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					                                  SOUTH WEST INFECTION CONTROL

                                          REGIONAL MEETING

                                     TUESDAY 6TH FEBRUARY 2007

                                  BREWHOUSE THEATRE, TAUNTON


      Business Plan 2007-08 (Attached)
      NEC Report (attached)
      ICNA to IPS Presentation
      Officer Posts Chart – April 2007

Action Needed

                          Please send contact details to Angela Pollard for inclusion in the ICNA
  By All Members
                          South West Welcome Pack

By full members only

                          ACTION: SK TO ENSURE FULL Treasurers REPORT AVAILABLE FOR NEXT
   By individuals         MEETING

                                          EDUCATIONAL SESSION


   Mandy Sharpe
   Sarah King
   Fiona Baker
   Paul Scott
   Jenny Wright
   Steph Carroll
   Alison Blake
   Catharine Pym
   Sue Wiseman
   Lesley Mackenzie
   Judy Potter – lunch and PM
   Alison Denham
   Lucy Bocock
   Lynne Heard
   Maggie Bradfield
   Sandra Marshall
   Jan De-Witt
   Maria Bennallick

Morning Session

Fiona had attended the NPSA Clean Your Hands Day for community staff. It was more a fact-finding event and
not really what FB had expected.

The session revisited;
 The role of the N.P.S.A.
 The future of the N.P.S.A
 Background information into the need for the hand hygiene and the fact that the average international
compliance is only around 40%.

The National context reminded those present of the Department of Health‟s
MRSA targets,
Saving Lives,
Essential Steps,
The Welsh Assembly,
The Governments Code of Practice.

The fact that no Trusts have signed up to Essential Steps but have to Saving Lives.

The International Context was a reminder of the WHO Global Challenge.

There was a reminder into the background for the Clean Your Hands Campaign

Social Marketing

Mainly concentrated on the alcohol gel usage in the acute setting that had no relevance to the community

 The need for leadership and role models to keep campaign going
Arts for hearts – children had done posters and these were displayed in hospitals.

Interactive posters
There were costs issues for smaller nursing/residential homes, as they can‟t access the products or NHS

Some community homes do not want to make rooms clinical and they are carpeted.

Should infection control be a requirement in all job description now?

The word Acute needs to be removed from the Community posters and are all the posters suitable for use in
the community/mental health sectors.

There are issues around rolling it out and who or will any areas pilot it.

Microbiology & IC

Sarah King showed a selection of slides donated by the ICNA based on Fatima Mayets presentation. These are
free to download.

The presentation by the funeral director is also on this site.

Sponsors presentations

Active 8 Greenbridge - The science of safe cleaning

Bill Cocking –

Handouts were given to all present and a short video was shown.

The product is a green, non-toxic and non-corrosive.

It claims to destroy DNA strands of viruses and bacteria, has no nutrients therefore bugs can‟t feed and grow
from it.

Dr Chris Woodall, Microbiologist has backed this product along with the MRSA Support Group and Cheryl Baker
whose mum had died from Clostridium difficile.

Currently trials at Northwick Park Hospital. It had also been trailed in BRI theatres,

Has a Level 2 classification from the Rapid Review Panel.

Osprey – Deep cleaning

Web site:

The company has a range of 21 machines e.g. the steam vac Pro, which is super heated to well above boiling.
The heat at nozzle is 150oC.

This pressurised the water to twice the temperature required to kill bacteria.
 It also destroys the bio film the bacteria lives in.

Has been trialled at Basildon Hospital and the company has an education programme tailored to your needs i.e.
as much training as required.

