet, suitable for all ages
7 Double Take + Flesh and blood – by the Cholmondeleys and the Featherstonehaughs [41 and 49
8 Tales of Beatrix Potter – a beautiful ballet retelling Beatrix Potter’s stories, with realistic animal
  costumes and animal movements, for all ages [86 minutes]
9 Saturday Night Fever
10 Flashdance
11 Save the last dance
12 Grease
13 De-lovely
14 Guys and Dolls
15 West Side Story
16 Wyoming by Siobhan Davies, including disc of resources for A level dance
17 Bird Song by Siobhan Davies, some sections suitable for KS1 upwards – beautiful imagery of bird
18 Surface Tension – by Shobana Jeyasingh dance company
19 Mad Hot Ballroom - A documentary following 3 new york primary schools through a ballroom
  dancing programme towards taking partb in a competition. fantastic, feel-good film, with insights into
  the childrens' views on life, relationships and dancing
20 Burn the Floor - 'Riverdance' in ballroom dancing. sections suitable for all ages

1 Foxtrot by Frederick Ashton, performed by students of the Royal Ballet School, short performance +
  rehearsal footage and interviews with one of the original dancers. Information about the history of
  social dance, could support work on ‘Britain since the 30s’, suitable for year 5 upwards
2 Dance for the camera, outside in – By Candoco dance company, involving performances by disabled
  and able bodied dancers. some sections suitable for KS2 upwards
3 Egg dances by Rosemary Lee, creative dance with dancers aged 9-70 years, dancing in a barn,
  suitable for all ages
4 Aranya Aamrita –Video tape and teaching pack about ecology, deforestation and popular resistance,
  by Manjusri Chaki Sircar and the Dancers Guild of Calcutta

Other resources
A selection of stretchy tubes for getting into and exploring shapes
A selection of pieces of shimmering chiffon for throwing and waving

London Youth Dance Network-
Youth dance England –
Spring Break Dance convention at Saddlers
Southwark Arts Forum, for local arts opportunities and events, networking and funding advice –
National Dance Teachers Association [NDTA] –
London Schools Arts Service, for a database of artists, ebulletin and funding information

Performance Opportunities:
The Big Dance – July 18th
Southwark Schools Dance Festival – July 7th
Bermondsey Carnival is part of Southwark Festival, and has been running since Queen Victoria’s time. It
will be held on Saturday July 8th.
If you would like to take part in the carnival procession, and/or are interested in carnival arts training,
please contact
Peckham Youth Carnival will be held in August, if you are interested in taking part please contact Lara
Thames Festival night procession will be held on Sunday September
For more information go to