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									                           HEALTH INSTITUTE


There will 2 assignments , a Practical Test and one exam in this course.


Assignment 1 -----------   20 marks
Assignment 2 -----------      30 marks

Course Exam ------------      40 marks

Practical Training --------   10 marks

Total marks -------------     100 marks


Maximum duration to complete this course is 1080 HOURS.

Course Duration:

   1080HOURS with minimum compulsory300 hours interaction with the
   course Director / Lecturer , Prof. Dr. Stephen Louie.



   1.   Human Anatomy
   2.   Bible Medicine as a System
   3.   Relation between wealth and health


Anyone with a Recognized graduation from India


1. You are required to give regular attendance via email or by post / courier. But no
   SMS or phone call will be accepted as an attendance
2. You will be required to attend the contact seminars as and when arranged as per
   the schedule ,which is personally arranged for each batch of you as per the Rule .
   For the Contact Seminars each one of you should possess a CELLONE phone so
   that my arrangement will suit to the need.
3. In Person Contact Seminars will also be arranged with prior intimation to you,
4. Sans attendance of your being present for the studies everyday there is no
   possibility of appearing for the Exams conducted. Though this is not REGULAR
   IN PERSON ATTENDACE your efforts will be treated as “PSEUDO REGULAR
   INPERSON ATTENDANCE” . Till the Course is completed everyday this
   attendance is to be given and then only on the basis of the HOURS completed you
   will become eligible for the Exams.

1. Please note that you are a student and therefore you have to shrug off all that you
    have in position, power or whatever you feel superior and you must prefer to
    wear humility of a student to anything else.
2. The classes cannot be conducted as you wish but as per the Rules and Regulations
    only for which you have agreed to abide by .
3. Please note that this is not a Degree / Diploma granting mill for money.
4. We do arrange for Bank Loans to right students on demand provided that all
    necessary documents can be supplied
5. All PG Diploma courses will take 1080 Hours to complete and Diploma Courses
    will take 540 Hours.
6. For TOBEL it takes the same 540 Hours for completion.
7. All students are students only but never will they be treated as Partners or
    relatives and small or big or educated or uneducated or aged or young ones etc.
8. India will become Developed and Superpower if all Indians become aware and
    educated. For Education and Awareness to the world in general , India in
    particular Prof. Dr. Stephen Louie has devoted and consecrated his total life and
    he would make by way of his counseling ( a kind of help ) anyone study what is
    actually required for you as agreed by you at the first meeting not only for your
    improvement but also for the improvement of the world in general and India in
9. Please remember that our motto is “EDUCATION FOR EDIFICATION”.
10. After your signing for the joining of the Courses either thru Registered
    Partnership Agreement or thru direct agreement you cannot do anything else till
    you complete your courses as agreed.
11. If anyone thinks of evading the completion of the courses it cannot be allowed.
    Please understand and put it into your kind remembrance . In case you do not like
    to study you have to terminate your Agreement legally. Otherwise the
    theknowledgevarsity or theknowledgevarsitydotcom will take initiative legally
        to make you complete the course as per your Agreement, signed with your full
        acceptance and under no coercion as it will be proven. Out of our experience we
        have been meeting people with such ill motives , first accepting “wholeheartedly”
        with mens rea (ill intention) unrevealed and later trying to change the Promise
        and try to abet the Promisee by dint of sheer illegal means possible . This is
        legally and Spiritually wrong and to be rectified . If not rectified we would
        implement the Rules prevalent to stop such a thing happen. This mens rea is not
        only an impediment but also illegal, as coming under the guise of one purpose
        which would yield the other , but at heart expecting the other only without
        accomplishing the purpose for which they join. This is illegal as per Section 111
    12. First seek ye unto the KINGDOM OF GOD-what is this? Or where is this?- It is
        in Education and it is Education. How will we seek the KINGDOM OF GOD-it is
        only thru Education. So First seek ye unto EDUCATION
        (KNOWLEDGE/PRUDENCE) and the rest will be added unto you. Most of us
        are most often blind and do things aware or wantonly. This should be avoided
        totally with a view to enjoying the world on the whole. Hosea 4 : 6 says that
        people are getting destroyed for lack of knowledge.
    13. All the above courses can be abbreviated as above or all Postgraduate Diploma
        courses can be abbreviated as usual using the letter “G” after “P”, for instance
        “PDCG”, being “Postgraduate Diploma in Child Growth” can either be as it is or
        be “ PGDCG”. There is no restriction in this matter.

FEES : Course Fees are charged by DD/ Cheque/ Cash/ Credit Cards. You will be given
Receipt for your Payment . We consider the cases of women and senior citizens for half
of the fees. We also consider the cases of the Highly Talented for half of the fees and
more. If you want to become our Partner we will consider your fees. If SCHOLARSHIP
DIPLOMA: This is for only 540 Hours or for 6 months. The same Description for
Details as for the PG Diploma Unless and until mentioned.

TOBEL is Test of Bible / Business English Language. Anyone eligible can take up this
Test with or without formal attendance. Once in every six months the test is conducted.