You don‟t clean with the machine but the tools. There is a filtration system on the steam vac pro.
                                   SOUTH WEST INFECTION CONTROL

                                        TUESDAY 6TH FEBRUARY 2007

                                    BREWHOUSE THEATRE, TAUNTON

                                            BUSINESS SESSION

                      Present                                          Apologies
1.    Mandy Sharpe                                   1.    Jennie Lawrence
2.    Sarah King                                     2.    Lauren Tew
3.    Fiona Baker                                    3.    Denise Condick
4.    Paul Scott                                     4.    Sarah Beard
5.    Jenny Wright                                   5.    Sharon Hilton
6.    Steph Carroll                                  6.    Carly Hall
7.    Alison Blake                                   7.    Stephanie Stewart
8.    Catharine Pym                                  8.    Karen Anderson
9.    Sue Wiseman                                    9.    Gill Dinnis
10.   Lesley Mackenzie                               10.   Penny Criddle
11.   Judy Potter – lunch and PM                     11.   Sue Smith
12.   Alison Denham                                  12.   Mary-Lou Brennan
13.   Lucy Bocock                                    13.   Carlton Kneil
14.   Lynne Heard                                    14.   Tracey McAinsh
15.   Maggie Bradfield                               15.   Liz McLoughlin
16.   Sandra Marshall                                16.   Sarah Hardy
17.   Jan De-Witt                                    17.   Dilys Millard
18.   Maria Bennallick                               18.   Hilary Morris
19.                                                  19.   Debra Nicholson
20.                                                  20.   Natalie Illingworth

2. Welcome to the Dorset Infection control Forum

Sarah King welcomed Sue Wiseman and Lesley Mackenzie to the meeting. The Dorset Infection Control Forum
comprises ICNs from both the acute and non-acute areas.

ICNA Members can choose which branch they attend and need to inform Fitwise – email
3. Minutes of previous meeting: 5 December 2006

There were a couple of amendments to the last attendees register and the details for Maria Bennaick‟s Term of

4. Matters Arising

5. Treasurer‟s Report

Jennie Lawrence was not available and no report had been submitted. Sarah King used the NEC report, which
shows we have £7, 457.31 in bank.

6. NEC Report

NEC report had been emailed to everyone already. Copy attached (pages 6-13).

7. Education
       Professional Development Day

Maria Bennallick is organising this event. Members need to contact her with suggestions for topics. Date and
venue to be confirmed.

       Annual Study Day

The annual study day needs volunteers to organise it. There was discussion from those present on how and
even if the day should occur. Judy Potter felt it should be run, and perhaps be aimed at the non-acute clientele
covering, e.g. PVL, ESBL‟s. A team was nominated to organise the SW study day; Jennie Lawrence as
Treasurer, Stephanie Carroll and Sandra Marshall. Steph will also ask Jo Davies and Maria Bennallick if they
would like to be involved.

Sarah King asked if all local ICTs/HPTs could notify her as soon as they have set dates for their local events, to
try to avoid any clashes with the SW ICNA Study Day.

8. Officer Posts

Volunteers invited for vacant posts.
     Jenny Wright volunteered to be the deputy regional education lead
     Jan De Witt volunteered to be the deputy/acting IT Rep

9. Copy for ICNA March Newsletter

Lynne Heard will submit an article.

10. Mental Health and Community Infection Control local group or network

Di Jepson had asked Sarah to discuss if combined Mental Health / ICNA regional meeting would be an option
for future meetings. Issues from Group were room hire and catering costs of over £400.00 per meeting. We
already try and cover all topics at each session and will continue to do so. Members are invited to give

11. Reporting of MRSA Bacteraemias – comments needed

Regarding a DoH Letter – Richard Gleeve - see NEC report. Judy Potter will be writing to Richard re the issues
around the root cause analysis reporting

12. Health Technical Memorandum 03-01: consultation document

Consultation Document on Ventilation had been circulated. Comments to Judy Potter as soon as possible
The section on micro sampling is missing.

13. Feedback from interest groups and study days

Forthcoming Events:
    1.     Latex Ban or Plan 26th March 2007
    2.     Don‟t Panic 25th & 26th June 2007, Sheffield

14. Any Other Business

Draft Business Plan given with handouts. Final version attached to minutes.

15. Dates of future meetings

Thursday 10th May at Express By Holiday Inn in Taunton
Professional Development Day – date and venue TBC, Exeter area.
Tuesday 9 October at Express By Holiday Inn in Taunton
December meeting - date and venue TBC, Exeter area
                                                   SW ICNA
Feedback from the ICNA Extraordinary General Meeting

                                                  Held on Saturday 3rd February 2007

This morning‟s vote:

It is proposed that the Association be dissolved and that any assets remaining after the satisfaction of debts and liabilities be transferred to the ‘Infection
Prevention society (IPS)’ being a charitable institution with similar aims to the Association.

          Memberships and direct debits for subscriptions will be transferred to the new
          Only change is for associate members changing their type of membership.
          Rules require a meeting rather than a postal vote on dissolving the ICNA. This vote
           was needed before the AGM so that the new name can be implemented from the
           conference 2007.
          It will be known as „the Infection Prevention Society, incorporating the Infection
           Control Nurses‟ Association‟
          How the name change will be advertised was discussed – written communication to
           members, use of product magazine articles, etc.
          A steering group will decide what the structure of IPS will be.

Vote: Unanimous in favour of the proposal.

Sarah King
SW ICNA Branch Co-ordinator and NEC Rep
                      Feedback from the ICNA NEC Meeting for SW ICNA
                                  Held on Saturday 3rd February 2007

   Month / day                                         Forthcoming Events
  Jan                 New EPIC 2 guidelines to come out.
                      DH IC e-learning module on decontamination to come out (HTM 101).
  Feb             3   NEC Meeting, Birmingham
                  6   SW ICNA Meeting at Express By Holiday Inn, Exeter.
                  9   London Branch party for current and former members at Governors Hall, St Thomas‟s
                      Hospital (limited numbers).
                      EPIC 2 guidelines to be distributed with the February Journal of Infection Control.
             21-22    International Nursing & Midwifery Research Conference in Dublin includes 1 day of
                      infection control – Celine O‟ Carroll (ICNA Branch Co-ordinator & NEC Rep) will be
                      chairing this day. See
 Mar              3   F&GP
                 26   ICNA Research and Development Study Day, Warwick University. £50.00.
                      Scottish HCAI Prevalence Study data to be released.
 April                International ICN Competencies project to be completed.
                 16   SHEA Conference in Baltimore, USA. Website:
                 25   SW Infection Control Forum meeting, Exeter, 2pm.
 May                  New dental A12 infection control document due to come out.
                      Delay is due to needing to incorporate the demands of the Health Act.
                 10   SW ICNA meeting, Express by Holiday Inn, Taunton.
                      Change of date due to clash with SWIC Forum meeting.
                 25   Irish Branch Study Day for generalist nurses.
                      Trent Branch „Darling Bugs of May‟ study day.
                16    Yorkshire Branch Study Day at The Pavilions in Harrogate.
          By End of    C. difficile guidance to be issued.
               May     New targets for C. difficile reduction come into effect in England.
 June           13    3-in-1 ICNA Study Day; Community, Perioperative (in conjunction with APP) and Critical
                      Care, in Harrogate.
                15    Provisional date: ICNA Strategy Day, Birmingham – or alternative event?
                16    NEC meeting, Birmingham
                26    Welsh ICNA study day at the University of Glamorgan
                29    Deadline for abstract submission for ICNA 2007 conference
 July     Date TBC    SW ICNA Professional Development Day
                      ICNA Community / Theatres / Intensive Care study day
                      Closing date for the Nursing Times Awards 2007
                 14   F&GP meeting
 Aug                  Holidays…
 Sept                 New national deputy secretary needed. Nominations will be invited.
                 23   Annual Treasurer‟s Day, Brighton – letter from Pat to be sent to treasurers.
             24-26    ICNA Annual Conference, Brighton
  Oct             9   SW ICNA Meeting, Express by Holiday Inn, Taunton.
            14 - 20   International Infection Prevention Week
                 20   NEC meeting
 Nov             24   F&GP meeting
 Dec         4 or 5   Joint SW ICNA and SW Health Protection Nurses meeting, Exeter area – venue TBC.
                      Any venue suggestions, please?
By 2008               The Commission for Social Care Inspection and the Healthcare Commission merge.
 April         TBC    ICNA Paediatric Conference to be held.
                                         NEC Meeting Discussion Points