Conduct of the Course: This course will consist of 1080 Hours Attendance for the PG Diploma
and 540 Hours for Diploma, and in the total Hours 60 hours and 30 hours respectively for lab. If
Contact Classes are conducted over Phone this may be reduced as per written or voice recorded
schedule. Or this may be as dictated against each Course or otherwise as dictated by the
Course Director . Be prepared for in-class discussions and laboratory activities by reading the
assigned material prior to class. Students will be evaluated by their performance on lecture
exams and quizzes, and on laboratory work and practicals. . Attendance of both the lecture on
Invitation and the laboratories is mandatory. Notification of the instructor prior to an absence is
strongly recommended, and absences are excused only for valid reasons (e.g. medical or legal
reasons, or emergencies)

BANK LOANS: We help you for bank loans for studies if you are
eligible for the Course and provided you are eligible for bank

Course Objectives: After completion of this course, the student will be able to:
1. recognize and describe the basics and apply them in the day to day activities;
2. outline the different organizational levels as learnt and certified
3. counsel the clients, report on the matter and also eligible t o register for licence with
certain organizations throughout the globe for the purpose
4. work collaboratively as well as independently .

Contact Classes or Seminars : There are 3 or 4 OVER PHONE LECTURES during the
Course. Presently we recommend the Indian students to go for CELLONE Mobile Phones for
attending to the Lectures conducted. The Course Director has the right to fix up the timings for
the Contact Classes/ Seminars . It is not you to decide on the matter , but only the Organizer /
Director of the Course has to decide on the matter with prior intimation If you do not attend these
classes you have to work very hard to pass the Courses . But YOU ARE ALLOWED EVEN
REGULATIONS OF THE COURSE . But never will you be allowed sans Attendance Report via
email or whatever means used for your presence for the Studies on Hourly Basis. Note the two
different Attendance Reports.

Attendance for the Contact Classes :
There are no points or marks given for attendance but attendance is recorded throughout the
Course. Students that attend lecture regularly tend to do better in the course. I often present
material during lecture that is not found in the textbook or in the E-Library.

                  Grading Scale      90 - 100% A 77 - 79% C+       60 – 66% D
                                     87 - 89% B+ 70 - 76% C        < 60% F
                                     80 - 86% B    67 - 69% D+

The above may be modified as per the detailed Schedule given prior to the exams or
sometimes the Schedule already given may be changed or modified as per what is given
above. The students will receive detailed letter in this regard.

Exams & Final Exam:

Exam consists of mostly multiply choice with some short answer questions. Attendance at exams
is mandatory. Make-up exams will be given only to students with documented excuses for an
absence, and make-up exams likely include fill-in-the-blank and short answer questions. If you
miss an exam you must provide me with an official excuse and tak a make-up exam within 1
week. Failure to do so results in a zero for that exam.If failed once you can take up your Exam
only in the next Academic Year only on payment of the exams as fixed .

The final exam time and location will be determined and publicized by the scheduling office. You
MUST take your final exam when it is scheduled, and there will be no exceptions unless you have
a verifiable emergency. If you have multiple exams on that day (2 or even 3 exams) you simply
must budget your time wisely and start studying well ahead of schedule.

Things to remember to do well in this course:
• If you are having a hard time with the material presented in class (  E-LIBRARY), COME TO
MY OFFICE HOURS! Please let me know and we can work on it together. Please DO NOT WAIT
until a few days before the exam to come and see me if you are having trouble. The sooner you
clear up any difficulties you have the better! I am more than happy to review material with you
until you understand.
• Keep up with the reading for lecture material! Don't try and cram a whole chapter (or more)
worth of material in the night before an exam. Chances are you will not do well!
• Come to class (E-Library) and take notes! There is always some material I present in class( E-
Library) , Over Phone or In Person that is not covered in the textbook and you are still
responsible for that material on quizzes and tests

• Cheating WILL NOT be tolerated. First, if you come to class, pay attention, and keep up with the
reading and your notes, and study appropriately for each quiz and exam you do not need to cheat
to pass this course! If you are caught cheating on any quiz or exam [have cheat-sheets, look at
another students exam form, use electronic devices (i.e. cell phones, calculators with memory
storage, or personal organizers) or other methods for cheating] it will result in an automatic zero
for that quiz or exam. It will also be my prerogative to report you to the academic affairs
committee for formal reprimand.

• Quizzes will be given during the first 10 minutes of class on scheduled days. If you come in late
without an official excuse you will not be allowed to take the quiz and receive a zero. If you have
a legitimate excuse you can take a make-up quiz; however you will have only 1 week to do so. If
you don't make it up within that time you will receive a zero.

• If you miss class during the day of an exam without a legitimate excuse you will not be able to
take the exam. If you have a legitimate excuse you must notify me of that excuse and take the
make-up exam within 1 week. Failure to do this will result in a zero for that exam.The makeup
exam might include essay or fill-in-the-blank questions.

• You are allowed no more than 100 % absences from lecture (with official excuse).
                                                                          You are
allowed no more than 20% absences (with official excuse) from lab. Any absences in
excess of these limits can result in your dismissal from the course.

NEED HELP? If you need help in this course, please see me after class or during my office
hours. If you require academic counseling or services involving learning or physical disabilities,
call the Office of Counseling and Testing on +91-44-9444587777.

ACADEMIC HONESTY: In accord with and the knowledge varsity
guidelines, any evidence of cheating or plagiarism or giving false Attendance will result in the loss
of all points on that exam or assignment and appropriate disciplinary action, and may result in
suspension or expulsion from and the knowledge varsity.

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