          Item                              Discussion                                Outcome/action 
Northern Ireland Eastern                                                      At the next meeting, the NI NEC Rep
                                Once completed, it will be distributed
Health Board e learning tool                                                  will advise about availability for people
                                throughout Northern Ireland.
on pandemic flu                                                               elsewhere.
                                At last meeting, it was requested that we     Please let SK (
                                tell Neil Wigglesworth which members are      know if you are representing the ICNA
Reps on ICNA Groups             reps on working groups / cmtes / etc. No      in any official capacity by 1st March
                                feedback received from SW or any other        2007. Also, please provide an update
                                members!                                      of progress.
                                At previous conferences, there had been       All members are entitled to attend the
ICNA / IPS AGM                  difficulty in letting members who are not     AGM and Comtec will manage this
                                conference delegates into the AGM.            process.
                                Judy receives feedback from some
                                                                              All information is being forwarded.
                                branches but not others – so checked that
Dissemination of information                                                  Perhaps some members are not
                                emails / information was being forwarded
                                                                              reading what is sent …?
                                to members.
Chair‟s Report
                                The HPA Steering Group for Healthcare
Advisory Cmte on                Associated Infection (SG-HAI) will merge      Judy has circulated an advert for
Antimicrobial Resistance and    with the Standing Advisory Cmte on            applications. For further details see the
Healthcare Associated           Antimicrobial Resistance to form ARHA.        Appointments Commission web site at
Infections (ARHA)               The Appointments Commission appoints
C. difficile guidance working   This is a subgroup to the SG-HAI. Judy        Guidance will be issued by the end of
group                           Potter is a member.                           May 2007.
                                Judy has been appointed to this
Advisory Cmte on                                                              Judy is representing the ICNA on this
                                committee, following interview by the
Dangerous Pathogens                                                           cmte.
                                Appointments Commission
                                1. Perioperative practice
                                                                              On 13th June in Harrogate. Details to
ICNA 3 in 1 study day           2. Community Infection Control
                                3. Critical Care
                                Janet McNeish, IC Surveillance Nurse in
                                Glasgow, won the infection control
                                category.                                     Closing date for the Nursing Times
NT Awards                       Helen Jenkinson was awarded the               Awards 2007 is Friday 13th July. See
                                prestigious Rising Star Award for her
                                commitment to infection control in the
                                                                              Modifications are being made:
                                PASA has responded to feedback from NE        1. The pump bottle will be in a sealed
                                Branch members about:                         unit to prevent the possibility of
                                1. Potential for contamination of the         decanting.
PASA Contract
                                    soap                                      2. The back plate will be modified so
                                2. Suitability of the dispenser in mental     that it can not be used as a ligature
                                    health settings.                          point.
                                                                              New development group to be formed
NICE SSI Guideline              NICE have updated Judy on progress
                                This will be sent 2 monthly, in addition to   Do you feel this is adequate? Please let
Chair‟s Communication           other communications such as the ICNA         Judy have your views.
                                newsletter and emails               
                                 Must have similar aims and objectives          PowerPoint presentation to be
Infection Prevention Society        to ICNA.                                      shown and discussed at the 6th Feb
(IPS) Steering Group             Governance cmte will have                       SW Branch meeting.
                                    representation from branches – there         Nothing will be decided without a
          Item                             Discussion                              Outcome/action 
                                   will only be 2 meetings per year.            vote for each individual aspect, so
                                                                                members will have a say in this
                                                                               Steering Group minutes will be
                                                                                circulated to NEC members and
                                                                                branch co-ordinators, so I will
                                                                                forward these to you if you wish –
                                                                                let me know!
                                  Needs to be registered as a company
                                   then set up a bank account. Then
                                   charity status can be applied for.
ICNA Conferences                  Back under ICNA Control and will
                                   become a department of IPS.
                                  VAT and partial exemption currently
                                   being looked up.
Other agenda items
                               Stage Line financial management system
F&GP Cmte
                               fault currently being rectified.
                               Corporate ICNA Members.
                               Difficulty with potential conflict between   In future, training companies cannot
                               Protocol educational products and ICNA /     become corporate members due to
Protocol Training
                               IPS educational products, due to             potential conflicts of interest.
                               standards of the product and ICNA            Protocol has been informed.
                               Meeting with Comtec was held on 24th
                               November; they are the conference event
                               organisers but the ICNA will control the
                               bookkeeping, in line with the auditor‟s
                                                                            SW ICNA is having similar problems
Treasurer‟s Report
                                                                            with signatories for our account!
                               Problems with setting up ICNA
                                                                            Don‟t leave mandates with the RBS
                               Conferences account with the Royal Bank
                                                                            branches – usually things are sent via
                               of Scotland, which are currently being
                                                                            Pat Chislett but if we do need to send
                                                                            something to RBS head office, it should
                                                                            be sent by recorded delivery!
                               13th Feb – next meeting of the prevalence
                               steering group.
                               Data has had to be entered manually,         Joanne Enstone‟s contact has been
HIS Prevalence Survey
                               causing severe delays in reporting. Due to   lengthened as a result.
                               Formic scanner problems.

                               Address: Infection Control, Microbiology,    Email: or
New contact details for Neil
                               Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust,
Wigglesworth, ICNA
                               Hope Hospital, Stott Lane, Salford,
                               Greater Manchester M6 8HD                    Tel:0161 206 7018
                               Scottish hand hygiene campaign has been
                                                                            to view the TV advert, newspaper
                               launched – TV ads, talking walls, etc. A
                                                                            adverts, posters and leaflets. A
                               co-ordinator has been employed in each
                                                                            children‟s activity pack will be available
                               Health Board.
Scottish Infection Control
                               Scottish Prevalence Survey: results cannot
                               be release until after the Scottish
                               Scottish Ambulance Service are               This is the Scottish equivalent of a
                               advertising for an Infection Control         DIPC. All Health Boards have a Nurse
                               Manager                                      consultant in HCAI.
          Item                              Discussion                                 Outcome/action 
                                                                               Infection prevention and control
                                Relaunch of                                    Invitation to attend national workshops
                                Development of National Occupational           in Feb / Mar 2007 in Cardiff, London or
                                Standards for Health - Competencies for        Birmingham to develop national
                                care staff.                                    occupational standards – See

                                                                               Results awaited, with interest from
                                                                               England and elsewhere! See:
                                Health Technology Assessment on MRSA 

                                                                               Use of hospital issue nightwear and
                                                                               giving instructions to relatives
                                                                               discussed. E.g.:
                                Laundering of patients‟ belongings – letter     Disposable pyjama bottoms
                                from NI Dept of Health: “patients‟ relative     Labelling bags with „soiled clothing‟
Northern Ireland Infection      should be advised to wash clothes at 90oc           sticker.
Control news                    setting in an alginate bed”. This is felt to    In-house laundry service at Exeter!
                                be impractical and NI ICNs are working         A relative (don‟t know where) has
                                with the NIDH to resolve this.                 apparently acquired salmonella from
                                                                               faecally contaminated clothes.

                                Prof Hilary Humphries starting research at
                                the Beaumont Hospital on environmental
Republic of Ireland Infection   decontamination versus „sterilisation‟
Control News                    (with hydrogen peroxide) for terminal
                                cleaning of a room used by an MRSA
Wales infection Control
                                Development of Welsh “Health Act”
                                   Health Authorities have been asking
                                    for results to be reported to PCTs
                                                                               This document was sent to Chief
                                    within 5 days, plus immediate
                                                                               Executives in the South West last
                                    investigation within 12 / 24 hours
Reporting of MRSA                   depending on which SHA it is.
Bacteraemia Root cause              Thought to come from guidance from
                                                                               Judy to write a letter to Richard Glieve
analysis results.                   the Department of Health.
                                                                               at the Department of Health
                                   Also difficulty of stating if it is
                                    avoidable or not, due to legalities.
                                   Are no other bacteraemias
                                                                               This arrangement needs to be
                                Johnson Diversity has offered to host          reviewed after 1 to 2 years so that
                                further meetings of the CICN group. 2          there is not long-term reliance on one
                                locations: Nottingham and Northampton.         company and potential assumptions
                                They will provide the room, beverages          about endorsement of products. This
Community Infection Control     and lunch all free of charge.                  applies to any long-term arrangements
Group                                                                          with companies.
                                                                               Any volunteers? If interested, please
                                CICNN secretary needed from May 2007           contact Debbie Wright, email:
                                Phase 2 (dental) of the community audit
                                                                               Due out in mid-March
                                tool is underway.
           Item                         Discussion                               Outcome/action 
                           Initial focus will be on the ICNA web site -
                           Questionnaire to be sent out via Co-
                           ordinators to all members next week on
                           the development of the web site.
IT Group
                           Now chaired by Samantha Moorhouse.
                           Email:                                         SW Deputy IT Group Rep needed. Any
                           Deputy Group Co-ordinator needed.
                                                                          Email Martin Case if you are going
                           5 applications for 26th March R&D              ASAP, as well as sending the
                           study day have been received so far.           application form. Email
                           150 needed! However, lots of people have
Research and Development
                           said they are going!!                          Otherwise risk of event being
                           Heather Loveday will become the deputy
                           group co-ordinator

                           Give consideration for varying terms of
Branch and group
                           office due to changes in national IPS
                           EPIC 2 guidelines are funded by the
                           Department of Health but not as part of        To be circulated with the February
                           BJIC, which was the original intention,        BJIC.
                           due to DH decision.
                           Recruitment web site: standing charge is
                           £400 plus VAT = £470.
                           Continuing problems with the BJIC
                                                                          New publisher being sought: Sage
                           publisher, McMillan Scott, now Ten Alps
                           Publishing. Legal advice to be sought.
                           Electronic journal access: BJIC is not yet
                           fully on Ingenta and members‟ only free        Due to problems with publisher!
Editorial Board
                           access not yet available.
                           Nursing Times supplement: NT
                           Supplement will run some short versions
                           of full articles previously published in
                           BJIC. This will signpost readers to BJIC
                           for the full text article.
                           Articles needed for BJIC!                      Please send in some articles – urgently
                           Editorial Board Chair - Tracey Cooper has      Deputy editor is needed in the
                           agreed to extend her term of office for        meantime – they will eventually take
                           another year to October 2008.                  over the editorship

                           Programme to go on website soon.               Stands are now available for corporate
                           Elaine Larson will be the keynote speaker      members to book – corporate
                           There will be more workshops this year         members can book 4 weeks ahead of
                           than in previous years.                        other companies.
Scientific Programme
                           SPC members will not get a free
                           conference place if they do not turn up to     Claire will monitor this.
                           SPC meetings.
                                                                          Brighton or alternative long-term
                           Venue for 2008 ICNA conference is being        venue? Venue Cymru Llandudno to be
                           sought.                                        viewed. If this is not suitable then it
                                                                          will be Brighton.
           Item                          Discussion                               Outcome/action 
                             Bar coding of delegates badges so they
                                                                           This will help monitor attendance at
                             may be swiped at Exhibitors stands
                                                                           exhibition stands.
                             instead of having to leave contact details.
                             “One last time” is the name of the revue.
                                                                           On the Monday night, 24th September
                             It will not be judged – just for fun!
                             “The Bling Ball” gala dinner on the
                                                                           On the Tuesday night, 25th September
                             Tuesday night.
                                                                           Send in your abstracts now! See
                             Abstracts may be submitted on line.
                             Suggestions for company sponsored             Contact Claire Kilpatrick, email:
                             scientific sessions needed          
                             Comtec want to advertise the conference       Contact Claire Kilpatrick, once SW
                             at regional study days.                       study day date is decided.
                                                                           Delegates to be selected via the IFIC –
Scientific Programme                                                       International Federation of Infection
                             2 overseas delegates from 1 country (so
Committee                                                                  Control.
                             they can travel together) to be funded by
                                                                           Going to conference? If so, seek out
                                                                           these delegates and help them feel
                             April 2008 Conference will be held.           Possibly June 2007 conference too?
Paediatric „Virtual‟ Group   Communication of paediatric IC                Judy will discuss this with Jane
                             information                                   Cuffling.
                                                                           Rose Gallagher is now the co-ordinator
                             London – split on 26th January 2007.
                                                                           of the London North Group.
                                                                           It is preferred that branch study days
Branch reports
                                                                           are for a non-ICN audience so that
                             Educational events for ICNs
                                                                           ICNs will continue to attend conference
                                                                           for their education.
                             National IC Week will be the same week        See
International issues         as International Infection Prevention
                             Week, October 14-20, 2007                     m/piorg/events/default.cfm
Any other business
                                                                           3 nominations received and accepted,
Honorary Membership          For exceptional contribution to the ICNA      one each from Scotland, RoI and
                                                                           Yorkshire / NEC.
Attendance by non-members    Sometimes non-members attend ICNA             Branches need to check membership
at ICNA meetings             meetings!                                     lists against meeting attendance.

   Sarah King
   SW ICNA Branch Co-ordinator and NEC Rep
   4th February 2007
                                   South West Regional Group of the ICNA

                                   Business Plan - April 2007 – March 2008

To provide a forum for members of the ICNA based in the South West Region which facilitates communication,
education, peer support and the sharing of good practice.

 To strengthen communication across the region:
   – by meeting in a central location (Taunton or Exeter)
   – utilising the ICNA website for the dissemination of information regarding meetings and study days.

   To continue with previously agreed themes of education:
    – Infection prevention and control topics, in hospital and community settings.
    – Transferable skills such as communication, team working and leadership.
    – National Initiatives that can influence healthcare delivery and development.

   To incorporate research and development into the branch education strategy, to support the ICNA
    Research Strategy 2005-2010.

   To support further members' learning by holding an annual professional development day

   To continue to develop the relationship between the regional group, commercial companies and, in
    particular, corporate members of the ICNA.

   To encourage interest of non members in infection prevention and control through:
    – Provision of a one day conference (which will also generate income)
    – Awarding a free place at the one day conference to the winner of Betty Bowell Prize

   To provide financial support for members to undertake educational, research and other development
    activities with feedback to other members of the SW Group, where appropriate. The SW Group will provide
    financial support for the following
    – At least 3 ICNA Conference places
    – Other study days/meetings as requested by members and agreed by two of the executive officers.

   To maintain the high profile of the South West Branch locally during the transition from the Infection Control
    Nurses’ Association to the Infection Prevention Society.


   To achieve these objectives the SW group will undertake the following activity during the year April 2007 –
    March 2008:
   A professional development day for members in the summer
   Four regional group meetings comprising an educational session in the morning followed by business in the
Financial Forecast

                             Activity Anticipated Income   Estimated expenditure
One Day Conference
Delegate fee                                    3,800.00
           Speakers fees/gifts                                            278.10
           Sponsors                             5,700.00                    0.00
           Advertising and                                                  0.00
           Planning meeting costs                                           0.00
           Accommodation                                                4,635.00
           (including delegate rate,
           room and equipment hire
            Professional Development
Delegate fee                                                              900.00
Speakers                                                                  103.00
Sponsors                                         400.00
ICNA Conference (£411.25 Early Bird                                     1,233.75
rate) x at least 3 places
Other                                                                     600.00
                     Regional Meetings
Venue costs                                                               940.00
Food                                                                      480.00
Sponsorship                                      600.00
                        Running costs:
Travel expenses                                                           515.00
Postage                                                                    77.25
Stationary                                                                  0.00
Photocopying                                                               20.60
            NEC day delegate rate                                         500.00
Benchmarking Project                                                        0.00
Meetings costs                                                            103.00
Total                                          10,500.00               10,403.70